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Chapter Four: Sea Salt

There was only one other person at the ice cream shop. A girl with light blond hair, a bit lighter than Roxas's. She was sitting alone in a table in the corner, contently skeching away at the drawing pad on her lap, with a blue-stained popsicle stick in her mouth. She looked up at Sora, her eyes filled with content.

"Uhm..." He looked curiously at the girl. "Hi?"

"You look different." the girl mumbled. "Your hair's a bit darker. And there's no more teal in your eyes."

"Have we met...?" Sora looked skeptically at her, trying to catch a glimpse of her sketch.

"Roxas, don't play dumb." She cocked her head to one side.

"My name is Sora." He cocked his head, too. "Wait. I know Roxas. He's that blond kid with the skateboard!"

"Sora...?" She looked down at the drawing. "I'm sorry." she smiled. "You look a lot like him."

"Really?" He recalled the image of the boy who he'd met. "Hm... I guess I sorta do look a bit like him." He smiled back and walked up to the counter.

"Try the Sea Salt popsicle. It's great."

"Yeah, I heard." He asked the casheir for a Sea Salt popsicle, and he was handed a bar of blue ice cream. He payed the casheir, then took a few licks before heading back toward the girl.

"So, what's your name?" He sat down in the stall next to her. "And what are you drawing?"

She held up a sketch, the picture was herself, Roxas, Olette, and two other people the same age. "My name is Naminé."


Riku walked out of the changing stall wearing only trunks that were about two inches over his knee. They were completely black, except for yellow stripes down the side of each leg. Kairi put her hands on her hips and whistled. "Alright," Riku smiled. "Is that a 'yes'?"

"Yeah," Kairi giggled. "It looks great." She repeatedly poked his muscular stomach.

"Oww, quit it." He chuckled, and poked Kairi in her side, making her squeal.

"Hey... No fair!" She pouted. Then Olette and Roxas walked in, each carrying a handful of shopping bags.

"Hey there." Olette called out. "Having fun?" She spied Riku's toned abs. "Damn, Kairi, why do you have to be friends with hotties?!" Kairi blushed a bit.

"Hey, what's that make me?" Roxas made puppy eyes, and Olette could feel the embarassment, the bright red that should've been burning holes in her face. But she was always cool and calm.

"You are, too." she laughed. "But I was directing that at Pence. He's... ew."

Roxas's eyes watered. "Stupid fatass stole my ice cream..." They all laughed.


"So, you're Naminé?" Sora looked curiously at her. "Happy birthday." He grinned.

"Huh...?" Naminé arched her eyebrow. "How do you know my birthday's coming up?"

"You're friends with Roxas and Olette." He finished up the popsicle, smacking his lips. "Me and Riku and Kairi, we met them on our way to the shops."

"Okay." Naminé continued to sketch.

"Who are the other two?"


"In your picture." Sora pointed to Naminé's sketchbook. "The one with spiky hair is Roxas, you're next to him. And this one..." He pointed to the page. "She's Olette. So who are the other two?"

"Oh. That one in the vest is Hayner, and this guy..." She pointed at a rather round boy in her picture. "That's Pence. He and Hayner are away this summer."

"Wow." Sora stared at Pence. "He really IS fat." he grinned.

Naminé giggled. "Yeah. But he's a good friend. He always helps when Roxas and Hayner fight..."

"You're a great artist, Naminé." His face softened to a calm expression. "I wish I could draw. The only artistic talent I have is scribbling on cave walls." He rose from his seat. "I should get going."

Naminé slid out of the stall after him. "Same... I should probably meet up with Roxas and Olette."

"Well, they're probably all together." He smiled. "And Olette said that we should hang out with her and Roxas this summer. So that means we'll get to hang out, too."

Naminé smiled back, blushing lightly. "That'd be great." Sora pushed open the shop door and led her out.


Riku pushed the card key into the lock, and held the door, leading in Kairi and their new friends. "So, this is where we'll be staying." Roxas and Olette went in first, followed by Kairi, who stood by Riku until he came in.

"ACK!!" Roxas tripped over the bags sprawled out on the floor, and Olette fell on top of him.

"Ouch..." Olette pulled herself up, rubbing her head. "OH MY GOD, ROXAS...!!" She took his hand and helped him back up. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright."

"Wow..." Kairi and Riku looked skeptically at them. "You're really uncoordinated," Riku said.

"Shut up..." Roxas groaned, streching his back. "Oh, by the way, where's Sora?"

"He hates shopping," Kairi explained. "So he said he'd get some ice cream and meet us back here."

"Oh," Olette said gingerly. "He probably found Naminé. She always goes there when she's drawing."

"Crap..." Roxas muttered. "She doesn't know we're here, Olette."

"It's alright." Olette replied. "Sora's gonna think we came back here with Riku and Kairi and bring her here."

"Crap!" Riku slammed his head into the wall. "Sora's not gonna know where the hell he's going!"

*knock knock knock knock knock* Kairi opened the door.

"Hey there." To hers and Riku's suprise, it was Sora, along with a girl with long, light blond hair. "Kairi, Riku, this is Naminé."

"Naminé, it's nice to meet you!" Kairi smiled. Riku did the same.

Roxas walked away and flopped onto the couch, and smiled. "I'm glad you're alright."

Naminé smiled back, and flipped open her sketchbook again, adding three more figures to the picture.

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