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Chapter Three: The Usual Spot

The phone rang. He forced his head off the pillow and shook the blond strands out of his stunning blue eyes. The phone rang again. He dropped his feet on the ground, the loud thump from his shoes awakening him from the daydream. He lifted the phone off it's hook and held it to his ear. "Yes...?" he yawned.

"Roxas. It's Olette. You forgot, didn't you?"

"Forgot what?" Roxas arched his eyebrow. He'd thought he was forgetting something but he couldn't remember exactly what it was.

"We were supposed to pick out a birthday present for Naminé!" the girl on the other end of the line pouted. "You told me you 'didn't know what a girl like her would've liked' so I told you to come to the market and we'd buy our presents together."

"I... I didn't forget." he lied. "Naminé is one of my best friends! I was just scraping up some extra cash so I'd be sure it would be enough."

"Alright. Well, get there soon or I won't help you with your summer homework."

He sighed. "Alright." Then he hung up. He pulled on a white short-sleeved jacket and picked up his skateboard before walking out the door.


"Doesn't anyone say goodbye anymore?" she sighed and dropped the phone back on it's hook. Roxas... the girl thought, pushing her wavy brown hair out of her emerald eyes. I really do worry about you. You'll never know how much. She leaned up against the brick wall and slid down, pressing out the folds between her white tank top and orange skirt. All that really matters to you now is Naminé. It's hardly been a month... Roxas... I'll wait for you.

She dragged her index finger in the sand, scribbling 'Olette + Roxas' over and over, with all kinds of intricate designs around the beautiful words in the dirt patch. His name next to hers. She thought it looked so right for things to be that way. She loved him. No, love was when you liked somebody and they liked you back. As far as she knew, this was one-sided.

"Hey! Olette!" Roxas was riding his skateboard, waving his arms, smiling.

She looked up. "Hey!" She rose off the ground and waved back at him, stepping over the design she'd just etched into the dirt. "So, let's go!" she smiled.

"I was thinking." Roxas came to a stop and picked up his skateboard. "Naminé likes drawing, right?" He put his hand to his forehead, thinking. "She was complaining in art class the other day, about her sketchbook running out of pages."

"You went out with her, right?" Olette pouted in slight disappointment. "You should know what she likes to do."

"Look. Olette, we only went out for two months. All we really did was go on dates." His smile faded.

"I'm sorry." she frowned. "Well, anyway, let's go!" She took his hand and began running toward the shops.


"Alright." Sora pouted, pushing his hair out of his eyes. "I can't find any clothing stores." He eyed the map again. "You know Riku, I don't think you'd look half-bad in a bikini." he smirked.

Riku's face flushed a light pink again. "Sora. I'm not gonna wear Kairi's swimsuit, so just deal with it." He punched Sora's arm playfully.

Kairi just smiled. "Maybe we should just get directions." A girl with wavy brown hair passed by, pulling a boy with spiky blond hair behind her.

"Oww, Olette. My wrist's about to go numb. Can I skate instead of you dragging me?"

"Haha, alright." The boy shook his arm. He put down his skateboard and got on, handing the girl his other hand. They both smiled.

"Hey, you!" Kairi called out to the two. "We're kind of lost. Could you give us directions?"

"Sure." the girl smiled. "Where are you headed?"

"The shops." Sora grinned.

"Oh, Roxas and I are headed there now." Her smile grew wider. "My name is Olette, and this here..." She pointed to the blond boy next to her, "Is Roxas. While you're here, you should stick with us."

"Alright." Riku smiled softly in appreciation. "I'm Riku."

"I'm Sora," Sora pointed to himself.

"And I'm Kairi." She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "We're here on vacation."

Roxas blushed a bit. "Well, anyways, we should get going." He tugged on Olette's hand.

"Yeah, come on." She started walking, pulling Roxas and his skateboard behind her. The trio followed their new friends. "So, where are you from?"

"Destiny Islands," Sora said. "We're here for the whole summer break."

"Oh, really? So you'll be here for Naminé's birthday." Roxas smiled. The charm in his smile matched that of Sora's.

"Naminé? Who's that?" Kairi asked.

"The only member of the Usual Spot Gang who didn't ditch this summer." Roxas sighed. "By the way, Olette, do you know what Pence and Hayner are up to?"

"I'm pretty sure Hayner is visiting family in Traverse Town. And, well... Pence told me not to tell you."

"Why?" he pouted. "Did he go to Fat Camp?" the blond boy chuckled.

"Oh God, he's gonna kill me."

"He did!?" Roxas wore an astonished look. "Wow. About time." he laughed.

"I guess." Olette giggled. "Well, here we are." She stopped before a line of shops and let go of Roxas's hand. "Here are the shops."

"Thank you so much," Kairi smiled, causing Roxas to blush a bit again.

"Well, we need to go buy Naminé her presents." He picked up his skateboard and pulled Olette away with him.

"Ah, good luck finding whatever you're looking for!" Olette waved as Roxas dragged her with him. The trio waved back.

"Now, it's Mission Impossible, in my case." Sora laughed, hinting at his hatred of shopping. "I'm gonna go get some ice cream and meet up with you guys later."

"Alright, then we'll see you later." Riku laughed with him as he and Kairi walked into a clothing store.

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