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Wishful Heart

Stars... that’s all I saw. Millions, no billions of them. Too many to count, I guess.

There I was, lying on the lush green grass in the middle of the night. I actually like the color green, but that’s not why I’m here. For some reason, something inside told me to watch the sunset today. It was really beautiful...

I was watching it. It looked so mesmerizing. Maybe that’s the reason why I watched it until it disappeared into the horizon. Sunsets... when I think of them, I think of tan... and when I think of tan, well, I think of him. You could say it was his signature color.

I think I've liked him since I was seven. That is way to long; but he always seemed to like other girls. It isn’t fair. Even though I am practically his closest friend, he doesn’t see me that way. It’s always someone else.

I remember once, in the sixth grade. We had just came back from the field trip to the movies and since I used to live near him, we always walked home together. When we reached my house, He kissed me. It was probably both of our first. I didn’t know what came over me. His face was so red afterwards that he just ran back home. I wouldn’t talk to him for a week.

When we got older, I always flirted or dated other guys; I actually had a reputation for it, hehe. But it was just to get my mind off of him. He always seemed mad after every boyfriend I got, saying that I was such a player. It’s not like those boys actually liked me that much to actually care or anything. I thought he might have been jealous, but in the end I knew he just saw me as a friend, because he couldn’t stop telling me how much he cared for this other girl. I could never get him to notice me, it was always someone else. They don’t even look at him that way, let alone deserve him.

I continued staring at the sky. It was sparkling, like an ocean of stars. All I saw was him, though. Those brown eyes, his sandy blonde colored hair, when he makes me laugh after a joke or does something stupid. To me, he was perfect.

I started counting stars. For each one, I found another reason why I loved him so much. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted. “What are you doing, Olette?” a boy’s brown eyes peered into my emerald ones.

“Whoa!” I suddenly shot up from the shock, “You scared me, Hayner!”

“Hehe,” he giggled as he continued to lean over me. Hayner stopped and frowned slightly, “What are you doing out here? Everyone’s worried about you. You didn’t even bring a cell phone!” he exclaimed in a more serious tone as he changed the subject.

I laughed a little inside, he was always the curious one. “Really? Well, I didn’t mean to do that,” I told him as I continued to look up at him.

“It’s okay,” he smiled. Hayner sat down beside me, “So, you still haven’t told me what you were doing out here.”

“I was thinking,” I wasn’t too far off either.

“Mind if I think with you?” he asked as he layed back.

“Not at all,” I put my hands behind my head as I laid back down again. He scooted a little bit closer to me before following my actions and laying down, too.

“Hey, Hayner,” I kept my eyes on the sky as I said his name.

“Yeah, Olette?” I could feel his brown orbs staring at me.

“Have you ever counted stars?” He didn’t answer, all he did was smile.

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