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Chapter One: Summer Vacation

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts; Kingdom Hearts owns me.

Author's Note: I'm not directing that Sora likes C.S.I., it was just the first T.V. show I could think of. And this is my first actual fanfiction so don't be mean to me.


The school bell chimed, in recognition that school had ended and summer had officially begun.

"Yeah!" Sora darted out the door, his spiky brown hair bouncing along with his excited leaps, his blue eyes glistening with excitement. "Summer vacation is finally here!"

"Jeez, Sora." A petit, redheaded girl followed him out of the classroom, along with the mob of joyful students. She smiled and shifted her books into one arm. "So what are we gonna do this summer?" They headed outside.

"I don't know," he replied. "I was thinking of visiting Twilight Town. Riku said he's up for it, how about you, Kairi?" He rested his books at his side, cradling them in one hand. "I heard the ice cream that they make there is great." He took her hand and smiled.

"Yeah, that sounds great." She smiled in unison with him. "I have to go pack. So you get Riku, and then come over to my place. Alright?"

Sora nodded. "Alright." They pushed open the doors to a sandy beach. He pulled Kairi closer to him and kissed her, his hair brushing against her cheek. They both smiled as he moved away. "See you then." They walked off in seperate directions.

Kairi closed her eyes and grinned in excitement. This summer she'd be able to spend her entire summer with her boyfriend, Sora, and their best friend, Riku.

Once she got back to her house, she shut herself in her bedroom, deciding what to take with her on her upcoming trip to Twilight Town. She opened her wardrob, and pulled out a massive assortment of clothing. Now, Kairi, which outfits shall you bring? She would need to pack for the whole summer vacation, which lapsed over two months. After much deciding and second-guessing, and third guessing... and so on and so fourth, she had finally decided on the perfect attire for the time and stuffed it into a large suitcase. She loosened the blue tie, and started to unbutton the plain, white shirt from her school uniform to change into regular clothes.


"Hey, Riku!" Sora caught up to a silver-haired boy. "Kairi said she'd come!"

The older boy's serious expression softened and he smiled along with his friend. "Great. So, should we wait until tomorrow, or leave tonight?"

"Tonight, you fruit! I can't wait! Let's go get Kairi, she told me to find you and then head over to her place."

"Haha, alright." The two started toward Kairi's house.

When they got there they let themselves in as usual. The trio were at eachother's houses almost every day and they were considered part of eachother's household. On the way to Kairi's bedroom, Sora got distracted by the television in the living room. But Riku climbed the stairway. He knew the door straight ahead, painted with mulitcolored stars, to be Kairi's.

"Kairi," Riku opened the door. "We're he-"

"Riku, get out!" she squealed, her face flushed. She clutched her unfastened skirt to her hips with one arm, and covered her torso with the other.

He shut the door, and covered his cherry red face, sliding down into a squat against the door. Oh God, I just walked in on Kairi half-nude... Oh God... "I'm... I'm sorry, Kairi..." he directed at the girl on the other side of the door.

After a moment, she replied. "It's alright. I really should learn to lock my door." She opened the door, now wearing a pink tanktop, a jean skirt, and pink tennis shoes.

Riku stumbled backward, from the loss of the door's support, but quickly regained his posture and then stood up and walked into the room. "Do you need help with anything?"

"No, I'm..." Kairi pulled the gigantic suitcase onto her back with both arms, and then released one arm to grab her thalassa shell charm off of her nightstand. "Fine...!!" She gave into the weight on her side and lost her balance.

Riku quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and kept her from falling. Kairi looked up toward him. His face was so close, she couldn't help a flustered look from appearing on her face. He chuckled softly as he gently lifted the suitcase from her hand. "You really should be more careful."

Sora finally came upstairs, away from the program that had previously occupied his attention, his eyes shut in disappointment. "C.S.I. is showing re-runs this week, if you guys missed it..." Riku slightly blushed as he snapped away from Kairi. "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

"I'm just..." Riku slung Kairi's suitcase over his shoulder, regaining his usual calm composition. "Helping Kairi with her stuff." the brown-haired boy pouted at his friend.

"But I wanted to help Kairi..." Sora snatched the suitcase from his friend.

"Fine then, can I carry her?" Trying to get on Sora's nerves just a bit, he rested his arm on Kairi's shoulders, and with his other arm, swept her legs off the ground and picked her up. He smirked, cradling Kairi against his chest.

"Haha, nooooo." Sora smirked back, arching his eyebrows. He took Kairi's hand and pulled her down from Riku's grasp, then hooked his arm around her waist and kissed her, this time more passionately than before. Kairi smiled and kissed back.

"Uhm, hello?" Riku raised his hand as he spoke up. "Children present. Anyway, we gotta get going."

"Oh, right." Kairi pulled away from Sora and picked up the thalassa shell charm from her nightstand and led the trio out the door.

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