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Chapter One: The Vision

Author's Note: In this story, the main character has long, jet black hair with natural ruby red streaks, and sky blue eyes that have a purple tint. I didn't want to waste time in the story describing her looks.


Zean woke with a start. The vision she had while sleeping filled her with dread. She inhaled the cold pre-dawn air, brushing some of her hair out of the way, hoping to forget what the vision told her.



Zean was running away from terrible white creatures. They were like humans, but not. She was trying to escape but they chased her without stopping. Suddenly she was caught, but not by the creatures. This grip was that of a man's. She glanced at her captor, and saw a black hood covering his face, but she could tell that he was smirking. She tried desperately to escape, but to no avail. She was then surrounded by men in black cloaks. It's not all men. she thought, realizing that there was a girl among them. She could tell by the breathing.

"We've been waiting for you." said one of the men in an icy voice.


"That vision..." Zean murmured to herself. "Why couldn't it have been a bad dream instead?"

She reluctantly got out of bed and looked out her window. The sun was just rising on the horizon. Great, the sun's just coming up and I'm wide awake! I might as well go for my jog. She showered and changed into her clothes. She put on a t-shirt, which was red with a big blue rose on it, sweat pants that were black with a purple stripe down each side, and white tennis shoes. She quietly snuck down stairs, careful not to wake her foster parents.

Zean's real parents abandoned her when she was four years old. She was found, looking death in the face, by a retired couple, who dropped her off at a child care center, where she was put up for adoption and given the name Zean. She was there until she was eleven, then she was put in foster care. She had been in twenty-eight foster homes, including the one she was in at the moment. She was eighteen, but the foster care people wouldn't turn her lose until she had an appartment at least, and a steady job, which wasn't easy to find.

She went outside, closing the door quietly behind her. It was the middle of summer but the morning had a chill to it. She took her usual route through Twilight Town. She wondered about her vision as she jogged. She was interupted by a "Hey, Zean!"

She stopped and turned around. Hayner, one of the neighborhood trouble makers, was running to catch up with her. His spiky blonde hair had a tiny bit of frost in it, like he had been out all night.

"Hi." she said.

"Hi! I see you're running too! Want to run together?" Hayner asked as he caught up with her. She nodded, not because she wanted the company, but because running with someone else would help keep her mind occupied.

"So," Hayner started as they started running again. "do you want to hang out with me, Pence, and Olette today?"

"No. Sorry." Zean replied.

"Why not? You never hang out with us anymore!" he complained.

"I have plans." she lied.


"The town's pretty quiet this morning." Zean said quickly to change the subject.

"Yeah. I guess we're the only runners today."


"So... What's new?" Hayner asked in a slightly flirty voice.

"Not much." Zean said with a sigh. She knew Hayner had a crush on her, but she barely considered him a friend, especially when Zean's ex-best friend, Olette, liked him. She would've told him, but she promised Olette that she wouldn't.

"Same here."

"Anyways, I better get home." Zean said, turning down the path that led to her home. She got back in about two minutes. She walked in the door and smelled pancakes and bacon cooking. She walked into the kitchen to see her foster mom reading the paper.

"Did you have a nice jog?" she asked in a sweet voice. This home has the nicest foster parents so far. thought Zean.

"Yes, Mrs. Larence." Zean replied.

"That's good. You know, Zean, you don't have to call me Mrs. Larence. You can call me..."

"I know, but you're not my mom!" Zean snapped. "I'll be in my room." she said, dashing up the stairs into her room. She closed and locked the door, and then turned on her radio/CD player. She listened to the song that came on, singing along, then realized that the song was Simple and Clean. She pressed the next button and Sanctuary started playing.

"Not right now." she murmured, pressing the off button. She decided to start reading instead, and grabbed one of the many books she owned.

She read for ten minutes, then her stomach started growling. She sighed reluctantly, put a book mark in her book, then went downstairs. Mr. Larence was already eating, while Mrs. Larence was getting some toast to put on the table.

"Hungry?" Mrs. Larence asked Zean in the same kind voice as before. Zean nodded and sat down across from Mr. Larence. She started serving herself eggs, bacon, toast and jam, and pancakes quietly. She ate slowly, not sure what she was going to do that day.

When Mr. Larence finished eating, he left for his job at 'The Gummi Garage' which was a gummi ship repair shop. When Zean finished eating, she put her plate in the sink and told her foster mother that she was going out. She told her to be home in time for lunch. Zean nodded and walked out the door.

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