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Chapter Eight: Baise de l'anniversaire

Author's Note: Okay, so anyways, my friend asked me to say "Hi" to her in one of my chapters, so.. HI TORI~! Also, the title is French for "Birthday Kiss". I ended up making a French title for no reason. Sorry that Chapter 7 was so short, this chapter and that one were supposed to be together. But I wanted to use this chapter title so I split them. Also, sorry I've been un-writing-ly, I haven't really been good at finding time to write. I almost forgot how fun it is. Anyway, ENJOY~!


"So maybe we shouldn't have sent Sora to get the birthday girl." Kairi pointed to the clock, it was 12:00 PM. Sora had been gone for half an hour and now Naminé was going to be late to her own party.

Riku finished the last sip of his water bottle, looking at it carefully. "Hey..." He held up the bottle, smiling. "Spin the bottle, anyone?"

"Woah." Roxas looked at him with wide eyes. "You're aware that there's a chance you'll land on a guy?" He grimaced. "I'm not looking forward to kissing a guy, thanks." He shook Olette's shoulder, who had fallen asleep on the couch. "Hey, any suggestions, Olette?"

"Uh, what's going on?" she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"We're gonna wait for Sora and his 'delivery' by playing spin the bottle." Riku shook his empty water. "But I'm pretty sure that everyone that's gonna be here is straight. And nobody wants to kiss someone of the same sex."

"How about if a guy lands on a guy, or a girl lands on a girl, they have to kiss their hand...?"

"That works." Kairi snatched the bottle from Riku, spinning it to the floor. "Everyone come here. Olette, you too."

Roxas pulled her over to the circle around the bottle, seating her next to him. "Okay, who starts?" He rested his hand on the bottle.

At that moment the door flew open and the buzz of a party kazoo filled the air. "We're heeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee!" Sora shouted.

"Happy birthday, Naminé!!!" the group said in unison.

She smiled. "Thanks, everyone."

"We almost thought you weren't gonna show up to your own party," Riku sighed. "Thanks to your escort."

"Shut up, Riku!" He peered into the middle of the circle. "So, I see. You were gonna start playing without us?" He frowned for a second then grinned. "Birthday girl gets first spin!" He sat down between Roxas and Kairi, pulling Naminé down next to Roxas.

"Fine, fine..." Naminé rested her hand on the bottle and flicked her wrist, forcing the bottle to spin. It spun around a few times, slowing down with each passing rotation. Slower, slower... and it stopped.

"Sora?" She shuffled onto her knees. "But..." she blushed, looking at Kairi and pointing at the boy next to her. "He's yours!"

"And this is a party." Kairi smiled. "It's fine."

"Come on, Nami... you gonna flake out on us?" A drole expression was aimed at her.

"Shut up, Roxy!" She pushed back his forehead. "And stop giving me that look, it's weird!"

"Roxy..." Sora chuckled. "So that's what they called you."

"Woah." Riku mimicked the expression Roxas had given him before. "Are you sure you're not a girl, after all?"

"Shut up!" He furrowed his eyebrows in anger. "Just hurry up and kiss!"

"We already did." Naminé lied.

"Liar." Olette pouted. "Kiss already."

"Okay, fine!" She held Sora's face still and quickly kissed him on the lips. "Happy?"

"Come on," Riku yawned. "You can do better than that, Naminé."

"Silly girl," Sora looked at her, unfazed by her kiss. "More like this..." He whispered, the breath from his words pounding warmth onto her lips, leaning in until their lips were against eachothers'. Slowly he pulled her hips closer to him, a victim to a party game, as she slung her arms over his neck.

Then his spiky hair skipping across the bridge of her nose. She pulled her face away from his as laughter exploded to her lips. "Oh my god, Sora, your hair tickles!"

He looked up at his bangs, the dusty brown that fell just before his eyes. "Yeah... I got used to it." He smiled. "Uhh, you're sitting on me."

Naminé looked down. And yes indeed, she had ended up sitting on Sora's lap. In the process of him pulling her closer, she had shuffled onto his lap. "I'm sorry!" she quickly placed herself back on the floor next to Roxas.

"Hey, Nami." Roxas leaned toward Naminé, whispering into her ear. "Maybe I was just imagining it, but you looked really into it."

"Hey, Roxy." she whispered back, "Maybe I was just imagining it, but you seem way too concerned over a party game."

"No, seriously. I've been over you for awhile. But since these three came from the Islands you've been blushing like crazy."

"Okay, fine. I like Sora. He's a nice person." she continued. "But anyway, he's with Kairi. He's kissed her that way at least a hundred times."

"Sora is thinking of breaking up with her. He told me that the other day. He said that..."

"That what?" Naminé looked at Roxas curiously.

"If he wants to tell you, then he will." He pushed his hair back. "I have no right to take part in your relationship."

"I don't really like spin the bottle too much." Olette stood up. "Let's do something else."

"But we've only done one spin," Riku groaned.

"I wanna keep playing, too!" Kairi exclaimed. "What's a party without spin the bottle?"

Naminé fell onto the floor. "Yeah, I agree with Olette."


"Present time, then?" Roxas pulled a thin box from under the table behind him. It was wrapped in sparkly, white paper and tied with a light blue ribbon. "This one's from me," he grinned proudly, holding the box out. She took it from his hands.

"Now, what could this be?" Naminé smiled excitedly. She carefully pulled off the sticky ribbon and pulled the paper off the box, hurriedly taking the lid off. "A new sketchbook!" she smiled blissfully. She flipped through the pages, admiring the texture and thickness on each one, the way an art fanatic would. "Thank you, Roxy!" She set the book down and hugged Roxas. "I just ran out of pages in my sketchbook today!"

"You're welcome." She released the slightly-blushing blonde from her arms. "There's something else in there, too. It kinda goes along with the sketchbook."

Naminé searched through the box again, recovering a box full of art media (colored pencils, markers, crayons, and a few technical erasers among them). She squealed in excitement. "This brand is really good! How did you manage to find these?" She took the lid off, examining the craftsmanship of each piece, being the art fanatic that she was.

"Trust me, they took forever." He sighed. "And they were expensive as hell once I found them." he pouted, crossing his arms.

Naminé grinned. "Well then, that means I'll have to draw you whatever you want."

"There's not anything I want you to draw for me," he smiled impishly, "but can I draw you something?"

"Sure." She carefully tore a page out of the new sketchbook and handed it to him. Roxas then happily secluded himself, drawing with a combination of yellow, black, and teal.

Olette pulled a small, skinny box from her pocket. "This isn't as good as Roxas's present." she smiled, "But I thought it would look cute on you."

Naminé pulled the lid off the box, revealing a shiny white pearl necklace. "Are you kidding?" she grinned. "It's great. Thanks, Olette." She wrapped the necklace around her neck, carefully hooking the clamps together.

"My turn," Kairi smiled. "I was working on this before we came here but I guess I have good timing." She pulled a small, square box from her pocket and presented it to Naminé. She opened the box. It was a pure white thalassa shell charm, in the identical star-and-crown shape that she had made for Sora, Riku, and herself.

"Wow, did you make this yourself?" She picked it up out of the box by the chain on one of the points. "It's so pretty!"

"Yeah. I made them for myself, and Sora and Riku, too." Kairi went into the bedroom and, after rummaging through her things a bit, returned with a pale purple star. Sora took his, a bright teal, out of his pocket, and Riku pulled out the faux-necklace from under his shirt.

"Thank you!" Naminé smiled, gently placing the charm back in the box.

"I'm done." Roxas handed the colored pencils and paper to Naminé. The picture was of a yellow chicken with teal eyes.

"Uhm?" Naminé looked skeptically at the chicken.

"Don't you remember?" Roxas laughed. "When we were little, you used to tease me since you thought my hair looked like a chicken.

"Hah, oh yeah." Naminé smiled.

"Riku," Kairi poked Riku a few times with her elbow. "It's your turn to give Naminé your gift."

"Alright." Riku pulled out a gift bag from behind him. "It's not much. I just won it on a crane game."

Naminé reached into the bag, pulling out a kitten plush doll. "It's so cute! Thank you, Riku. I love it." The cat had a tag that held a piece of paper for the name. Naminé wrote 'Ame', the Japanese word for rain.

"Sora, that knucklehead, forgot to get you a present." Riku threw a smirk at Sora.

"Shut up." Sora groaned. "It's not like I meant to! I'm sorry, Naminé." He glanced at the ground.

"It's oka-" Suddenly he stuck the ribbon from Roxas's present to her hair.

"Heh. I improvised. Well, happy birthday." Sora stood up. "So, we bought a cake and rented some movies. Let's have a marathon."

"First one to fall asleep gets a sharpie 'stache!" Kairi set up the TV to start playing the movies.


Sora finished scribbling a curly-ended moustache on Riku's face. Kairi was already aleep, with a big handlebar moustache; Olette had a little Hitler stamp moustache and Roxas had a simple black glob across his top lip. "You're next." Sora grinned, pointing the sharpie at Naminé. After three movies, they were the last ones awake.

Naminé shoveled another forkful of cake into her mouth. "I stay up late all the time when I'm drawing," she told Sora. "I can take this, but I'm not so sure about you..."

"Are you kidding? I live right on the ocean." Sora smooshed his face a bit. "I wake up early to watch the sunrise and go swimming before school."

Naminé headed for the door that led to a terrace. "I need some air."

"Hey," Sora got up and went after her. "That's cheating. If you're going out then I am, too."

No sound. In a curious tone, Naminé broke the morning silence between them. "Why did you kiss me?"

Sora looked at Naminé, a bit surprised, almost blushing. "Because, it was spin the bottle. And you landed on me. That's all."

"No," she said, "I meant why did you kiss me again after apparently I didn't kiss you right? In front of Kairi, like it would matter that you'd need to kiss me again."

Sora sighed. "Roxas told you, didn't he? And you, you're persistent. Fine, I'll tell you. I am breaking up with her."

"Yeah, he told me." Naminé looked surprised that he didn't deny it. "But I don't quite understand why."

"I miss her as a friend." Sora looked at her through the glass door. "I think we made better friends than a couple. It's like everything that happened when we were friends doesn't matter anymore."

"I was like that with Roxas, too." Naminé stared at the new sunrise. "It's just harder when it's someone you've known for your whole life."

"And I decided that I like someone else." Sora nearly had to force the words out, leaving Naminé speechless. She was blushing devil red. He pulled her in and kissed her. The same as before.

Naminé passed out. Sora took her inside and laid her down on the sofa, then he drew a bold X over her lips. "Happy birthday." He kissed her again, careful not to get ink on his face.

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