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Chapter One: You're Him

"Hey, Mizuki! Come on, you're going to be late again!" a little boy with sliver hair called from the street looking up at a window.

"Ok Ri-!" a little girl with short black hair called from the window.


“Huh? What’s up with that dream of that little boy?” a girl with long black hair said getting out of her bed. She had black and pink pajamas. She walked over to her window. "I can’t wait till I see my new school!" the girl walked over to the other side of the room and into a bathroom. She got dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a long black shirt with a logo on it, she got her shoes and a box on her dresser. "I hope that I see him again someday."

“Mizuki, you up? Come downstairs when you're ready to go, ok hun?” Mizuki’s mom called from the hallway.

Mizuki looked outside at the town that she had lived in till she was eight. She was sixteen now and going to a new school and going to live in a dorm room for the year. She moved to Hallow Tree eight years ago. She moved from Destiny Island for eight years. But now she was moving to a new school an hour away from her mom and dad, she had thought about this for years and now she was going to go and live her life the way she wanted to.

“It looks like I have to go.” Mizuki got her last bag and walked to the car. She put the bag in the back seat.

“You ready, hunny?” Mizuki’s dad asked from the front seat.

“Yeah, I’m good to go.” Mizuki got into the back and watched as the houses and cars flew by as they went down the highway.


“Here are your papers for your classes and here is your room number, Miss Hakuri.” One of the staff members said giving her the key to the room. “Your roommate is Riku Soma. Oh, that’s not right. This said that’s a guy, not a girl." Mizuki’s face didn’t change at all, she had lived in a family full of boys and she knew how do deal with them. Her friends said she was more like a guy than half of the guys in her old school. So this didn’t bug her.

“I’ve lived with four brothers so I'll be okay. And if not I’ll go the office.” Mizuki smiled.

“Ok. Take a look around if you like.” she shut the door and went down the hallway.

Mizuki sat on the half of the room that was empty. Looks like I have a guy for a roommate. Mizuki got up, took the key and put in her pocket, then walked around the school grounds. “This place is huge.” Mizuki looked at the clock that stood in the middle of the path in the back of the school. “I should go meet my roommate.”

Mizuki walked back to the room. Looking at her feet the whole way there, she didn’t she the boy running down the hall. Bam! The two of them ran right into each other. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Miss. Are you, ok?” a boy with long sliver hair asked, putting his hand out for Mizuki’s.

“Yeah, I’m good. Thanks though.” Mizuki got up on her own.

“I’m Riku Soma by the way.” Riku looked her in the eyes.

“I’m Mizuki... You're him! YOU’RE MY ROOMMATE!” Mizuki couldn’t believe that her roommate was the boy that she saw all the time in her dreams of her childhood.

“What’s going on here?” Riku looked at Mizuki as if she had lost her mind.

“It's me, Mizuki Handaru from the island. Eight years ago.” Mizuki took out her wallet and got out a picture of her and the boy that she saw in her dreams.

“Wow, that’s really creepy. You have to meet some of my friends. Come on!” Riku grabbed Mizuki’s hand and ran to the lunch room were some kids that looked around Mizuki’s age were sitting and talking.

“Hey, guys!” Riku walked over to his friends sitting at the table.

“What took you so lon-!” a girl looked right at Mizuki. “Oh, who’s this, Mr. Soma?” the girl with long reddish hair asked, taking a really good look at Mizuki.

“She my roommate and a rather old friend.” Riku looked at Mizuki.

“Ummmm. I’m Mizuki Handaru.” Mizuki looked at all the people sitting at the table.

“I’m Kairi and this is Sora, Namine and Roxas.” Kairi said pointing to everyone.

“So, have you unpacked anything yet?” a girl with long blonde hair asked standing up.

“Umm, no, not yet.” Mizuki saw that Riku’s friends were really nice.

“Well then who says we all go help Miss Mizuki unpack her things?” Namine asked.

“Let's go!” everyone said at the same time.

“You guys really don’t have to, you know.” Mizuki’s face had a shocked look on it.

“We want to. Don’t we? We won’t go though things you don’t want us to.” a brown spikey haired boy said walking to the room. Mizuki was happy that she had meet Riku’s friends and that they were nice, too.


“I haven’t been in here for a long time. Sora, can you help me pick this up?” Roxas asked from the far corner.

“If it's too heavy I’ll get it.” Mizuki ran over to the guys and took the box.

“Are you sure you got it?” Sora saw that she was off balance.

“Yeah I’m go-” Mizuki fell. She saw the floor then she saw everyone looking at her. But she wasn’t falling. Riku had stopped her.

“You might want to be a little more careful.” Riku picked up the box and put it on his bed as he emptied it out.

After three hours the room was done. Everyone else had left a little while ago. Mizuki sat on her bed and looked at the scene outside her window. “So, you still play the piano?” Riku was in a black jacket with a red shirt under it and blue jeans. He looked out the window at the skate park.

“Yeah, I do still play but not that much anymore. I don’t have any music to play and the books I have are too easy. Hey, you want to go skate like we used to when we were on the island?” Mizuki looked at Riku. His eyes were cold like ice, sad maybe.

“Sure, why not.” Riku got out his skateboard and put on his skate shoes.

“Ok, I’m good.” Mizuki had a black and white board with a rocker smile on it.

“Cool board.” Riku got the door and let Mizuki go first.

“Thank you, you gave it to me.” Mizuki smiled, ran down the hall and jumped the stairs. Soon they were off to the park.

“You're good. You’ve been able to get it down, I see.” Riku looked at Mizuki and then at the road.

“Yeah, I learned from the best.” Mizuki’s face was a little pink.

“The others are here.” Riku looked at the gang and saw that Hayner was there.

“Hey Hayner, this is Mizuki.” Riku grabbed Mizuki.

“So, is she just going to sit and watch us?” Hayner looked at Mizuki like she was five.

“Riku, do you mind if I challenge this guy in a skate off?” Mizuki looked at Hayner.

“You're on, girly.” Hayner pointed at Mizuki.

“You did not just call me that, blonde.” Mizuki got into Hayner’s face.

“Yes, I did, girly.” Hayner replied.

“Ready, set, go!” Kairi called out and off they went.

After about ten minutes Hayner gave in. “Man, she’s like a guy. How did you do that?” Hayner was shocked that a girl kicked his but in skateboarding.

“I stayed up till midnight just skating.” Mizuki was happy that she could hang out with guys that liked her for her and thought that she was good at skating. She was going to have a really good school year and she knew it.

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