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Chapter Five: Falling

Roxas, Olette, and Naminé ended up spending the night in the hotel with Sora, Kairi, and Riku. The bed was claimed by Roxas and Kairi, Naminé and Olette took the pull-out couch, and Riku and Sora were sleeping on the floor. Well, Sora started punching and rolling over Riku, so he took his pillow and slept in the hot tub.

Once everyone woke up, they sat in the living room, contemplating what they would do for breakfast. "I'm a pretty good cook," Olette stated. "I say we go to the grocery store and get some pancake mix and milk."

"You, a good cook?" Roxas chuckled. "The last time you insisted on making lunch, I swear, I got salmonella. And there wasn't even eggs or meat in the food!"

Naminé giggled, arching an eyebrow. "It was a salad."

"Your point?" He streched out on the floor.

"You hate vegetables." Both her eyebrows furrowed.


"Shut up!" Olette smacked Roxas in the back of the head. "I'm good at making pancakes, and this time I won't be the only one cooking." Everyone stepped back.

"Sorry," Kairi smiled. "I don't like cooking."

"I'm accident prone, so... Having me cook wouldn't be too smart." Sora winced. "And Riku's... dead at the moment." He pointed to a half-sleeping Riku next to him.

"I'm not good at making breakfast foods." Naminé stated. "But I'm pretty sure Roxas is."

"Huh...?" Roxas was stuck with the job, he and Olette would be making breakfast.

They prepared the kitchen, Roxas found a set of electric burners, pots, and pans under the counter, Olette found some knives, measuring cups, spatulas, and tablewear in the cupboards. Kairi and Naminé went out for groceries, Sora was working on his summer homework, and Riku had made his way to the bed and conked out.


"Kairi..." Naminé spoke up, clutching the grocery basket. "You and Sora seem really close."

"Yeah... we've been dating for a while." she blushed a bit. "And we've been friends since before either one of us could remember. Riku, too."

Naminé was in a bit of shock. "You're lucky... you have people that really care about you."

"Huh...? But what about Olette and Roxas? I honestly thought you and Roxas were together." Kairi put a carton of eggs and a package of bacon into the basket Naminé was holding.

Naminé looked up. "Yeah, we did up until about a month ago..." The blond girl sighed.

"Why'd you break up?" She looked at her friend with a concerned look, picking out apples and dropping them into a bag.

"He's like how Sora is to you. I've known him since forever." She tied up the bag of apples and dropped it in the basket. "If things changed between us, then all of those old memories would die."

Kairi looked at her skeptically. "A relationship starts with a good friendship." She smiled a bit. "Erm... I shouldn't really question your opinion, though. If you think that's best..."

"Well," the blond girl spoke up. "There's Olette, too. She loves him more than I ever could, and I have no right to tear them apart."

"I'm sorry..." Kairi continued to pick out groceries. "Hey, Naminé, I've got an idea!"

"What's that?" Naminé smiled a bit, excited for Kairi's idea.

"How about we make Olette and Roxas have an Iron Chef competition?" She giggled. We'll have like, a secret ingredient and everything, just like the show!"

Naminé smiled wider. "Genius, Kairi, pure genius."


"We're hooooooome~!!" Kairi and Naminé burst through the door, with a massive amount of groceries.

"Holy hell, Kairi!" Sora stood up, staring at the load. "We're making food for six people, not the friggin` Navy!!"

She pouted. "I had this awesome idea, though. We're gonna have Olette and Roxas have an Iron Chef competition!"

"What?!?!" Olette and Roxas stumbled out of the kitchen. Roxas grimaced, but Olette grinned gingerly.

"I LOVE that show!" Olette squealed. "I'm up for it!"

Roxas only sighed, realizing the fact that he couldn't refuse, and brought the ingredients into the kitchen.

"So, 'Chairman Kaga'," Olette giggled, clipping her chocolate brown hair into a ponytail, "What's our secret ingredient?"

"Cantalope~!!" Naminé hefted the large, round fruit out of the bag, holding it over her head.

Roxas grunted. "How the HELL are we gonna make Bacon work with CANTALOUPE?!"

"Hehehe, that's for you to find out." Kairi grinned, and Roxas began blushing furiously.

"Roxas," Olette looked at him. "Are you alright? You're all red." She put her hand on his forehead and he blushed more.

"I... I'm fine, Olette." He smiled, and pulled her hand away. "Well, anyway, how do you play this game?" He picked up a spatula and spread out the ingredients onto the table.


The two began cooking, totally absorbed into what they were doing. Roxas had finished slicing the cantaloupe that he was going to use, and was looking for something else to do. Olette had poured out most of the pancake mix onto the counters, and had turned to tend to the pot where she was making a sauce. Roxas walked over, and picked up a handful of the loose powder, as he took a plate of bacon and cantaloupe to an empty pan. "Hey Olette, guess what?" He snickered, choking back laughter.

"Huh?" She turned to Roxas, and a cloud of flour collided into her face. "ROXAS!!"

"Oh my god..." He was clutching his ribs in laughter. "That was the best thing EVER."

Olette grasped a tomato, wiping the mix off her face, and squeezed the juice into the top of his head, now laughing just as hard. He stumbled into the counter, reaching to the sink for the hose, and doused Olette. "EEK!!" the water ran off her hair, onto her back. "That's cold!"

Olette reached for a banana on the counter, quickly shelling it out of the peel, dropping it to the floor, as Roxas reached for her arm to stop her, slipping on the peel as his grip tightened around her. He slipped to the floor, pulling Olette with him. Her face burnt a violent red, and her emerald eyes grew wide, as she fell into the blond boy in front of her. "Olette...!" He took her waist and pulled her closer, hoping to break her fall.

She squeezed her eyes shut, her fear of falling sparked, and her body went numb as she fell into Roxas's arms.


"Olette, let's go up on the station tower!" A young blond boy held his hand out to her.

"Roxas..." She frowned. "It's dangerous up there. I'm scared."

"Scaredy Cat! Olette's a Scaredy Cat!" He laughed. "As long as we're not near the edge, we'll be alright."

"Alright. I guess."

She followed her friend up to the tower that loomed over the train station, climbing the brick wall with a worn ladder. After a few minutes of climbing, the two six-year-olds made their way to the top. Roxas took a seat on the ledge, his feet dangling off the edge. "Roxas, don't do that..." She ran up behind him, tripping over the ledge. She was falling...

Roxas held out his hand to her, and then... Pitch black.

"Olette!! Wake up!"


"Come on, wake up!" It was his voice. She blinked slowly, waking up to his face, his blond hair hanging directly over her. His bright teal eyes were furrowed in worry.

"HOLY CRAP I...." Olette jumped up, shocked at her flashback.

"You passed out..." Roxas sighed, loosening the clip from her hair, brushing it away from her face. "Are you okay?"

"Uhm... yeah." She smiled at him.

"You're a basiphobe, aren't you?" He took her hand, pulling her off the still pulled-out couch.

"Huh?" Olette looked at him curiously.

He shifted his eyes to the floor. "Since the..." he stopped himself. "Nevermind. You should just relax. I'll finish cooking."

"No, Roxas, you don't ha..." Olette fell back onto the couch, into her slumber.

"Haha. Olette, you just relax." He smiled and turned back to the kitchen.

"Is she alright?" Naminé turned to the couch and frowned.

"Yeah... She'll be okay." He sighed and continued cooking.

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