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Chapter Six: First Time on Stage

It was time for finals, the one thing students hated more than anything. Study, study, study. That was what Mizuki and Riku were doing most of the time on Spring Break. Mizuki loved studying with Riku but they ending up falling asleep in each other's bed and they would wake up screaming. So they started studying on the floor.

“So, what are you going to do after finals, Mizuki?” Riku asked.

Mizuki looked up from her math book. “Oh, I’m going to try and get a job.” she said while trying to solve a problem. “Man, this thing's driving me crazy! I can’t get it!” Mizuki was hitting her head.

“Don’t do that, silly. Let me help you, you just take this number and times it by this number and divide it with this number... Get it now?” Riku was the smartest student in his math class so he helped Mizuki with a lot of her math homework. Mizuki looked at Riku and smiled. She tried it on her own and got it. She got good grades but she didn't like her math teacher at all. But she loved having Riku help her out.

Riku yawned. “Man, am I beat. Lets go to-” he passed out right on the floor. Mizuki giggled and laid down next to him. Soon she was asleep, too.


Mizuki woke up to her alarm clock blasting 'Rooftops' by Lostprophets. She sat next to Riku and woke him up. “Riku, come on. We have to get going. The others get worried if we’re not there on time.” Mizuki looked at his face. His eyes were opened.

“Oh, that’s right. You never answered me about you coming on stage with me and Blue Fire and Red Ice. So, what’s it going to be?” Riku got up and looked at her. Mizuki looked outside the window.

“Sure, I have a song or two that I can play.” Mizuki smiled at Riku and he hugged her.

“Thank you, Mizuki. The guys will be so happy.” Riku let her go and got dressed. Mizuki got dressed, too.

The others were waiting when Riku and Mizuki came running down the hallway, straight through the doors and past them. “Well, come on!” Mizuki yelled from the end of the stairs. Riku was at the end of the walkway. The others grabbed their skateboards and ran after them.


Mizuki was trying to one up Hayner and she did a few times. Riku was waiting for Hayner so he could tell the guys what Mizuki was going to do. “Hey, you guys. I have something to tell you before going over the songs tonight.” Riku said. “Mizuki is going to come on stage with us tomorrow night. She’s going to come with us tonight so that we can get set up and be ready to put her in.” Riku looked at the time. “We have to get going if we want to get there before the others leave.” He grabbed his board. The guys grabbed their boards and Mizuki did the same.

“We’ll be their in a few, okay?” Willow called after them.


Riku got the band setup for their first song, 'Rooftops' by Lostprophets. Mizuki was looking over her songs. She had written one and was going to sing it first. Mizuki was amazed at how the guys sounded together, it was really good. They played one more song, 'Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja' by Lostprophets. It was a short song and she was going to sing after it ended. She would sing 'Hands on Me' and 'Nolita Fairytale' by Vanessa Carlton.

She got up and started to sing 'Nolita Fairytale'. Riku remembered it from the notes on the piece of paper that he saw Mizuki working on at the beginning of the year. He had the only two girls that worked with the band come and help Mizuki with her vocals. When she was finished the guys started up again, singing 'Broken Hearts', 'Torn Up Letters' and 'The Story of a Lonely Girl' by Lostprophets. Then Mizuki was up again. This time she was going to sing 'Hands on Me' by Vanessa Carlton. She got on stage and sang her heart out and it was amazing. The other girls couldn’t believe her voice was that good. The band could only play some of the notes so they were going to have to play a CD with only the music on it.

The others came in when Mizuki was almost done. “Dang, we missed it.” Willow said.

Riku waved and waited for Mizuki to stop. Then he walked over to the others. “We're going to go over it a few more times so she can get used to having people watching her.” Riku walked over to the stage and started singing again. He sang one more song then Mizuki returned to the stage. Riku and the band performed their last song and Mizuki ended it. The girls were amazed at how the concert was going to look and sound. It was going to be great.


Mizuki was doing well. She wasn’t nervous until Willow said, “Just don’t mess up, ok?” and left the room.

Riku came in. He was wearing a red shirt and black chained jeans. His hair was blonde. He walked over to her and saw that she was wearing the locket. She was dressed in a blue dress with black dragons on it. It matched her locket. “You like it?” Mizuki asked, getting up to put on her shoes. Her hair was up in a long ponytail and it was blonde like Riku’s. She had to find a fake name, too, so that she people wouldn't know who she was.

“I think we’ll call you Zoey D. How does that sound?” Riku was looking around the room. Mizuki’s face was wide.

“That’s a great name, Riku. Oops, I mean Nate.” she giggled a little.

“Nate Nixon, you're on. You too, ummmm... What’s her name now?” the girl asked.

“It's Zoey D.” Mizuki smiled at her.

“Ok. You too, Zoey D.” she walked out and the two of them headed towards the stage.

“When I say 'Zoey D.' you come out and say 'Hi, I’m Zoey D. and we have a really great show for you tonight.' Okay?” Riku looked at Mizuki.

“Ok, I’m ready.”

Riku walked out onto the stage. “Hey, what’s going on out there?” The crowd went crazy. “Ok, I hear ya. Well, tonight I have a really good singer with me. This is her first time on stage. Let's welcome Zoey D.!”

Mizuki walked out and took the microphone from Riku. “Thanks, Nate. We have a great show for you guys tonight, so enjoy!” She walked over to the other side of the stage.

“READY, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!” Riku started singing 'Rooftops' by Lostprophets. After the song was over he sang 'Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja' by Lostprophets.

“Ok, we’re going to take a quick break and let Zoey D. sing for you guys. She wrote this song herself and it rocks.” Riku walked over to Mizuki. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Riku kissed her. Mizuki walked out on stage.

“Hi guys! This is one of the songs I wrote, it's called Nolita Fairytale. Here we go!” she grabbed the microphone and started to sing. The crowd stood in shock of Mizuki’s amazing voice. She was doing great, even better than last night. Mizuki saw Namine, Kairi and Willow out in the crowd. They were going crazy. Riku was glad she was doing so well.

Mizuki ended the song. “I’m glad you guys liked it. I’ll be back after this next song. Give it up for Blue Fire and Red Ice!”

The crowd went wild as the band appeared. The guys sang 'Broken Hearts', 'Torn Up Letters' and 'The Story of a Lonely Girl' by Lostprophets. After they were done Riku said a few words. “Ok, this is the last song the night. Zoey D. is going to be performing Hands on Me.” Riku let Mizuki have the microphone.

“Ummmm, thanks guys. I was a little worried about coming on stage tonight but I’m glad I came out.” Mizuki started to sing again. The crowd was quiet for a little while, until the music got harder. Riku was standing next to her and the girls were yelling out 'Zoey' like crazy. Right as the song ended Riku grabbed Mizuki and kissed her on the lips in front of everyone. Mizuki was redder than a cherry. Together they walked off the stage.

“Nate, why’d you do that?” Mizuki said in shock.

“So fan girls will leave me alone and to show that I’m not single anymore. And then there's the fact that I love you.” Riku smiled.

Mizuki giggled and walked back to her room. One of the workers there gave her some flowers and a card. The card said, “Dear Zoey D., You were great out there. I hope we can be friends. Bye. Your Friend, Seifer. P.S. I‘ll hurt anyone who gets in our way.” Mizuki dropped the flowers and ran over to Riku’s room.

“Riku!” Mizuki opened the door. The other guys were there, too. She ran into his chest and started to cry.

“What's wrong, Mizuki?” Riku looked to Roxas to shut the door and he did.

“It's... It's Seifer. He's here and, and he...the card.” Mizuki was crying harder this time.

Riku held her tight and looked at the others. “Go get the card and bring it here so I can look at it. I want to know what he did to Mizuki.” Riku looked down at her. “It's okay, Mizuki. I’ll take care of it.” Riku hugged her tight.

The guys came back into the room with the card and the flowers. They were white roses, that meant death. Riku took the card and read it. He looked at Roxas and the others. “He’s going to get it!” Riku was looking at the ground. “The next time he tries anything with Mizuki I’ll break his neck!” Riku was mad and he wasn’t going to let Seifer do this to Mizuki.

“Mizuki, what classes do you have with Seifer?” Riku looked at the door.

“I have 8th hour with him.” Mizuki was still crying a little. She was sitting on the couch now.

“If you get anything from him, don’t read it. Just wait till you're with me. I’ll take you back to your room.” Riku walked over to her and took her hand as they walked to her room.

The girls were waiting in her room. “There you are! Huh? What’s wrong?” Kairi stopped and looked at Riku.

“Seifer.” Riku said walking out of the room.

Mizuki changed back into her normal outfit. One of the girls who worked there came in. “If you like, you can keep that dress. I noticed it matched your locket.” The girl left and Mizuki looked at her locket. Then she grabbed the dress and put it into her bag. She left the room and left the flowers there, too.

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