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Chapter Eight: Happy Birthday!

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and Sora x Kairi R&R!

A/N: First of all thanks everyone for the reviews, you guy are too cool! Secondly, if you misintepretted the last chapter, the girl with green eyes in the picture with Roxas is another girl that just happens to look exactly like Naminé. And that little girl with the blue eyes in the last chapter is another girl who I won't introduce for awhile. So anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter! XD


Okay guys, I think we got the point so let’s just go back to our rooms and have some piece and quiet,” Kairi sighed.

Yeah see you guys!” Naminé waved dragging Roxas back to the room.

Those two hang around each other too much; they’re soo in denial…” Sora laughed.

Yeah, you’re right. Bye Sora!” Kairi kissed Sora on the cheek goodbye and walked inside her room.


It was mid-way through November now, and it was getting colder outside. One Friday after school Naminé was walking back to the dormitory with her friends.

“You know Naminé; now that I think about it you still never told us who your room mate was…” Kairi wondered.

“Uhh…about that...” Naminé was cut off thankfully.

“Who cares about who your roomie is? I just can’t wait for Yuffie’s big birthday bash tomorrow!” Selphie cheered.

“Are you coming Naminé?” Olette asked.

“Well, I never met or even know who Yuffie is, so I’m not even invited.” Naminé smiled sadly from being excluded.

“What? You have to meet her, I’ll get you an invitation, don’t worry!” Selphie said assuringly.

“You don’t have to!”

“Once Selphie makes a promise, she never goes back on her word,” Kairi smiled.

“Don’t worry Naminé, we don’t want you to feel left out, cause were all going!” Olette smiled with Kairi.

“Okay, what should I get her though?” Naminé asked.

“I say any kind of candy, mostly chocolate though...believe me she’ll love you for life if you do!” Kairi laughed.

“Sure, I can do that. Well see ya tomorrow!” Naminé waved goodbye as she walked inside her dorm room.


The next day it was November 20th (A/N: Yuffie’s actual birth date XD). Naminé and the other girls were waiting outside the house (A/N: which Yuffie exclaimed as her parents’ house) and were knocking constantly at the door.

“Hey guys! I’m glad you all came!” a girl with short black hair greeted cheerfully.

Naminé quickly recognized her as one the girl messing up Roxas’ hair in his photo from a few days ago.

So this is Yuffie,” Naminé thought.

As they all went inside party, Naminé was the last one to go in.

“Ahh…So you’re the Naminé they all keep on talking about. Good things of course!” Yuffie laughed jokingly; “Anyways, I’m Yuffie!” she took Naminé’s hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you and happy birthday,” Naminé smiled.

“Thanks! So I here you’ve taken a liking to Roxie!” Yuffie grinned pointing at the blonde boy who seemed to be laughing at Sora for tripping over the coffee table.

“WHAT? N-no! Who told you this? It’s Selphie isn’t it?” Naminé began turning as red as a cherry.

“Hahaha! I was just joking! No one told me, I just figured because you two look so cute together!” Yuffie laughed at the flushed and now glaring Naminé, “Oh yeah, I should introduce you. That’s Cloud with the funky blonde hair, that’s Leon the one who seems to always look angry or something, and that’s my best friend Aerith clinging on to Cloud’s arm. They’re obviously in love!” Yuffie laughed as she pointed at her friends on the couch.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s your present!” Naminé said as she held her gift in front of Yuffie.

“Thanks, you shouldn’t have! I’ll just put by the other gifts until after the cake!” Yuffie grinned.

Naminé definitely liked Yuffie as a friend; she seemed to be the hyper and joking type just like Selphie.


Soon everyone made it to the party and was all having a great time.

“Okay everybody! It’s game time!” Yuffie cheered, “And the first game is Truth or dare!” she began laughing evilly.

The group all sat in a huge circle in the living room, and since it was Yuffie’s birthday, she got to ask the question first.

“Okay, so Kairi truth or dare?”

“Umm… truth,” Kairi replied nervously.

“So, is it true that you and Sora are finally going out?” Yuffie grinned.


Everyone gasped at the blushing couple.

“Since when?” Selphie said in disbelief.

“Did you kiss yet?” Olette asked more personally.

“How did it happen?” Hayner asked with his eyes wide in shock.

“Who made the first move?” Tidus grinned.

Everyone was bombarding the two with a thousand questions.

“I-it’s a long story…” Sora blushed scratching his head.

“Okay people, moving on!” Aerith exclaimed knowing the two were starting to get uncomfortable.

Everyone let out an ‘Aww…’ of disappointment, while Sora and Kari just let out a sigh of relief. Everyone soon continued the game and had fun, but soon Yuffie got bored and decided to change the game.

“This is getting boring with the same exact questions being repeated with all the truths. So let’s do something more daring…” Yuffie smirked.

“Oh no…” Roxas said wide eyed.

“Not this!” Wakka shut his eyes.

“I’m soo…not playing,” Riku surrendered.

“Why? What game is it?” Naminé asked innocently.

“Here it comes…” Pence sighed.

“The game is…Spin the Bottle!” Yuffie giggled, “The rules are simple if you who forgot how to play. Each of us takes turns spinning the bottle,” Yuffie took out an empty glass bottle which seemed to have contained Snapple before because of the label, “And whom ever the bottle stops on, you have to kiss them. And no you cannot say ‘I do not want to play,” because this is my party!”

All of them groaned as they sat back down again in the circle. Tidus was the first to volunteer unwillingly from Yuffie’s orders. He spun the bottle and it began to spin quickly, it soon stopped on…

“WAKKA! What is this?” Tidus exclaimed pointing at the bottle.

“What the hell! Why me?” Wakka said in shock.

The two sighed and went up to each other and shook hands before going back to their seat. Everybody sighed in reliefsaying they wouldn’t have wanted to see that anyway.

Soon it was Naminé that was placed as the next victim of the bottle. She spun the bottle nervously and it began to slow down as quickly as it spun and it soon stopped on none other than…Roxas.

“I’m not kissing you!” Naminé and Roxas yelled in unison.

I can’t waste my first one on him!” Naminé thought.

“C’mon Naminé, you’re our first boy girl match. So don’t be ruining our fun!” Selphie grinned.

Roxas and Naminé began mumbling swear words as they walked towards each other. Naminé and Roxas glared at each other blushing.

“Just get this over with quick!” Naminé whispered furiously as she shut her eyes tight.

“I know how to get myself out of this!” Roxas thought. He gave Naminé a quick kiss on the cheek.

Naminé opened her eyes and stared at him blankly along with a few of the others with the exception of Cloud and Leon.

“Roxie! You were supposed to kiss her on the lips!” Yuffie demanded.

“No, a kiss is a kiss. Even if it was on the cheek, so I win!” Roxas smirked with his arms crossed triumphantly.

Everyone began booing and demanded for some more action as the two blondes walked back to their seats Naminé still had a faint blush on her cheeks though.

Yuffie soon gave up though and sighed, “Okay everyone, time for some cake!”

Everybody cheered but continued to argue or tease about Roxas’ kiss on Naminé’s cheek.

Leon lit all seventeen candles on the pure chocolate devil’s delight cake that said in white icing, ‘Happy Seventeenth Yuffie!’

They all sang the happy birthday song with a cha-cha-cha from Tidus, Sora, and Roxas of course, as Yuffie blew out the candles.


As soon as they were all done eating the cake, it was time to open the gifts.

“I wanna open my new friend Naminé’s gift first!” Yuffie exclaimed pointing at the box that had yellow wrapping paper and a bright green ribbon. She took the small box and her eyes grew wider, “Chocolate! As in the kind of chocolate with all the yummy fillings in it?”

“Yeah, do you like it?” Naminé asked.

“Like them, I love them!” Yuffie squealed as she popped in three in her mouth.

“Yuffie, you ate like five slices of cake, and practically a bucket full of ice cream! Don’t eat it all now!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Fine, fine!” Yuffie sighed, but a huge smile appeared on her face again as she opened the rest of the presents.

“Wow, this is like a life time supply of candy!” Yuffie exclaimed looking at all the boxes and containers.

“That’s what you said last year…” Cloud sighed.

“Yeah, and it only lasted you like what? A week?” Leon smirked.

“No! It was six days as a matter of fact, so ha!” Yuffie said in a victorious tone.

Everyone in the room just put their heads down and sighed before they began laughing again. For the rest of the party they were watching a movie. No one really paid attention though; everyone was lounging around and chatting with one another.

“So Namie… did you enjoy that kiss on the cheek from Roxas?” Selphie grinned.

“Ugh! And I told you its Naminé, not Namie!” Naminé protested as Selphie continued to tease.

From hearing Selphie’s remark on Naminé, Roxas eyes widened and his face turned a little paler than usual, “Y-yeah…I agree with Nami-Naminé, you shouldn’t call her that…” Roxas stuttered.

“Huh, why not?” Selphie asked. Yuffie went up to Selphie and started whispering something in her ear and she gasped, “Oh my gosh Roxas, I can’t believe I practically forgot. I’m so sorry!” Selphie quickly apologized.

“I-it’s okay, you don’t have to feel bad…Uh Yuffie, I forgot I have a lot of homework that have to finish soon, so I gotta go…” Roxas put on a sad smile.

"C'mon Roxas, she was just joking. You don't have to over react," Yuffie pouted.

"No, sorry. But I do have a lot of homework. Anyways...bye Yuffie and happy birthday," Roxas turned towards the door and practically ran.


Roxas kept running he didn’t care which direction he went, he just wanted to get away from it all. Rain began to pour on the blonde, and soon he stopped running.

“Namie…” Roxas lookedup the sky, “Grr…” he kicked a nearby mailbox and left a huge dent before walking away back to the dormitory building.

Inside the party…

“I don’t get it, why did he run like that?” Naminé asked looking at the others.

Everyone though just looked away, not making any eye contact. The room was soon filled with a gloomy aura.

“Umm...I gotta go too!” Tidus said going out of the door, and was on followed by the rest of the guys and even Aerith and Selphie.

“Tell me the truth, why was Roxas like that!” Naminé demanded. She wanted to know, Roxas didn’t seem like the type to just do that in her point of view.

“I think we should tell her Yuffie, I mean she has been our friends for over two months around. We can trust her,” Kairi assured.

“No, even so…we have to respect Roxas’ feelings! You know why, it’s just too…too personal…”Yuffie protested. It seemed to Naminé that Yuffie really cared about Roxas.

“I-Its okay, you don’t have to tell me anymore…I understand,” Naminé assured with a smile.

“I’m sorry Naminé, but it’s just between the people who were there…” Olette said.

Everyone soon had to leave because Yuffie’ parent didn’t want her friends to stay past eight at their house. On the way home as Naminé walked around the puddles from the rain that had passed she started thinking of her memories. Memories of that photo of Roxas and that green eyed girl, memories when she first met Roxas, and her memories of her promise…

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