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Chapter Twenty Eight: The Skater and The Artist

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé.

A/N: Thanks to everyone for being with me through this past year. It has been really awesome reading all your review. You guys are the best! This is the last chapter, so it’s really short and what not. XD


Naminé continued to run until she found two figures through the pouring rain. Stopping in her tracks, she saw the two blondes kissing in the rain.

Naminé was frozen. It was like déjà vu, but it wasn’t like before. This time she could move, she couldn’t speak. There they were, Roxas and Namie kissing right before her eyes. Namie’s arms slowly found their way around Roxas’ waist hold them closer.

Naminé forced all her energy into saying the name that usually went out so casually, “R-Roxas?”



Hearing Naminé’s appalled voice made Roxas finally snapped out of his daze and pushed Namie off making her take a few steps back. Both stared at the girl in front of them in shock.

I should have known,” Naminé thought. A smile appeared faintly on her pink lips, but her eyes never looked at the two before her, “I hope you two are happy together.” With that she turned around and ran off just like last time.

“Naminé!” but before Roxas could run after her, two desperate hands gripped on his own.

“Please stay Roxas!” Namie said through her tears. Her eyes were red; knowing the one she cared for wasn’t going to return her feelings.

“Namie…” he could waste time on her, Naminé was running and if he couldn’t catch her…

“Please?” she managed to squeak, “If you do, I’ll be sure you’ll be happy with me Roxas! I’ll make you happier than she could ever make you. Because I’ll love you more than she ever can!”

Roxas bit his lip and turned around to face her. Her grip on his wrist loosened but gave off a feeling of never wanting to let go. He put both hands on her shoulder and smiled, “I’m flattered, really I am. But the one I love is about to do something crazy and I just know it.

“Namie, you will find that special person. It’s just not me okay? Just don’t do anything stupid either, because you’re stronger than that. Yes, I did love you, but that’s in the past now. Goodbye,” he smiled one last time and left running as fast as he could. Namie soon fell on her knees crying her heart out.

Out in the pouring rain, Naminé was soaked. She was running the same way as she did before, but this time she knew she had no one to turn too. If she ran to her friends, it will cause trouble for Roxas, and she didn’t want that. She wanted Roxas to be happy for once rather than being selfish.

Roxas had kissed Namie back she knew that much.

Gawd, why could she erase that image off her mind? Why was it so hard? Running seemed to be her only escape at the moment, but the tears and the rain blurred her vision as she ran aimlessly through the town.

Naminé!” it was her name. She could recognize that voice anywhere. “Naminé!” Was he running after her? Didn’t he choose Namie over her already?

Her steps finally slowed as she came into a stop. She knew she would have to face him sooner or later. The rain didn’t seem to bother her compared to the problem faced before her.

“Naminé,” he said softly rather than shouting it out before. This scene reminded him all to well of what happened between himself and Namie. Hopefully this time the girl won’t leave.

He paused, just as she did.

Roxas opened his lips, but no words came out. How could he explain this to her? He took a few steps forward, but stopped as she began to speak instead.

“Why?” it sounded like a whisper.

He stayed quiet, waiting.

“Why?” she repeated, “Why did you come after me?” her voice had no life, as if the rain had washed it all away.

His hand curled into a fist, “You know why.”

“So is this a game?” she laughed darkly looking up at the sky.


“Yes, a little game. First you try both to see which on is better. And then in the ending you choose, leaving at least one of us out of it,” anger was boiling inside of her, “In the end Roxas, you’re the one left winning while the other girl is left broken hearted you know!” she didn’t know why she was defending Namie and herself, maybe it was because Roxas seemed to be the one who was wrong at the moment.

Roxas winced at her words. It seemed right what she was saying. Both girls liked him and he ends up with one of the two in the end, “It’s not like that,” he defended.

“So how exactly is it then,” She never turned around.

“It was always you, Naminé. It was never her. She broke up with me because I still had hoped that I would find you, and now I have.” his ocean blue eyes were filled with sadness.

She never spoke a word.

“She was the one who kissed me okay!” he confessed. The empty streets of Twilight Town made his voice echo.

She sighed in defeat. From sobs that Roxas heard, it seemed the girl was crying.

“Don’t blame yourself, please?” she was trembling slightly from the tears. In her heart, she could always trust Roxas, but something stupid always intervened, “I’m the one who’s at fault, okay? I brought you so much trouble the moment you met me. I mean when we first met up again, I was the one who yelled at you for bumping into me, not you. I’m the one who changed your mind into loving me instead when Namie came back, no one else.”

“No Naminé, no,” he whispered.

“Roxas even if I am the cause of all your trouble…I love you, okay?” Naminé poured her entire heart into those words. She inhaled and turned around, “Roxas, I love you! It’s taken me who knows how long to say it, but-”

Roxas put his hand on Naminé’s shoulder. She looked at him with wide eyes as he embraced her; shocked that he would actually still want to hold her.

“Naminé, you’re far from the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re the best thing, you got that? I love you too, and don’t you ever regret that I do.” He looked at her in the eyes.

He hesitated at first, but soon his lips were touching hers, causing both of them to get lost in the kiss.

The two soon let go to catch their breath, and Roxas smiled.

“I love you, I really do Naminé,” he repeated.

“I love you too, Roxas.” she smiled, holding him as close as she could.

The two stood in the rain holding each other, never showing signs of letting go.


Summer had gone and past them by as school was about to begin again. An auburn haired girl and her blonde friend were casually walking to school.

“Ugh, school,” Naminé complained. Though her backpack was still empty for now, she slumped over as if it weighed fifty pounds.

“Don’t worry; it’ll be just like last year, except the homework’s harder ‘cause were in grade eleven now,” the Kairi’s intentions were optimistic, she sounded exactly like Naminé, “Okay, maybe this does suck.”

The two girls sighed as they walked over to their large group of friends.

“Hey guys!” Selphie was jumping in a hyper manner. It seemed she was a morning type of person.

“How can you be like that in the morning?!” Kairi exclaimed.

“Because I had a sugar-enhanced breakfast,” she replied happily. Everyone just stared in disbelief.

“So where’s Roxas? I though he was your roommate,” Sora asked Naminé.

“Hehe, he’s probably still asleep,” Tidus snickered.

“That sounds exactly like Roxas,” Pence added.

“Actually, I didn’t see him when I woke up,” Naminé told the group, “I wonder where he is…”

As if on cue, someone yelled from afar, “Get out of the way!” Everyone took a step back, but Naminé was the only one who stood there confused.

“AHHH!!!” the two yelled.

Roxas had fallen over on top over Naminé with his skateboard rolling away.

“Roxas, get off of me!” Naminé yelled pushing the boy off.

“Sorry, I said get out of the way!” Roxas yelled back as the two got up.

“Well there’s such a thing as turning you know!”

“It was a hill, how can I?!”

“I thought you were good on skateboards, you suck!”

“You can’t even ride a skateboard!”

“They’re at it again,” Olette sighed.

“I thought they were together…” Riku questioned.

“Well, if you look at it closely they are acting like an arguing married couple,” Wakka laughed.

“Gosh Roxas, you’re such an idiot! I mean-mmph!?” As Naminé was babbling on, Roxas had snuck in a quick kiss.

He soon let go leaving a huge grin on his face while Naminé stared at him dazed, “Well, that shut you up. I should do it more often!”

“Eww, not in front of us though!” Hayner exclaimed with a disgusted face.

The soon rang, signaling the students to enter the building.

Naminé was quickly snapped back into reality and realized what had happened in front of her friends. Her face soon flushed a deep red, “ROXAS! Get back here!”

“No way! I’ll just get hurt!” he laughed as he retreated into the school building.

“Grrrr!” Naminé was boiling.

Everyone sighed as they followed the rest of the students, entering their new classes.

The End

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