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Chapter Four: A Christmas Never to Forget

It was the weekend before Christmas and it was 7:49 a.m. Mizuki heard someone at the door. “Hey, you guys, come on! Everyone else is up and getting ready.” Namine was yelling on the other side of the door. Riku got dressed and opened the door to let Namine in. Mizuki got up and got dressed in the bathroom. When she came out she saw Riku gathering all the bags for the winter break. They were staying at a really nice hotel that Sora’s dad owned. They were going to stay there all during Christmas.

“Do you want me a get one?” Mizuki looked at Riku.

“No, it's okay. I’m okay.” Riku smiled at her and walked out the door. Mizuki locked the door and ran after her friends.


“About time, sleepy heads. Let's go!” Sora’s little sister was yelling from the big black limo. Mizuki couldn’t believe what she was looking at. It was a big fourteen window limo with everything in it. Sora got out of the car and helped Riku with the bags.

“Come on, Mizuki.” Riku took her hand and helped her in. Sora sat next to Kairi and his little sister. Hayner was next to Sora’s little sister, near Roxas who was next to Namine.

“This is my little sister Willow. She is in the 9th grade like us, but she’s in the other side of the school. She is in the C classes as well.” Sora introduce the brown haired girl next to him. She had dark green eyes and looked a little like Sora.

“So this is the girl Nate is dating. She's cute.” Willow looked at Mizuki, then Riku, and jumped at Hayner. “Sorry, about calling Riku 'Nate'. I like that name better, so I call him Nate.” Willow was hugging Hayner.

“Hayner’s my boyfriend, so no touchy.” she said in a little school girl voice. Hayner was getting redder by the minute. Namine just smiled and looked out the window.

The radio came on and it was playing 'He Said, She Said' by Ashley Tisdale. All the girls were singing except Mizuki. She didn’t sing for a while, not until Namine told her to. But the song ended and then 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne came on. Namine looked at Mizuki and then Mizuki started to sing. Everyone was amazed at her voice, it was like an angle's. The song ended and everyone clapped. She was turning red.

Riku put his arm around her and smiled. “You should come on stage with me sometime.” Riku looked at Sora, Roxas, and Hayner. They all nodded their heads.

“Let me think about it.” Mizuki smiled at the thought of singing to people on stage.

The car stopped at the hotel and the gang got out to walk inside. The hotel was huge. Mizuki couldn’t believe that Sora and Willow’s dad owned one of the biggest hotel companies in the world. “Ok, girls in one room and guys in another. You are allowed to go into the girl’s room during the day only, same with the boy’s room. And, of course, you may swim if you like.” Sora’s dad said from the stairs.

“Daddy!” Willow ran and jumped at the man.

“Hello father.” Sora was behaved unlike his sister.

Some men took their bags up to their rooms. The rooms were right across the hall so it was easy to get together if they wanted to hang out. “Ok, let's go swimming. Then we'll get gifts for the people we picked this morning.”

Willow ran into the room. She put on a pink and blue two piece with yellow flowers. Namine had a really cute one piece with white and blue hearts on it and Kairi had a red and pink poke-a-dot two piece. Mizuki was still looking for her swim suit.

“Umm, Mizuki? Our bags got mixed up.” Riku said from the other side of the door. Mizuki looked at the unopened bag, it had a rock singer on it. She grabbed the bag and gave it to Riku and Riku gave her hers. She got out her black two piece with red skulls on it.


The boys were sitting around the pool waiting for the girls. Sora had on red and blue swim trunks. Hayner had army colors on his swim trunks and Roxas had on black trunks with boxes on the side. Riku had black and red dragons all over his swim trunks. Mizuki still couldn’t believe what Riku looked like shirtless. He had a six pack and his hair was up in a ponytail. The radio came on and it was playing 'Car Wash' by Christina Aguilera.

“Hey guys, let's go for a swim.” Hayner jumped into the pool. Sora walked over to Kairi, picked her up and threw her into the pool. Roxas showed off by doing a back flip into the pool while pulling Namine in. Willow jumped right in. Riku glanced over at Sora and he moved. Sora knew what Riku was going to do. And he was only doing it for two reasons, to upstage Roxas and show off to Mizuki. Riku ran from the start of the stairs and jumped into the air. He did a double back flip and dove right in.

“Show off!” Roxas yelled from the side of the pool. Mizuki looked at how deep the pool was then she walked off and didn’t came back for a while.

“You guys might want to get out of the pool for a minute.” Mizuki yelled from the other side of the room. The gang got out and looked at Mizuki. Riku was looking at her like she was crazy. She had her head down to the ground. She looked up and started to run. She jumped into the air and began to turn. She did three back flips, turned and did a front flip dive into the water. When she came up she was out of breath.

“Ok, now that was a show off!” Roxas yelled from the other side of the pool. Mizuki smiled and the others jumped back in.

Riku swam over to Mizuki. “How did you do that?” Riku said in shock.

“Well, I've tried doing it for over four years and I finally nailed it last summer at my aunt's lake house.” Mizuki said smiling.

Kairi yelled out "Shark!" and Sora was swimming up to Namine. Roxas grabbed her and hit Sora on the head. Everyone laughed at him. They played Marco Polo for the rest of the time and then hopped into the hot tub.

Later they were in the girls room playing Twister, Sorry, and cards. Only Sora and Roxas where still playing Sorry but Mizuki, Kairi and Hayner were asleep. “Ok, you guys, let’s go. It's 3:28 a.m. and half of us are asleep. Even Hayner.” Riku looked at the sleeping people on the floor. They picked up the game and put the girls into their beds. Riku stayed so he could get Hayner up. He looked at Mizuki and waked over to her in bed. He kissed her head and picked Hayner up, then he walked out of the room and into his.


Riku got up and saw a note on his dresser. It said “Riku, Hey its about time you got up. Get your sliver haired butt down stairs and get into your swim trunks. We're going for a swim. Mizuki is coming, too, so hurry your butt up! Your friend, Willow” Riku put the note down and looked out his window.

He walked down the hall and down the stairs where he saw Mizuki. She was going to the pool area. “Hey, Mizuki! Wait up!” Riku called out to her.

Mizuki looked behind her and smiled a big smile. “Riku!” She jumped him with a big hug. Riku just smiled and hugged her back. And they went to the pool area together.

The others were swimming around and doing tricks. Riku looked at Mizuki and Mizuki smiled back. They both ran and jumped into a double back flip and dive at the same time. “Nice one, that was right on time.” Roxas swam up. Mizuki went underwater and grabbed Roxas’ leg as she pulled him under. The others laughed at him. He came up and started laughing. After swimming for awhile the gang went back to their rooms and got changed.

“So, who do you have to shop for Mizuki?” Willow said creepily.

“I’m not telling you, you creep me out.” Mizuki and the others laughed.

Mizuki was wearing a black and red shirt that had a white dragon on it, and black jeans. Kairi was in a white tank top with a yellow skirt, and had a pink jacket. Namine was in a long gray and white striped shirt with leggings under it. Willow was in a red and black skirt. The girls ran down the stairs to where the guys were waiting. Sora was in a red shirt with some black lettering but you couldn’t read them. Hayner was in an army shirt with green pants. Roxas was in a dark blue shirt that had white boxes on it and jeans. Riku was in a red and white shirt the had “Hard Rock” on the back of it and jeans.

The gang left the hotel in the limo. “Ok you guys, I only have 400 munny. So only spend about 200 munny on the gift. I don’t want people getting mad because their gift bites. Ok, let's do this!” Willow jumped into the car and got the window seat. The others climbed in and the limo drove off.


The gang spilt up as soon as they reached the mall.

Roxas: “Man, what do I want to get her? Not only her, but Namine too?” Roxas walked down to the bookstore. “Umm, Kairi might like that.” Roxas looked through the glass and saw a winged necklace that said “fly high” on the back of it. It was 200 munny so that would be perfect. He got the necklace and walked down to the bookstore to find something for Namine. He saw an art set that had paints and everything in it. He got one for Namine and then had both gifts wrapped. He put Kairi’s gift in his bag so Namine wouldn’t think he got her anything.

Willow: Willow knew just what Roxas wanted. He had been eyeing a blue and black wallet for the longest time but never had the munny to get it. She went over to the store and saw the price had come down on it. It was now 200 munny rather than 500 munny. She got the gift for Roxas and looked around for Hayner’s gift. “Man, that guy doesn’t want anything. This is so hard.” Willow looked all over and finally saw a name tag that had army print on it. She saw that if she got engraved it was less munny. She had it engraved so that it said 'Hayner' and 'From Willow' on the back. She went back out to the limo and put the gift in her bag. She noticed that Roxas was already there.

Riku: Riku had to find a gift for Namine. He knew that she liked to draw and take pictures. He walked around and saw just the right thing to get her, it was a computer software camera that could download pictures onto the computer and alter them just the way you want. He got the computer software and started looking for Mizuki’s gift. She was never with him when they went to the mall so he looked for what he thought would be her taste. He saw a black and blue locket that had a blue dragon on it. He got the locket and put it in his wallet so she wouldn’t find out about it. Then he went back to the limo.

Mizuki: Mizuki didn’t know Sora that well but she knew what he might like. He didn’t have that many jackets but she didn’t want to get one because it might creep him out a little. She saw a skateboard store and found a board that looked like Sora. It had red smoke and a black flame on it. She got the board and left. “Man, now what to get Riku?” She knew a lot about Riku but not what he wanted for Christmas. Then she saw the coolest mp3 player. He was always taking hers and putting odd music on it. She looked through the covers and found the one that Riku would love, it had black smoke that was coming from the bottom and into the white part of it. She got the gift, put it in the bag with Sora’s, and went back to the limo.

Hayner: Hayner knew that Mizuki was good at skateboarding, and he saw that her board was in bad shape, so he went to the board shop and looked around for a really nice board. He found a cool board the had “let it take control” on it. It was black and white. He got it and then went looking for Willow's gift. He saw a pair of earrings for 300 munny that she would love. They had blue and pink hearts on the chains and a blue and pink heart at the end of it. He got it for her and put the box in his side pocket. Then he went back to the limo.

Kairi: Kairi had to find something for Riku. She knew that he need a new wallet so she looked around for one. She saw a 200 munny wallet that had a sliver dragon on it. It would look really nice on the dragon chain his dad had gotten him in Hallow Bastion last year. She got the wallet and looked for Sora’s gift. She knew one thing that he wanted and that was a black crown with a section that would hold a picture. She had a picture of herself with Sora on the top of her dad’s house. She would give it to him and he would put it in the crown. She took the gift, put it in her bag, and went to the limo.

Sora: Sora knew Willow like a book and that’s what he was going to get her. An anime box set, one that she had been saving up for for about three years. He found the box set, saw the poster that came with it, and got it. He knew she’d love him until she watched all of it but he didn’t care. Next he looked for Kairi’s gift and he saw the one thing that would rock her world. It was a glass music box that played Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru. She had wanted that since the beginning of the school year and she was going to get it. He got the gift and put everything together in the same bag. Then he went to the limo.

Namine: Namine looked for Hayner’s gift and saw a soccer ball that he would like. She got the soccer ball and looked around for Roxas’ gift. She saw a jacket that Roxas had wanted for some time but had never gotten. She knew his size because she wore his jackets all the time. She got the jacket and put it in the bag with Hayner’s gift then she started walking back to the limo.


The gang got ready for the party they were having for Christmas. The girls all had matching dresses. Kairi had a pink dress with a red bow in the back and red shoes. Willow had a yellow dress with a blue bow and yellow shoes. Namine had a white dress with a blue bow and blue shoes. Mizuki had a black dress with a white bow and white shoes. The girls fixed their hair and ran to the stairs where the boys were waiting.

The boys had nice suits on. Sora had a red tie on his suit, Hayner had a yellow tie on his, Roxas had a white blue tie and Riku had a black tie. The guys grabbed their dates and walked up the stairs to the penthouse were everything was ready. There was even a Christmas tree there. The music blasted out of the radio. Food was laid out on the tables, along with games, and the gifts were under the tree. There was also a karaoke machine. Most of the gang just talked and laughed while the others were eating or playing games.

“Hold up, peoples!” Willow called from the karaoke machine. “Let's play some karaoke!” Willow put in a CD. The TV in front of the chairs came on. 'Stupid Girls' by Pink started to play. Willow was just having fun but she was good at singing, too.

Roxas wanted to go next so he looked at some of the songs. He found a really good one, it was 'Come to Me' by Jesse McCartney. Willow got off the stage and let Roxas take her place. The TV came up and showed the words. Roxas started singing. Namine was redder than a rose, she had never heard Roxas sing except for when he was yelling in Blue Fire and Red Ice. But this was his softer side and she loved it.

Kairi was next and she was going to sing Everlife’s 'Real Wind Child'. Kairi started out soft and began rocking out. Namine was up after Kairi. Namine picked 'Cry' by Mandy Moore. It was soft and sweet. Namine was really good and that shocked Roxas.

Sora began looking for a song so he could go next. Riku was talking to Hayner. Hayner was going to go after Sora, so he could tell him what Riku was going to do. Hayner looked at the song book after Sora. Sora picked 'Just For' by Nickelback and Hayner picked 'I’m Not Okay' by My Chemical Romance.

Sora started off okay but when the beat picked up and got harder Sora rocked the stage. Kairi knew about the song and how he wanted to beat the crap out of her last boyfriend for what he did to her. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

Next up was Hayner and he was ready to rock. The song came on and Hayner began dancing like a loon. Everyone knew that 'I’m Not Okay' was just the song for Hayner, he loved this song and always sang it. He was good and he hit every high note perfectly. He never missed a beat. It took four years of practice.

Riku took the book and looked for a song until he found the one he wanted. Riku walked up onto the stage and started to sing Rooftops by Lost Prophets. He was really good and he was rocking the stage. Even if he was alone, he was still good and his voice was amazing to hear.

Namine noticed that Mizuki hadn’t sang yet so she picked a song for her and pushed Mizuki up to the stage. Mizuki was turning pink. She looked up and saw the side of Riku’s face and saw that he was cool without his blonde hair when he sang. The song Namine picked out for Mizuki was 'Hands on Me' by Vanessa Carlton. Mizuki saw the words on the TV and started to sing them. She was amazing. Riku couldn’t believe that she was that good. Mizuki was smiling the whole time, she had never sang in font of people before. The song ended and everyone clapped their hands as Mizuki smiled. Riku helped her down and hugged her.

“I didn’t know you were that good!” Riku said with a big smile. Riku stayed with Mizuki the rest of the night.

“Hey, let's open the gifts!” Hayner said, picking up his. It was from Namine. He opened it and ran to hug her. “Thanks, Namine! I love it.” Namine giggled and looked at Roxas who had the look of kill on his face. Hayner ran way from him but Roxas followed.

Kairi opened her gift, it was from Roxas. She opened it and looked up. “Thanks, Roxas, I really like it.” Kairi smiled and walked over to Sora who was about to open his gift from Mizuki.

Sora opened the gift and couldn’t believe his eyes, it was a brand new skateboard. He ran up to Mizuki and hugged her. “Thank you much, Mizuki! I love it! It's amazing!” Riku looked at the skateboard, he didn’t mind Sora hugging her for the most part.

Hayner handed Mizuki her gift. “Please, when you hug me don’t kill me.” Hayner gave Mizuki her gift and backed up.

Mizuki opened it and saw the black board with white writing on it that said “Let it take control!” she looked at Hayner and put him in a headlock.

“Hayner, you’re the best! I can't believe my eyes. I’ve been looking at that board for weeks! Thanks!” Riku laughed and the others did, too.

“I told you not to kill me!” Hayner tried to say.

“You said if I hugged you.” Mizuki smiled.

Namine got her gift out and opened it. It was from Riku. She hugged him. “Thank you, Riku. I love it.”

Namine let go and Riku could hear Mizuki laughing. He looked at her. “Just wait, you’ll get it.” Riku said to her. Mizuki shut up in two seconds.

Roxas looked around the tree for his gift. Willow had it in her hand and she handed it him. He opened it up and patted Willow on the head. “Thanks, Willow. It's really cool.” Roxas smiled at her. Willow went off to find Sora.

“Where’s my gift, big brother?” Willow had a cute puppy dog look on her face. Sora smiled and handed her the gift. She opened it and jumped on his back. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sora!” Willow was locked on his back and was not letting go. Sora just laughed at his little sister.

Riku took his gift from Kairi. He opened it and hugged her. “Thanks, Kairi. I’ve been needing a new wallet for a while now.” Riku smiled at her and showed Mizuki the new wallet.

Everyone was finished so the gang got out the gifts they had gotten for their girlfriends and boyfriends. Riku was outside. “Hey, there you are. I wanted to give you something we both might like.” Mizuki handed him the gift and he opened it.

“Wow, Mizuki. You outdid yourself. I didn’t think you’d get me something like this.” Riku was in shock.

“Well, you’ve been using mine for some time now and I though you might like one of your own.” Mizuki smiled at him. Riku’s eyes were more blue than ever.

“I got you something, too.” Riku handed her the gift out of his pocket. She opened it and saw the locket with the dragon on the heart. She started to cry and grabbed hold of Riku’s coat.

“Thank you, Riku. I love it.” Mizuki was crying into his shirt.

Riku looked at her face and smiled. He pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. Mizuki could only feel his soft lips on hers. She didn’t let go of him, she kissed back and for a few seconds they didn’t stop kissing. Riku stopped and looked at Mizuki. She laid her head on his chest. He was warm and she didn’t want to let him go.

Sora and Kairi were near the tree and Kairi handed Sora his gift. He opened it, grabbed her and hugged her. “Thank you, Kairi. It's great!”

“Look inside it.” Kairi smiled at him. Sora opened the crown up and saw a picture of the two of them together. He kissed Kairi quickly on the lips. Kairi laughed and smiled at Sora.

Sora took the gift for Kairi out of his pocket. “Here, Kairi. I think you’ll like it.” Sora handed her the gift.

Kairi opened the gift and saw a light coming from the box. She looked at the glass box and knew what it was. She couldn’t believe Sora had gotten her the one thing she really wanted for Christmas. She grabbed him and kissed him. “Thank you, Sora. I love it.” Kairi hugged Sora for a long time and he smiled.

Namine looked for Roxas. When she found him she jumped onto his back and put the gift in his face. “Here you go!” Namine jumped off and walked in front of him.

Roxas looked at the box and opened it. He saw the design on it, dropped it and hugged Namine. “Thank you Namine, thank you. You can have my black and white one if you want.” Roxas picked the box up and put on the jacket. Namine smiled and hugged him. “Oh yeah, here’s yours.” Roxas handed her a really big box and she opened it.

“Wow Roxas, you didn’t have to get me this. It must have cost you a lot.” Namine looked at the art set then looked at him. She hugged him and smiled. “Thanks.” Namine let go and looked at everything that the art set came with.

Hayner found Willow looking at the anime Sora gave her. “Willow, here you go. I saw you eyeing them the other day.” Hayner smiled his dorky smile.

Willow opened the box and hugged Hayner. “Thank you, Hayner. They're just what I wanted. You have a good eye, too.” Willow let go of him and gave him his gift.

Hayner opened the box and saw the tags with his name in army print. He grabbed Willow and kissed her lips. “Thank you, Willow. I love them.” Hayner let go of her and looked at the time. It was 11:30 p.m.

Namine looked for Mizuki and found her. “Hey, Mizuki. Please sing one more time.” Namine was using her puppy eyes.

“Ok, ok, I’ll sing one more time.” Mizuki got up on stage and selected 'Hands on Me' by Vanessa Carlton. She started to sing as everyone watched her and called out her name. Riku saw that she was wearing the locket he gave her. He took out his mp3 player and looked at the back of it. It said 'I love you, Riku' on the back and 'From Mizuki' too. Riku knew that this would be a Christmas he would never forget.

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