A Tale of Birds without a Voice

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came the silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show he can.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

Finally come a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to,
The silver reward.

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Clouds Flowing Over A Hill

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

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Lisa’s Diary

Asked doctor to let me quit being in charge of that patient.
It’s too weird.

Still alive, but with wounds that won’t heal.

Told the doctor I quit.
Won’t work at that hospital anymore.

The room is filled with insects. Even with doors and windows shut they get in to spite me.
To the hospital…

Feeling bad.
Need to throw up.
But nothing comes out.
Vomiting only bile.

Blood and pus flow from the bathroom faucet. I try to stop it, but it won’t turn off.

Need drug.

Help me…

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