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Chapter Twenty Six: Betrayal

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé.


Roxas…” Namie had heard their conversation from a far. “I’m sorry.”

I can’t loose her…not to him at least!” Roxas’ hand formed a fist.

I never told you before. But there’s something you need to know about Seifer,” Namie told.

Roxas turned around and listened to her story.


As the blonde girl finished off the reminiscence of her past, she looked away from the blue eyes before her. Namie had just told Roxas what caused her to leave Twilight Town, and now the two were silent. The two were in Roxas’ dorm room sitting across from each other. Namie told him it would’ve been better to be somewhere private so no one could hear them.

“I didn’t know, I should’ve been there for you,” Roxas told Namie as he turned his gaze at the ground.

“It’s okay. It was pretty obvious he was a player, but I was just blinded,” Namie smiled in assurance.

“He always had something against me, but I don’t get why he has to hurt my friends.”

Namie sighed, “Me neither.”

“I have to tell her, but she won’t even listen to me.”

“Get her to listen! I don’t want you to start regretting anything once she’s hurt emotionally from it! She’s probably going to be waiting by the train station

“How do you know?”

“I have my sources…” she smirked, “Now go!” she ordered him as she pushed him out the door.

Roxas sighed, but decided to listen to Namie’s instructions and quickly ran to his destination.


It was around six o’clock and it was beginning to get dark. Naminé stood there by the train station waiting for Seifer to come. She didn’t feel like listening to his request of not coming, so she waited. Naminé began hearing footsteps coming closer behind her so she quickly turned around.

Naminé recognized who the stranger was and glared, “What are you doing here?”

“Naminé, you have to listen. You have to break up with Seifer!” Roxas told her.

“Why should I? So you’d have a chance with me?”

“That’s not what I meant. Hasn’t Namie told you?”

“Told me what?”

“Hey Seifer, what took you so long?” Roxas and Naminé heard a flirty voice from a far.

The two examined where it was coming from only to see Seifer kissing another girl. (A/N: Sorry I can’t be more descriptive, but who really wants to imagine this?)

“S-Seifer?” Naminé couldn’t believe what she saw. There Seifer was, making out with another girl. After she thought she could depend on him, she couldn’t take it.

“Oh. Hey there,” Seifer greeted as if nothing happened.

“Who is she?” the girl who was with Seifer demanded.

“She’s nobody,” Seifer replied coldly as he stared at Naminé.

“I thought so,” the girl smirked.

Naminé wanted to say something; anything. But nothing came. She wanted to yell at him for even thinking of doing that to her, for being such a jerk. Naminé just turned around and ran out the area as fast as she could. Away from her problems like she always did.

Roxas wanted to run after her, but his anger was fixed on the boy who made Naminé cry. The angry skater boy walked up to Seifer and punched him right on the face. As Roxas picked Seifer by the collar, he glared at him.

“What did Naminé ever do to you?” his free hand was already curled into a fist.

Seifer just smirked even in his vulnerable position, “I told you I’d get even.”

Roxas growled and punched him once more. Seifer was now on the ground with blood running down from his nose, but Roxas didn’t want to waste his time with him anymore and ran after Naminé.


Naminé was running down the street with tears in her eyes like always. Why was she always like this? Why did she keep making the most stupid mistakes? As she kept asking herself the rhetorical questions she heard someone from behind her call out her name, so she slowly came to a stop under one of the street lamps.

“Naminé,” it was all Roxas could say as he tried to catch his breath.

The teary eyed girl before suddenly ran up to him for support. Tears kept cascading down from her sapphire colored eyes as she continued to cry.

“I-I’m so sorry! I should have listened to you! I’m so…so…” she broke down once more.

“Naminé,” Roxas repeated in a saddened tone. His lips curved into a frown as he heard the sobs come from the girl that he adored so much.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry…” she apologized over and over again.

“It’s okay Naminé; you just made a mistake, that’s all. Everyone does it all the time,” he wrapped his arms around her comfortingly as the two stood under the street lamp that illuminated them from the night.


Though Naminé and Roxas had made up, the artist still couldn’t find a reason to forgive herself. Roxas always said it was alright and what’s done is done, but she continued to be depressed in their dorm.

It was the last few weeks in July, and Roxas was once again hanging out with Namie since Naminé didn’t want to come out of the dorm. The rest of the gang was having another day at the mall so they weren’t there to see it all.

“This is boring, why can’t she come out!” Namie continued to complain.

She and Roxas were both sitting at a bench near the school campus as they tried to think of ways to have fun.

“It’s not my fault she won’t forgive herself,” Roxas groaned with a bored look on his face.

Suddenly an idea popped into Namie’s head, “I bet I know how to put a smile on her face…” Namie grinned mischievously.

“How?” Roxas knew it was probably going to involve him doing something stupid, but it was probably worth it.

“Have you ever considered confessing to her?” Namie asked.

“But I already did,” Roxas didn’t know where this was going.

Namie smacked him behind his head in a playful manner, yet it showed that she was at least irritated at the boy for his answer.

“Not that kind!” she said in a sassy way, “Saying you like someone, means you have a crush on them. I meant beyond that!”

“Huh?” Roxas was as oblivious as ever.

“Saying, ‘I love you’ dimwit!”

“Oh…” then it hit him, “What! LOVE? I don’t think I like her that much!”

“C’mon, think about it Roxas,” Namie smiled warmly, “Why did you go after her when out heard about Seifer?”

“Because I was…” she cut him off.

“And that time you kissed her at the Christmas party?”

“Hey who told you that!” Roxas began blushing madly.

“Naminé did,” she smiled proudly, “And how about those times you were always there for her, didn’t that mean anything?”

“Yeah, but…” Roxas was now finding it hard to deny the fact at this point.

“You’d do anything to make her smile wouldn’t you?” Roxas nodded, “Good then you will now sing to her!”

“What! Stop coming up with these crazy ideas to embarrass me!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Don’t you want to see her smile again?” Namie grinned knowing his answer.

“Fine!” he crossed his arms in defeat.

“I know you can play the guitar because Demyx taught you. So I’ll let you borrow my acoustic guitar at home, and you can practice to sing to her by tomorrow night!” he grinned sheepishly.

“How do you know Demyx? He’s supposed to be in Hollow Bastion not in Twilight Town!”

“I read your journal. You should really stop leaving it around or Naminé’s gonna find it soon like me!” Namie informed.

“You read my journal! That’s against the law to go against someone’s privacy you know!”

“Well I guess I’m a criminal mastermind then,” she sated sarcastically, “now let’s go and practice!” she dragged to her the house she was staying at to help Roxas and his big surprise.


“This is so stupid…” Roxas mumbled to himself. Namie had promised the boy that she would leave the two ‘love birds’ alone for once but will make sure one way or another that he did sing to her.

Roxas sighed again as he stared up at his own bedroom window from the outside.


Naminé had just finished another drawing and sighed. She still couldn’t forgive herself. It was such a stupid mistake. Naminé knew though that moping around about it won’t help, but…

Tap, tap

She could have sworn someone was tapping her window.

Tap, tap

“What in the world?” Naminé got off her bed and checked the window.

There outside was blonde boy smiling idiotically at her; and where the heck did he get that guitar? He began to yell something at her, but she couldn’t hear so she opened the window.

“What are you doing down there?” she yelled with her hands clutching the window sill.

“I…uhh…” Roxas began to blush. He began to regret the whole idea, “Umm…Just come down!”


“Just do it!”

Naminé glared, “Fine!”

She soon made her way standing a good distance away from whatever crazy idea Roxas was planning. Her arms were crossed, and she continued her glare.

“I…umm,” this was so stupid.

Never phasing out her glare, she interrupted him, “What’s with the guitar?”

“I…” Roxas’ gaze fell to the ground, “I want to sing you a song.”

“What?” Naminé’s expression went blank.

Roxas sighed, “I knew this was a bad idea.” He slowly put down the guitar. “You know what? Namie’s just plain crazy!”

“Uh huh,” Naminé didn’t know what to say and nodded her head slowly.

“I don’t care anymore!” Roxas said a little too loudly causing Naminé to question his sanity at the moment. “I love you Naminé, and you probably know it already but I just have to say it now. So can you just smile already because it’s really upsetting a lot of us, especially me because I really love you and-“

“Hehe,” Naminé laughed.


Naminé continued laughing.

“Hey, what’s the big idea? Here I am confessing my love for you and you laugh at it!” Roxas fumed.

Naminé cover her mouth, “I’m sorry, but your face the expression was priceless. It’s so funny seeing you turn red like that. Haha!”

Roxas blushed more from the embarrassment. Stupid Namie made him do this.

Naminé soon stopped and embraced him causing the boy freeze from surprise. “I really care for you to Roxas, sorry for everything really.” she smiled.

Roxas smiled warmly and embraced her back. “Could you stop saying sorry already? That’s the only thing I’ve heard from you all this time.”

“Okay.” she nodded

“Oh, Namie set up a group meeting tomorrow, but I was wondering…” Roxas paused, “If you wanted to go around town later on.”

“Sure, we can meet by the front of the park or something. But isn’t it raining tomorrow”

“I doesn’t matter,” Roxas held her tightly again making the smile on Naminé’s lips spread wider.

Roxas knew she didn’t say the three words back, but it didn’t matter at the moment since she was in his arms. The two stood there under the moonlight holding each other.

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