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Chapter Five: Bad Things on Friday the 13th

It was Thursday night and Riku came home last from a show. Mizuki was still up. “What are you doing? I told you not to wait up for me.” Riku said kind of loudly.

Mizuki looked at the floor. “I just wanted to make sure you got back okay, that’s all.” Mizuki looked up and saw Riku’s face was bloody and hurt. “Riku, what happed?” Mizuki stood up.

Riku pushed her back. “Don’t worry about it, I’m okay.” Riku snapped at her and walked into the bathroom. Mizuki was on the floor. She felt the tears in her eyes and they fell down her face. Mizuki got up and went to bed.

The next morning Mizuki got up and got ready for school. She left Riku there and walked down the hall crying. She ran into Seifer on the way down.

“Hey Miss Hakuri, are you okay?” Seifer asked. Mizuki just cried into his chest. Seifer walked her to her first class.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I didn’t mean to.” Mizuki looked at Seifer.

“It’s okay, I understand.” Seifer continued to his class.

Mizuki walked to her desk and got out her books. When she bent down the locket that Riku had given her at Christmas fell out. She remembered his kiss and put her fingers to her lips.

At lunch time she sat next to Willow and the others. Riku walked over and his face still looked very bad. The gang chatted till the bell rang then Mizuki got up and walked to her locker. Seifer was talking to his friend Fuu. He saw Mizuki and waved good-bye to Fuu.

“Hey, you okay now?” Seifer asked.

“Oh yeah. I’m okay now, Jinray.” Mizuki said to Seifer.

“Please just call me Seifer. And I’ll call you Mizuki, if that’s okay?” Seifer said sweetly. Mizuki nodded her head.

Riku saw Seifer standing next to Mizuki and he walked off. Mizuki saw the look in Riku’s eyes, he was hurt. “Umm, Seifer, I have to go.” Mizuki ran after Riku but it was too late. He was gone and she didn’t have any classes with him, so she was going to have to wait.


Mizuki walked back to her room but Riku wasn’t there. She put her bag on her bed and got dressed then she walked down to the park. She couldn’t find Riku anywhere. She sat down and looked around but it was no use.

“Hey, you waiting for someone?” Seifer asked from beside her.

“Oh, hi Seifer. No. I’m looking for Riku, that’s all.” Mizuki’s face was sad. She got up and started to walk off.

“Hey, I’ll go with you!” Seifer called.

Mizuki and Seifer walked to the soccer field and looked for Riku but he wasn’t there. Seifer turned and saw Riku standing with Roxas. He turned Mizuki around and kissed her right on the lips. Seifer let go and looked over to Riku. Mizuki’s eyes were wide with shock. Riku’s eyes were full of tears and Mizuki knew that he was hurt. Roxas couldn’t believe what he'd seen.

“Ri... ku. It's not... It's not what you think.” Mizuki tried to talk to him.

“Stop it! Just stop! Bye, Miss Hakuri.” Riku yelled and ran off. Mizuki fell to the ground when she heard what Riku had called her. Miss Hakuri. He never called her that. Never.

Roxas saw the smart look on Seifer’s face. He ran over and beat the crap out of him for what he had done to Mizuki and Riku. Mizuki got up and ran after Riku, leaving Seifer to Roxas.


There were tears running down the side of Riku’s face as he sat under a tree. Mizuki saw him. She looked down at the ground and started to sing 'Hands on Me' by Vanessa Carlton. Riku looked up and saw that Mizuki was crying as she sang. She walked over to him and hugged him as she kept singing. When she stopped singing for a moment and Riku grabbed her and hugged her. Mizuki started singing from where she stopped. She finally finished the song and sat down next to Riku, he was still crying. Riku held onto her for the longest time and he never let go.

Roxas’s hands were somewhat bloody from Seifer. He found Riku and Mizuki together so he left them there.

“Riku... I’m so sorry. I didn’t think he was going to kiss me. I didn’t kiss him back, so...” Mizuki was cut off by Riku’s lips on her own.

“I don’t care anymore as long as you're still by my side. That’s all I want. I knew Seifer was going to come after you but I didn’t think he’d go that far. He was the one who beat me up last night. I didn’t want you to worry about me and I didn’t think I pushed you that hard. If anyone should say sorry, it's me.” Riku was still crying a little. Mizuki was trying not to cry but she lost it when he said that.

“I think Roxas beat Seifer pretty badly, too.” Mizuki said, laying her head on Riku’s shoulder.

“He was there when they beat me up. It was an unfair fight, four on two, so he as a right.” Riku stood up and helped Mizuki up. “He said 'If I were you I’d leave the whore you're with. She been unfaithful with you.' I didn’t think it was true but when I saw that I couldn’t trust you. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t stop myself so I ran. I didn’t want you to see me cry, but you found me.” Riku smiled at Mizuki and looked at the sky. “Let's go home.” Riku took Mizuki’s hand a headed home.

On the way back they saw Seifer and his gang. “Seifer! Mizuki, run and get the others. They're at the skate park! Go now!” Riku yelled and pushed Mizuki in the right direction.

Mizuki ran as hard as she could. She saw the skate park and yelled for help. “HAYNER, SORA, ROXAS! HELP! RIKU NEEDS YOUR HELP! SEIFER AND HIS GANG ARE GOING TO-!” Mizuki fell.

“Mizuki!” Sora and the others ran to her.

“Don’t worry about me! Riku needs your help, Seifer and his gang are-!” Sora cut her off and grabbed Roxas and Hayner. Kairi and the other girls stayed with Mizuki until she could get up.

“I’ll go on ahead, they’ll need help if Fuu is there.” Willow said, getting up. She ran off in the same direction the guys had went.


They saw Seifer’s gang attacking Riku. “Didn’t I kick your butt, already?” Roxas yelled out as he kicked Seifer right in the back of the leg. He fell. Sora took care of Rai and Hayner was watching Fuu, so she wouldn’t try anything, and fighting with Vivi at the same time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Fuu.” Willow called out.

“Just don’t get too badly hurt.” Hayner called out as he kicked Vivi in the stomach.

Mizuki and the other girls appeared and saw Riku on the ground. “RIKU, NO!” Mizuki ran to him, not watching what was going on around her. Seifer was going to kick Roxas but Roxas ducked and Seifer’s foot hit Mizuki right in the side of the head. Mizuki went flying across the walkway, right into a stone wall. She was knocked out from the impact.

“Mizuki!” Kairi and Namine ran to her.

“Mizuki, please wake up! Please, you've got to...” Namine was trying to get her eyes to open but it was no use.

“She's still alive. I can feel her heartbeat.” Kairi put Mizuki’s head in her lap so the blood wouldn’t rush to her head.

Riku got up when he heard the yelling. He looked over to Kairi, Namine and Mizuki. He saw the blood coming from Mizuki's mouth and he looked at Seifer, who was smiling at him.

“You're sick, Seifer. You know that? And now you're going to pay for what you did to Mizuki!” Riku yelled out. “Roxas, Sora, Willow, Kairi, Namine take Mizuki back to the dorms. And take care of her for me, will you? I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Riku said, trying to hold back the tears in his eyes.

“Fine then, just you and me. Vivi, Fuu, take Rai and get out of here. I’ll meet you back at the hide out.” Seifer called to his last standing gang members. Riku was mad and wasn’t going to let Seifer get away with what he had done. “Come on, pretty boy.” Seifer called out.


“Put her on the bed. Lay her down and let me take it from here.” Namine was trying her best not to cry. Kairi helped her clean the back of Mizuki’s head. Sora and Roxas were trying to keep Willow from crying too hard and Hayner was helping bandage Mizuki’s head. The back of her head were she had hit the wall wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“Please be okay, Riku.” Sora said looking out the window.

“That’s all we can do for now.” Namine said, putting Mizuki’s head down on her pillow.

Hayner walked over to Willow who started crying into his chest. Hayner sat her down and waited for her to stop crying and fall asleep. Riku wasn’t back yet and it had been two hours. Namine had changed Mizuki’s badages two times now. Sora was lying in Kairi’s lap and Roxas was holding Namine just incase she needed to cry on someone's shoulder. Namine’s eyes were watering up with tears. Roxas grabbed her and let her cry into his chest. Willow walked over and sat next to Mizuki.

Hayner looked outside the window and saw Riku walking slowing towards the door. Then he fell. “Sora, Roxas! Riku just fell over, come on!” Hayner ran out the door and down to the stairs. The guys picked put Riku and carried him to the room.

“Kairi, move.” Sora said, carrying Riku into the room and laying him on the bed. Namine examined at his cuts and cleaned them quickly.

After a few hours Riku woke up and got out of bed. He was quickly at Mizuki’s side. “How long has she been like this?” Riku asked.

“Since we got here. She won't wake up, Riku.” Namine said, trying not to cry.

Riku got up. “I’m okay now. If you guys need to leave, you can. I'll take it from here.” He looked at Mizuki then looked at the others and smiled. They nodded and walked out of the room. Riku picked up his mp3 player and found a song Mizuki would like to hear. It was 'Hands on Me' by Vanessa Carlton. Riku fell asleep next to Mizuki.


The next morning Riku found himself sitting in a chair next to Mizuki’s bed. He had a blanket on him. His face had been cleaned again and taking care of. He looked at Mizuki’s bed but she wasn’t there. He was up in a flash. He looked to the other side of the room and there she was, standing up and talking on the phone to Kairi. She was telling the others that she was okay.

“Now Roxas.” Mizuki pushed the numbers and waited for someone to pick up. No one did.

“Hey Roxas, hey Sora. It's Mizuki. I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m okay and I feel a lot better.” Mizuki put down the phone. “Well, that’s all of them.” She turned around and saw Riku standing nearby.

Riku grabbed Mizuki and held her tight. “Please tell me this isn’t a dream, that this is real.” Riku said, crying.

Mizuki hugged him back. “This is real.” She held him tight.

“Don’t ever do that again. I thought I'd lost you when Namine said you hadn’t woken up in almost six hours. I was so worried.” Riku held Mizuki even tighter and she started to cry.

“I woke up to the song you played for me.” Mizuki kissed Riku on the lips. Riku was shocked at the feeling of her lips on his, then he kissed her back. They let go and stood there smiling as the others walked in.

“Hey, you're alive!” Hayner said. Willow hit him on the head.

The others ran up to Mizuki and hugged her. “Thank goodness you're okay.” Namine said, hugging her tight. She looked around and saw Roxas. He was in pretty bad shape.

“Are you okay, Roxas?” Mizuki asked.

He looked shocked. “Now someone asks me! Yeah, I’m good. Thanks for worrying.” Roxas smiled at her.

“If you're up for it, let's go out to eat. I’ll buy!” Sora called from the doorway. Everyone ran out the door except Sora. “You two need some time alone, so here you go. Come down when you get hungry. I’ll keep the others under control.” Sora said walking out the door.

“We might need to get dressed.” Riku said walking over to his dresser.

“Yeah, you're right.” Mizuki grabbed her favorite jeans and a blue and red shirt that had Rock & Roll on it and she walked into the bathroom. She got dressed and cleaned up then she put on some make-up and pulled her hair in a ponytail.

She walked out and saw Riku in jeans and a black shirt. She saw the wire coming out of his pocket and knew it was the mp3 player. She looked back and saw the locket on her desk and grabbed it. Riku walked up to her and held the locket in his hands. “Have you tried looking inside of it?” he asked as he walked out.

Mizuki opened the locket. Inside was a picture of her with Riku on their first day. He had cut everyone else out. She grabbed the rest of her stuff and locked the door. Then she ran after Riku and jumped on his back. “Thank you, Riku. I love you.” She kissed the side of his face and ran after the others. They were all smiling at her and Riku as they walked side by side, smiling happily.

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