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Chapter Two: An Afternoon at the Beach

Author's Note: In case you're having trouble pronoucing the main character's name, it's pronounced Zeen.

Disclaimer: I only own Zean and Mr. and Mrs. Larence in this story. The rest of the characters belong to Square Enix and BVG. (Except for one character that will appear in the next chapter.)


Zean wandered around the park aimlessly, wondering when the vision she had would happen, and whether or not it would happen to her. She had, after all, had visions that came true but that had happened to someone else.

"Hey, you!" she heard someone call at her. She turned around and saw Hayner, Pence, and Olette running up.

"Come on, Z! We're going to the beach! Want to join us?" she heard the three of them all say at the same time.

She shook her head. "Not today."

"Aww..." Olette said, disappointed.

"I don't feel like it. Sorry." she replied. She turned and walked away. She went back to the main part of town and started wandering again.

She was deep in thought when she heard, "Hey, hottie!" Zean stopped, realizing that she had wandered straight into the Sandlot, where Seifer and his group hung out. I need to pay more attention! She turned towards Seifer with a sigh. He had a smirk on his face, clearly pleased with himself. Fuu and Rai were a short ways behind him, both looking serious.

"What do you want?" she demanded, getting ready to run if she had to.

"Oh, so feisty, just how I like 'em." Seifer said walking closer. Fuu and Rai stayed where they were.

"What do you want?" she repeated, an edge in her voice.

"Why don't you give yourself a treat, and go on a date with me?"

"I already told you no! And that's still the answer!"

"Maybe you need some... pursuading." he said, walking over to Zean and grabbing her arm. She tried to escape his grip but she couldn't. He pulled her close and kissed her. She punched him, making him release her. He had a bloody nose. Zean wipped her lips and ran off, running all the way home.

As soon as she got inside she ran upstairs, into her bathroom which was connected to her bedroom, and started rinsing out her mouth. Yuck. she thought as she walked into her room. She changed into a purple tank top which had a pattern of red petals on it, and dark blue shorts. She grabed a yellow hair tie and went downstairs. Mrs. Larence had made Zean a sandwich for lunch. She sat down quietly and ate. When she finished, she grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote, 'Thanks for the sandwhich. I went out again. I'll be back by 8:30. Zean'

She ran back upstairs, grabbed her munny pouch, stuffed it in her pocket, grabbed a bag and her swimsuit, her watch, packed them, and ran downstairs and outside. She put her watch on after braiding her hair. It read 12:23. I've got to catch the 12:30 train to the beach. Zean thought. She jogged to the train station and found Hayner, Pence, and Olette standing outside, all holding bags. Zean ran up to them.

"Is that offer still open?" she asked. They all turned towards her.

"No. Hayner miscounted the munny. We're 30 short. Guess we won't be going today." Olette answered.

Zean grabbed her munny pouch and counted quietly. "I can loan you the 30." she said after a moment.

"Really?" the others all said at once.

"Yes. I'll still be able to go if I do, and I'll also loan you some of the spending munny I brought." Zean replied.

"Thanks!" Olette said when Zean handed her the munny. "Let's go! The train leaves in a couple of minutes!"

"Here, I'll get our tickets. Zean, I need the munny for your ticket." Hayner said as soon as they were inside. Zean handed him the munny for her train fare.

Once they were on the train and seated comfortably, Olette asked, "Z, you said you brought spending munny. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you bring?"

"Oh, enough for a watermelon and a couple doodads." Zean replied.

"Ooh, watermelon." Pence said.

"Wanna share one?" Zean asked.

"Sure, Z, if you don't mind." Hayner said.

For the rest of the twenty minute ride, all four were silent. When they arrived, Hayner, Pence, and Olette went to find them a spot on the beach, while Zean went to get the watermelon.

"One thousand a piece." the man answered when Zean asked how much they were.

"They went down!" Zean said.

"No one buys them much." the man said. Zean counted out one thousand five hundred munny.

"This is too much." the man said, after he counted.

"Keep the change." Zean said as she took her watermelon and walked away.

As she was looking for her friends somebody bumped into her. It was a teenage guy. He had bright red hair that went slightly below his shoulders but was still rather spikey, bright green eyes which had an odd little mark under each one, and seemed to be excited.

"Sorry!" said the stranger. "I was playing frisbee with my friends and didn't see you there. Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Zean said after checking herself.

"Now... Where's that frisbee?" he asked after looking around.

"I'd like to help you look, but I have to find my friends." Zean said, walking away.

After a moment or two of searching, she found them. They were sitting near the water on towels. There was an empty one next to Olette. Zean walked over.

"Oh no! I forgot my towel!" Zean said.

"You can use this one. It's one of my spares." Olette said, gesturing towards the empty towel next to her. Zean thanked her and sat down, putting the watermelon on her lap.

"I can cut it up. I have my pocket knife." Hayner said.

"Okay. While you're doing that, me and Z can change." Olette said, getting her bag and standing up. Zean did the same thing.

They walked over to a beach house, which served as the changing rooms. Olette and Zean waited in line for a few minutes, then finally got their turn to change. As Zean changed, she noticed that she grabbed her bikini instead of her one piece. She sighed as she put on the teal colored swimming suit that had a bit of green on it. When she walked out she saw that Olette was wearing a two piece, as well. It was orange and yellow striped.

"Let's go. I'm sure Hayner's done cutting up that watermelon." Olette said.

Zean slung her bag over her shoulder and felt something hard hit her side. She glanced in, and inside her bag was a frisbee.

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