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Chapter Twenty Five: Confusion

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!


Why did you think I always supported you two from the start!” Namie smirked, “And if you don’t believe me, then your photo albums say enough. You did tell me about that crazy coincidence yesterday.”

Thanks!” Naminé laughed as she and Roxas got up from the ground.

Now let’s go! I really need some food after all that running!” Namie complained seeing how it was already five minutes to one.

Haha, sure!” Roxas smiled as the three walked away to find a restaurant.


The five girls were all having lunch outside of a café down the streets of Twilight Town. Outside the weather was beautiful with the hot weather and the slight breeze to cool you down. The girls were just discussing what had happened to Naminé a few days ago, and were all shocked.

“So he’s really your promise boy?” Kairi was so happy for the two.

“Yes they are. I’m a hundred percent sure!” Namie grinned as she answered on Naminé’s behalf.

“Boo you Namie! I wanted to be Roxas and Naminé’s matchmaker and now you get all the credit!” Selphie pouted.

“Don’t worry Selphie! That’s what we have Hayner and Olette for!” Namie joked.

Olette began blushing furiously as the other girls just laughed.

“…So Naminé,” Olette started to change the subject, “are you and Roxas an item now?”

“I-I don’t know. He hasn’t asked me or even mentioned anything about that…” Naminé stuttered out as she blushed.

“Roxas is such an idiot,” Kairi sighed. “Hmm…how do you think you-know-who will react if he finds out that you and Roxas get together?”

“You mean Seifer?” Naminé gave her friend a quizzical look as Kairi nodded her head. “I don’t know. Why would he even care?”

“You hang out with Seifer?” Namie exclaimed as she almost choked on her drink.

“Yeah, why? He’s really nice,” Naminé told.

“I…umm…never mind. Just watch out okay? I gotta go, see you guys later!” Namie grabbed her scooter which was beside her chair and zoomed off really fast.

“Did something happen between them?” Naminé asked.

All the girls just shrugged, not knowing what the answer was to Naminé’s question.

“Anyways Naminé, you never noticed those looks Seifer gave you?” Olette asked.

“What looks?” Naminé was so oblivious.

“You mean you haven’t noticed that he likes you too?” Selphie exclaimed.

“He does? What’s there to like?” Naminé blushed.

“Why do you think Roxas likes you?” Kairi sighed as the answer was a little too obvious.

“I don’t know, Roxas never told me. Probably because we’re childhood friends,” Naminé replied. She was so dumbstruck at the moment.

“You’re so oblivious…Anyways, gotta go. I told Sora and Riku I’d hang out with them later,” Kairi told.

“Yeah same here. Wakka and Tidus are the impatient type,” Selphie laughed as she got off her chair.

“Pence and Hayner still owe me back with all that summer homework, so we’re going shopping,” Olette smiled.

“Okay then, bye…” Naminé waved them off sadly. Who was she going to hang out with now? “Roxas!” Naminé thought happily to herself as she went to walk towards the dormitory.


As Naminé walked into the room, she saw that Roxas wasn’t there.

Where could he be?” Naminé thought was she sat on her bed. The blonde haired girl noticed a note on the drawer between hers and Roxas’ bed.

I went to go skateboarding. See you soon! –Roxas,” Naminé sighed. Everyone was out except for her. She seemed so lonely at the moment.

Naminé decided to take a walk out in the park nearby, what else could she do?

“I am soo bored!” Naminé groaned. She felt too shy to just call up one of her friends to hang out with them, seeing how they have plans already set up. Naminé sighed. As bored as she was, she got off the bench she was sitting at. She’d rather take a walk than sit for the rest of the day.

As the blonde haired girl walked around the empty park, her mind began filling with thoughts of herself and Roxas. If she and Roxas like each other, and even kissed each other, that means they should be boyfriend and girlfriend right?

Naminé blushed and giggled slightly. Roxas was always to shy to even mention anything, so maybe this time she should make the move. The artist smiled at her thoughts. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. She took out her cell phone and dialed his number.

“Hello?” a familiar voice greeted.

“Hey Roxas,” Naminé couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hey Naminé, what up?” on the other side Roxas was also smiled to himself.

“Umm, Roxas can you meet me by the park? I think it’s better if I tell you in person,” she told.

“Oh, actually I’m at the park to. You can find me by the cherry blossom trees, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there, bye!” Naminé closed her phone and blushed. Even though she was sort of sure of her plan in asking Roxas to be her boyfriend, she was still kind of nervous. The artistic blonde took a deep breath before making her way towards the cherry blossom trees of the park.


Roxas was silently listening to his mp3 as he sat by himself on a nearby bench. The breeze blew slightly as the pink petal fell to the ground. It was a breathtaking scenery. The blonde boy had just finished skateboarding and was now waiting for Naminé to come by.

He was slightly curious on why Naminé wanted to meet with him. She seemed so eager on the phone by the tone of her voice. As he continued to ponder, he noticed a person coming by. The unknown person soon came to a clear view.

“Hey Roxas,” the blonde girl waved as her scooter came to a stop.

“Hey Namie,” Roxas gave a small wave back. He was expecting Naminé, but it seemed she was at the far side of the park if she was taking this long. “Oh Namie I never actually got to thanking you properly for helping me figure out that the girl I was looking for was Naminé.”

“You don’t need to thank me, just doing my job as a friend,” she grinned.

“Anyways thanks you Namie,” Roxas pulled her in for a friendly hug.

Namie was slightly taken back, but hugged him too and smiled, “No problem.”


Naminé panted for air as she had finally reached the other side of the park where the cherry blossoms were grown. Who knew that side of the park was so far away from here? As she finally regained her composure, she looked around for Roxas.

The blonde girl looked around for the familiar blonde skater, but gasped at the sight she saw in front of her. Naminé quickly hid behind one of the many trees and watched Roxas pull Namie into a hug. She couldn’t hear the words they exchanged from her distance, but the moment that her friend had hugged him back she glared and walked away in anger.

Naminé felt tears welling up in her eyes as she walked around the school campus. Namie was her friend; she said she loved the idea of seeing her and Roxas together. And a few days ago Naminé finally had the guts to tell Roxas her feelings.

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding, but why else would Roxas take so long to not even mention anything about their relationship. Why else wouldn’t he show any signs of taking their relationship to another level?

The confused blonde girl knocked on the door in front of her. A few tears were cascading down her cheek but she quickly wiped them with the back of her hand as she waited for the door to open. She felt so stupid for believing any of Namie’s words.

The door opened to reveal a taller blonde boy with blue eyes.

“Hey Naminé, what are you-”

Naminé began crying on his chest. She needed someone to comfort her, and he was the only friend she had at the moment other than Roxas and the gang.

“S-Seifer…Roxas…he…he,” Naminé just felt so hurt at the moment.

Seifer smirked, “It’s okay Naminé. You don’t need an idiot like him.” he put his arms around the slightly hysterical girl comfortingly.


“Where could she be?” Roxas pondered as he paced around his dorm room.

Naminé hadn’t met him at the park, and it was beginning to get late so he headed back to the dormitory, only to not find her once more.

It was already nightfall, and the blonde artist wasn’t picking up her phone every time he called. Roxas decided to dial Olette’s number on the phone.


“Hey Olette, do you know where Naminé is?” Roxas hoped the answer would be a yes.

“Yeah, she’s right here,” Olette replied.

“Really, can I talk to her?”

“Sorry, she told me she doesn’t feel like talking to anyone right now, you especially. Naminé also says she’s gonna stay here for the night seeing how my roommate’s gone for the summer.”

“Why doesn’t she wanna talk?” Roxas felt guilty now, knowing Naminé wouldn’t even want to talk to him.

“What did you do to make her so upset anyway? She won’t tell me anything,” Olette asked.

“I don’t know. She told me she was going to meet me at the park, but she never showed up,” Roxas told.

“I see. Well, it’s getting late, bye.”

The phone connection was lost as soon as Olette put the phone down.

Roxas sighed as he put the phone down, “What did I do to her now?” Roxas stood up to close the light, and went to sleep uneasy that night.


A whole week had passed and Naminé had found many ways to avoid Roxas. Without Naminé knowing, Roxas was slowly breaking apart little by little inside. He cared for her so much, yet she couldn’t even bare to be the same room as him.

It was noon, and Roxas was having a friendly lunch with Namie. The two were at a restaurant sitting by a window across one another.

“You’re so depressed Roxie. Why don’t you cheer up? In the end she’ll have to forgive you,” Namie assured.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong…”Roxas sighed once more as he put his head down on the table.

Sadness was clear on the green eyes of the girl, but like every other time she managed to put on a smile. “You love her don’t you?”

Roxas shot up and a blush raced across his cheeks. “I-I don’t know,” he stuttered out, but he knew she could read him like a book. “I think I do?” He just continued to blush.

“You’re so cute! But it’s so obvious you do, so all there is to do is tell her!” she grinned.


“C’mon, you can’t let her go. You have a history together!”

“How should I tell her though?”

As Namie was about to explain her romantic idea, something caught her attention out the window.

“Roxas, its Naminé!” she pointed out.

“Where?” As soon as he caught sight of her, he and Namie watched her.


“Well see you later Naminé. I gotta get to work,” Seifer told. He leaned in to give her a kiss goodbye, but she took a step back and interrupted him.

“Um, how about I meet you afterwards?” she told him slightly flushed at what he was about to do.

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m…working late tonight,” Seifer said.

Naminé noticed the hesitance in the way he spoke but just gave him a hug goodbye.

A far Roxas felt his blood pressure rising, “THEY DID NOT JUST DO THAT!”

Namie gave a shocked face at his sudden outburst. Roxas ran out of the restaurant to catch up with Naminé.

As Naminé was walking down the sidewalk, she felt someone tap her shoulder. She quickly spun around to see Roxas. “Roxas?”

“Where have you been? You keep on avoiding me all of a sudden and now I see Seifer attempting to kiss you and you giving him a hug! Tell me what’s wrong. I hate it when you act this way and I don’t even know why!”

Naminé glared back at him, “You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! Every time I think we can finally be together, you always seem to choose her! I thought we fixed this Roxas but you still seem as indecisive as ever!”

“What are you talking about? Namie and I never did anything!” he retorted back.

“Yeah, that’s why when I said I’d meet up with you I see you two hugging! Sure it’s not as bad as a kiss, but still!”

“Hugged? I was thanking her. Why would you be so mad anyway? She’s your friend, she would never betray you!”

“Just keep on defending her! To think I was going to ask to be your girlfriend that day!”

“What?” Roxas was so dumbstruck at the moment.

“I’m with Seifer now, not you!” Naminé couldn’t stand to be there anymore and ran away.

Roxas couldn’t say anything. Not again…he didn’t want her to leave him for this.

“Roxas…” Namie had heard their conversation from a far. “I’m sorry.”

“I can’t loose her…not to him at least!” Roxas’ hand formed a fist.

“I never told you before. But there’s something you need to know about Seifer,” Namie told.

Roxas turned around and listened to her story.


Author's Note: Cliffhanger, mwahaha! This was probably my worst chapter ever. Right now I'm doing my best to end off this story. I'm even erasing a few of my planned events because I think this story is going to take to long if I do. Sorry again I took so long to update! Please review!

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