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Chapter Seven: Another Day, Another Name

Author's Note: To all of the wonderful readers out there-- I'm sorry for not writing anything lately. I've had a lot going on lately, including getting myself a boyfriend, for anyone who wants to be happy for me. Aha... It would be cool if he read this. But when I tell him to read my fanfic, he says he's too lazy. Oh well. For those who e-mail me, thanks for the support, and for those who don't, hurry up and e-mail me!! Haha. Sorry for ranting. Well, here's my long-awaited seventh chapter!


"Olette. I know you aren't doing your homework." The answering machine droned with Roxas's voice. "You haven't been answering my calls all week... Just pick up... Just talk to me..." He hung up, halting his voice.

"I'm not picking up, you know." Olette's expression grew solemn, as her emerald eyes shifted from the phone to the window, to the dark clouds that haven't stopped crying for days. She rose from her slump on the bed to a cross-legged sit, scribbling her journal with illegible anger. "I start to wonder, Roxas-" Her eyes were drawn to a single framed photo among the many that were hung above her desk. "Do you even remember way back when?" She focused on one with younger versions of Roxas and herself were happily stomping in the rain. "How we used to dance in the middle of these summer showers-" She began tracing a teardrop into the paper, the calm drizzle becoming heavier. "-screaming nursery rhymes into the sky...?"

She started humming, which turned into singing. "...Rain, rain. go away. Come again Another Day..." She looked back into the stormy sky. "Another Day... Right, Roxas...?" She flipped to a new page in her notebook.

Olette + Roxas. She repeated the intricate swirls from the ones by the phone stand. A knock rumbled from the door on the floor below. "Olette," the voice from the machine rang up at her window. A red umbrella covered Roxas's face. "I'm coming in." He let himself in, Olette ignored his sudden presence. He opened the door to her bedroom, sitting beside her. "Olette..." He caught a glimpse of the page. Swirls, pieces of letters. + Rox-

Olette pulled away from his view. "Go away, Roxas. I'm busy."

He grew dizzy from the words on the page, he'd sworn he saw his own name... Next to hers. Identical to the one next to his poem. "Come on... I know you're not doing your homework." He snatched the book from her arms, flipping through the pages with his thumb.

"Roxas, don't go through that!" The curious blond kept the journal away from her, dodging her grasp, catching a glimpse of the anger scribbled on the page.

Roxas is... --
Idiot-- He doesn't even...--
Naminé is all he--
...girl, Kairi, he's all of a sudden--
Anyone but me, he's so--

He looked back up at Olette, furrowing his eyebrows in misunderstanding.

She fell back onto her bed, choking back tears. "Roxas, you know... every time I think we can be-"

"Olette, are you stupid?" Roxas tried speaking over her, but she had rose her voice in response.

"-something more than friends, everything screws up somewhere."

"No, not stupid. Dense. God, why am I so nervous? Listen-"

"I guess what I mean, Roxas, I'm jealous of them. And-"

Their voices collided in unison. "-I love you. And I pretty much have all along."

Roxas sat back next to Olette on her bed, weaving his hand into hers, taking her face in his other hand. He pulled him into her, blood rushed to their faces. As the rain patted down on the dusty orange town, Their phobias took hold and they fell into a state between consciousness and sleep. "So I guess..." Roxas smiled, thinking of the poem he'd written. "If the fears get the best of us-" Her lips were nearly on his.

"-Then we just might have to give eachother CPR." Olette giggled, happily accepting Roxas's kiss.


Naminé peeked over her sketchbook, the doorbell rang. She shuffled off her bed, creeping out of her pure white bedroom, sketchbook still at hand. Now who in the world can be visiting at 11-o-clock at night? She thought to herself, quietly turning the doorknob.

"Sorry if it's too late for you," Sora grinned in the doorway, adorned in a blue t-shirt and red pajama pants. "But I need to... uh... borrow you for the night."

Naminé's face flustered a dark crimson as she slipped on a pair of blue flip-flops. Why would Sora be borrowing me at 11-o-clock, in his jammies for?!?!?! Her mind raced as Sora led her away from the mansion. "Uhm... Sora? Where are we going...?!"

"Did you forget what day tomorrow is, silly?" He took her hand as they crept through the woods that surrouded Naminé's house.

Naminé's face flushed a deeper shade. "I have no idea, I don't take my time memorizing days at 11-o-clock at night!" She found herself lucky that it was dark, so that Sora couldn't see her rose-red face.

She followed him silently across the town. Occasionally, Sora would say something. "Oh, you're gonna like the job we did. Isn't it great that Olette and Roxas finally made up? I thought they'd stay pissed at eachother forever! I'm sorry for pulling you out so late."

The blond girl would shyly respond an occasional word or two. "Okay. Yep. It's alright." Then, she felt that her hand was still in his. She shivered at the thought, that he was almost... like Roxas? She stopped.

"What's wrong?" Sora turned back to her, their identical blue eyes connected. "Are you cold?" He let go of her hand, resting both on her narrow shoulders.

Naminé's gaze fell to the ground, she cluched her sketchbook to her chest. "Sora, I'm fi-" Sora embraced her in his arms as a single tear fell from her sapphire eyes.

"Come on, now..." Sora whisped the tear from her face, slowly pulling away. "You won't have any fun if you're crying, Nami. Now lets go."

"So my name's 'Nami' now?" she pouted.

"Well, Roxas told me that they used to call you that." he grinned, ruffling her pale blond hair. "I think it's cute."

"Okay then." She smiled, blushing lightly. Then her lips curled into a snicker. "Then I guess I should tell you what we called Roxas?"

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