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Chapter One

As the keyblade sank into his chest, Sora thought back on how it came to this. Riku gripped the keyblade hard as Sora fell to a knee, in pain and in shock, his own keyblade disappearing. A chain of memories flooded his mind...


The three of them sat in their own usual spots by the paupou tree. The letter they had just read requested help from Mickey and was signed immediately, so the three sat in silence. Each of them had many questions, and none of them had any answers. Kairi toyed with her charm, the same that turned Sora’s keyblade into Oathkeeper, with an unhappy expression on her face. She didn’t want to be the first to speak, but the silence was starting to get to her.

“I thought we were done,” Sora said solemnly, not averting his eyes from the ground. Kairi was happy someone had finally said something.

“We will never be done,” Riku said just as gravely. “Not while we have the keybl,-”

He was cut off by Sora throwing his keyblade into the ocean screaming, “I didn’t ask for this!”

“Of course you didn’t,” Riku said, growing louder. “They chose us. Neither of us asked for this, but it is our responsibility!” Riku started to walk off the small island. Without turning around, simply twisting his head and looking over his shoulder, he said, “Mickey needs our help. You may not have gotten to know him very much, but I did. But think of Donald and Goofy. Are you ok with letting them die?” Riku didn’t say anything else; instead he just started on his way to the back of the island where they kept the gummi ship.

Sora returned to his silence and starred back down at the ground. Kairi was unsure what to do at this point. They had only been on the island two weeks before the message from Mickey, and so far their relationship had been somewhat odd. The first few days there was some awkwardness, at least when they were alone. Things were fine when Riku was around, which both of them made sure was often.

Five days later though, everything changed. Sora found Kairi in the Secret Spot starring at their drawing, the one with each of them handing a paupou fruit to each other, crying her eyes out. It was there that they had their first kiss.

Kairi wiped that memory from her mind, trying to concentrate on the present. She was new at this whole girlfriend thing, so she was more than confused. Was she supposed to comfort him? What was she supposed to say? Not knowing what to do the girl simply walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, and was relieved once more when he spoke first.

“Kairi, I’m going to need you to stay here,” Sora didn’t look at her. Kairi knew he was going to say that. Lately she has been gaining the ability to second guess his words.

“Well, that’s too bad, because I’m going with you. I’ve got one now too, you know,” she held out her hand and a girly keyblade with flowers and such appeared. Sora looked at her for the first time that evening.

“Kairi, you don’t understand. With you there I can’t fight how I have too. I’d be to busy worrying about you. You have a keyblade, yes, but you’ve no experience besides a few small heartless in the castle. You’re not ready for this yet,” Sora said compassionately, starring into her eyes giving her a look she couldn’t resist. “Besides, they may come here. You have to protect our home.”

Kairi was beat. He made sense, she wasn’t ready for some of the things she had seen Sora and Riku do in the past. She would just get in the way. “But what if something happens to you?” Kairi asked as tears started to appear in her eyes.

Sora brought her in close, wrapping his arms around her. As he did he grabbed her lucky charm. He backed up creating some space between them, “I’ll make the same promise I did last time, Kairi. I’ll get this back to you, I promise.” Before she could respond he kissed her. The kiss caught her off guard, but once she regained her composure she returned it as if they had never kissed before. Their love shone like a star with this kiss. As they separated their eyes met, Kairi’s still full of tears. “I love you,” Sora said as he tried to leave.

But Kairi wasn’t ready to let him go just yet, giving his hand one final squeeze as Sora took off towards the back of the island, hoping that Riku hadn’t left yet. He only looked back once, but that one look back settled in his mind that she’d be okay. Kairi, who was starring at her keyblade with what looked as if it could have been a grin, didn’t notice Sora starring at her. When she forced a big smile and waved.

Sora ran to the gummi ship as hard as his legs would take him, hoping to get there before Riku left. When he got there he was relieved to see the gummi ship still there, with the ramp to get in down. Sora didn’t stop running until he was up the ramp and in the cockpit, where Riku was reading a magazine. “You waited,” Sora said in between puffs for air.

Riku stood up, “I figured you’d be here sooner or later. Wouldn’t leave without you,” Riku smiled, and immediately they both forgot about any problems there were between them. Sora grabbed Riku into a hug, and then took his seat. Riku sat down and lifted the gummi ship into the air. Instead of flying straight into the sky he flew over the small island where Kairi still was. She looked up and saw them; Sora noticed she had stopped crying. Both Riku and Sora were smiling and laughing as they waved at her and she had a just as big if not bigger smile as she jumped and waved back. What they didn’t know was that that would be the last time they were all together and happy.

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