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Chapter Two: I Like You a Lot

It was Saturday and Mizuki didn’t sleep a wink. She had been trying to write a new song to play on the piano. “Man, what a night. I slept like the dead.” Riku got up and saw Mizuki passed out on the floor. “What the? What happened here?” Riku saw the paper and the music notes and knew what she had been doing all night. “Man, you really need to sleep.” Riku picked Mizuki up and put her in her bed.

After three hours Mizuki saw that it was about noon and jumped out of bed. “Where is it? I can’t find it! Oh no!” Mizuki looked all over the room.

“Are you looking for this?” Riku held out a blue book with a really big music note on it.

“Oh, you’ve seen it. What do you think?” Mizuki looked at Riku.

“It's nice, got a really nice tune it.” Riku got up and went to the bathroom. Mizuki couldn’t help but watch Riku walk by with his long silver hair and his blue green eyes.

Wait what is this? Is this what I think it is? Oh no, I can’t feel this way! Riku’s my really good friend. But what if he likes me? Mizuki couldn’t believe she'd fallen for Riku. She knew him for years and now she was falling for him. She couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it.

“Ummm, Riku you almost done in there?” Mizuki got up, got some clothes and stood at the door of the bathroom.

“Yeah, I’m done.” Riku opened the door and Mizuki fell over. Riku ran to her side to make sure she was okay.

“Mizuki?” Riku picked Mizuki up off the floor and held her in his arms. Mizuki’s face was redder than a rose.

“Riku... I’m okay. You can put me down.” Mizuki felt his heart beat and didn’t hear anything else at that moment. She felt Riku’s hands on her arms.

“Mizuki, you have to be careful.” Riku walked over to his bed and sat down. Mizuki looked at him and saw sadness in his eyes.

“Riku, are you going to the skate park today?” Mizuki called from the bathroom.

“Yeah, me and some of the others are going, why?” Riku looked at a picture on his bed table.

“Well, I was going to go and race the guys again, and I wanted to make sure you were going so that I could race you.” Mizuki came out of the bathroom wearing a black and blue shirt that said 'Ready, set, GO!' on the back and a pair of blue jeans. Riku looked at her as if she were a guy.

“Dude, do you have any dresses?” Riku looked at Mizuki and she looked back at him.

“I don’t think so.” Mizuki got her shoes on and got her board. Riku followed her to the park on his board.


“So, who’s up first?” Mizuki got up to the starting line and got ready to go.

“I will, I guess.” Roxas got up next to her and got ready.

Namine put her hands out. “Ready, set, GO!” she yelled out as the two of them blew past her.

They were neck to neck and not one of them was going to let the other past. But Mizuki got right next to Roxas, jumped back and zoomed from the other side past him. “Sorry, Roxas.” Mizuki sped up. Roxas put it to the max and tried to pass Mizuki but it didn’t work out too well.

“So, anyone else?” Mizuki looked around and saw Riku walking up to her.

“It’s my turn.” Riku put his board next to Mizuki’s and Sora put his hands out.

“On my count. One, two, three, go!” Sora moved as quickly as he could. Riku and Mizuki were really close at this point.

“You're not going to win this time, Riku.” Mizuki put it to the max, going as fast as she could.

Riku fell back and then appeared right next to her. “Oh, come on, Mizuki. I always win.” Riku looked at Mizuki and saw how happy she was, in her eyes but not her face. Mizuki passed the line and Riku stopped. He looked at her sadly.

“Way to go, girl.” Kairi called from the group of people.

“Well, it’s late. We should get back to the dorms.” Mizuki saw Riku sitting down near a tree.

“Riku, you ok?” Mizuki saw that he was really sad and trying not to show it.

“I’m fine. No need to worry about me.” Riku got up and started to walk off.

“I can't help but worry about you, Riku. You're always so sad and you never really smile like you did when you're with your friends or... me.” Mizuki looked at Riku. He was looking at her as if she had hit a really soft part in his heart.

“You're right, I never smile I never really look happy like you. You don’t know what it means to have a life that’s been hard. You’ve always had it easy. You've always had your family to run to when you had a problem. But I don’t have anyone.”

Mizuki stood there in shock at what Riku had said to her. “No, that’s not true. You had me.” Mizuki ran out of the park.

Riku sat down on a stone edge. “What did I say? I need to apologize to her and fast.” Riku got up and ran the same way Mizuki had.

“I hate it I just hate it. Why do I always fall in love with the jerks?” Mizuki was sitting on a slide with her head in her hands.

Riku saw her sitting on the end of the slide. “Mizuki, I’m sorry for what I said to you. I was out of place. I didn’t mean to snap at you like I did, I just didn’t realize who I was talking to. I really don’t want you to hate me.” Riku looked at Mizuki from the other side of the slide.

Mizuki got up and ran right into Riku. She was crying. “I know you're sorry, Riku. And I didn’t mean to run off. It's just that I have something to tell you.” Mizuki’s eyes were red from crying.

Riku hugged her until she stopped crying. “Tell me later. We have to get back to the room.” Riku took Mizuki’s hand and they walked home.


Riku was getting ready for bed and Mizuki was listening to her mp3 player. She looked over at Riku, saw him shirtless and turned redder than a cherry. Riku looked at Mizuki, saw her face, and smiled a little. “I’m going to put a shirt on, you know.” Riku said smiling at her. Mizuki’s face got redder.

“Ummmm... Riku, can I tell you something?” Mizuki got up and put her mp3 player in a box next to her table.

“Can it wait till morning? I’m really sleepy.” Riku pulled the covers up over his head.

“Yeah, I guess.” Mizuki really wanted to tell him. She woke up late in the night and got out a song that she had been working on all school year. She only had a third of it done and really wanted to get it finished before next year. Soon she was asleep on the floor of the dorm again.

The next morning she was still on the floor. Riku got up and saw Mizuki asleep on the floor. “Not again, why does she always pass out on the floor?” Riku picked her up and put her in her bed. He pulled the covers over her.

Soon he saw the song sheet on the floor and glanced over it. “Wow. So this what she’s been doing at night. This is good stuff.” Riku walked over to Mizuki’s bed side. “You know, Mizuki, I really think that I might like you and your music.” Riku put the song on the table and kissed her cheek.

Riku got ready and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Mizuki woke up five minutes later and saw a bowl and a box of cocoa puffs on the table along with a card with a arrow on it pointing to the little cooler in the room. The note said 'milk' on it, another note said “Good morning, Mizuki!” in Riku’s handwriting.

“He's so sweet.” Mizuki got up, got the bowl of cereal ready and sat down on the couch reading the rest of the note. It read 'Hey, I hope you like the breakfast. It's all they had that looked good. Well, I’ll be at Sora’s till 4 p.m. so if you're up come on over. Kairi’s there, too. Oh, one more thing. I need to tell you something before you tell me what you need to say, okay? I’ll tell you when we I leave Sora’s. See Ya. Riku.'

Mizuki looked at the time. It was only 10:46 a.m. by her clock. She ate the rest of her breakfast and got ready to go to Sora’s. She was ready in five minutes. She grabbed the keys to the room and locked the door on her way out.


Mizuki got to Sora’s dorm in no time. She knocked on the door and backed up.

Roxas opened the door. “Hey Mizuki, was up? Come on in.” Roxas opened the door wider letting her in. She saw that it was a party for all of Sora’s friends. Riku looked towards the door and walked over to Mizuki quickly.

“Hey, Mizuki!” Riku called from over four people. Mizuki walked over to him.

“Hey, Riku.” Mizuki smiled at him.

“I see you got my note.” Riku put his cup on the table and Namine handed Mizuki a cup.

“Yeah, I did, and thank you for getting me something to eat. Oh, and the thing you want to tell me... that's ok, if we wait till after the party.” Mizuki looked at Riku and smiled.

Riku’s favorite song come on. He grabbed Mizuki’s hand and pointed to a spot were other people were dancing. “Sure, I’d love to dance.” Mizuki put her drink down and walked over to the dance floor. They were dancing to Into the Night.

Kairi saw Riku and Mizuki dancing together. “Sora, look at them. They look really good together, don’t they?” Kairi knew how Mizuki felt about Riku just by looking at her face when they were near each other. She was happy that they had gotten a chance to dance.

The song ended but they danced until it was almost time to go. Riku found his keys and grabbed Mizuki. “Hey, I’m going back to the dorm. You coming?” Riku’s eyes made contact with Mizuki’s.

“Yeah, I’m coming. Bye guys!” Mizuki said, walking out the door.

Riku looked at her. “Mizuki, didn’t you want to tell me something last night?” Riku was walking down the stairs. Mizuki stopped and just stood on the top stair.

“I... well, ummmm... It's that I, ummmm... really li-like you, a lot. And it's okay if you don’t like me, I understand.” Mizuki’s face was turning red again.

Riku walked over to her and hugged her. “You don’t have to worry about that. I like you, too.” Riku stood there hugging Mizuki until he heard a voice calling for him.

“Riku! Hey, come on, we’re all going to the skate park.” Hayner was running up to them. Mizuki looked at Riku and then started running as fast as she could. Riku was right beside her.

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