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Chapter Three: Your Band

When Mizuki got up out of bed on Saturday morning she saw that Riku was still sleeping. He needs to get up. She walked over to Riku’s bed and looked at him. Man, that guy can sleep. Mizuki got really close to Riku’s face and kissed the side of his face. Riku was up in a flash.

“So, you're finally awake. That’s good. We have a party to go to.” Mizuki walked over to the bathroom and got dressed. Riku looked and the date on the clock and saw that is was November 28th. Then he remembered the party that Sora had invited them to. Mizuki came out of the bathroom. “So, you going to get ready?” She had on one of her rocker shirts and a pair of black and red pants. Her hair was down and it was almost past her butt.

“Yeah, I’m going to have to meet you there. I have a few things I need to get before the party.” Riku got up, put on a different shirt, grabbed his cell phone and the key to the door and left. Mizuki picked up the phone and called Kairi to see if she would go shopping with her.


“So, you said that Riku is acting odd, right?” Kairi was drinking a Pepsi.

“Well yeah, he didn’t even say good morning to me. And he is always up before me but not to day.” Mizuki was eating a piece of pizza and drinking a Mountain Dew. She took a big bite out of the pizza and looked at Kairi.

“Well, you don’t know, do you?” Kairi looked at Mizuki who had cheese hanging out of her mouth.

“Know what?" Mizuki ate the cheese and looked at Kairi. Kairi tried not to giggle.

“Riku has a concert tonight. That’s what’s going on. He doesn’t like to think about it till ten minutes before showtime. And he doesn’t really like going on stage without us being there for him. He told me to tell you to come 'cause he wants not just see you there but also to tell you that he’s in a band. So, don’t worry about him, okay?” Kairi took a drink of her soda and they left. Mizuki couldn’t think of what sort of band Riku would be in. She'd just have to wait and see.


Later that night the girls got together in Mizuki’s room. “So, what band are we going to see?” Mizuki asked Namine.

“You'll have to wait and see.” Namine got up and grabbed her keys.

Kairi got her cell phone and put it in her pocket. The cell phone began to ring and Party Like a Rock started playing. “Hello? Oh hey! Yeah, we’re on our way. Don’t worry, Riku. We'll take good care of her. Yeah, she knows that your band is playing. The name of the band? No, she doesn’t know. Ok, ok, will do. Bye.” Kairi looked at the other two girls and smiled. Namine grabbed Mizuki and ran out the door. Kairi pulled out a blindfold and covered Mizuki’s eyes.

“Is this a good thing or what?” Mizuki tried to see but it was no use. She got into the car and off they went.

It took the girls twenty minutes to get to the party. Namine walked Mizuki inside the building and onto the floor. “There we go.” She took off the blindfold. Mizuki didn’t have a clue as to where she was.

“Will you please tell me who’s playing tonight?” Mizuki looked around and saw that the lights had gone out. The sound of drums came from the stage. A guitar began to play a heavy beat, too. Then she saw a figure standing near the microphone.

“READY? ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!” The singer started sing "Rooftops" by Lostprophets. The drummer had black spiked hair and looked somewhat like Roxas. The guitar player looked like Sora, if he had red hair. And the base player looked like Hayner if he had brown hair with blue highlights. And the singer looked like Riku. A lot like Riku. But he had beach blonde hair. Mizuki couldn’t believe that the band Blue Fire and Red Ice was Sora, Hayner, Roxas, and Riku. She loved this band but never thought that the guy she liked so much and knew so well was the singer she wanted to meet. Riku looked down and smiled at Mizuki when he saw the look on her face.


Mizuki looked everywhere for her friends and Riku. Then she saw the long blonde hair of the lead singer. She walked over to him.

Riku saw her walking over to him and he started over her way. “So, did you like the show?” he asked Mizuki. She gigged.

“I’ve always wanted to see one of your concerts. And I’m glad I came.”

Riku smiled at what she said and bent down and whispered in her ear. “I’ll tell you more back at the dorm room. Here’s not the place to talk like we know each other. I’m so happy you came tonight.” Riku kissed her on the side of her face and walked off. Mizuki looked at the boy that she liked more that ever before. She walked out the door and found Kairi and the others waiting for her.


The door opened at 11:30 p.m. Mizuki looked up and saw Riku. “So, who are you now?” Mizuki asked playfully. Riku smiled and sat next to her.

“I’m Riku now. Is that ok?” He looked at Mizuki.

“That's fine. I like Riku better than Nate Nixon.” Mizuki kissed the side of his face. Riku hugged her and kissed the side of her face. Mizuki was surprised at everything that had happened today and she was happy that she knew Riku before she found out about his band. She climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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