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Chapter Twenty Four: Are You in Like With Me?

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!


I… I like…” Naminé began blushing madly. This was her chance to tell him!

Yes?” Roxas leaned in closer so he could hear.

I…I can’t tell you!” Naminé just made a run for it.

Okay there…” Roxas sighed. “Who could she like…?”

Naminé just began cussing at herself, “I’m so stupid!”


Just like any other day during June in Twilight Town, it was hot outside. Roxas was hanging out with the guys at the skate park that day, so Naminé was just hanging out with Namie in her room. Naminé was always the type to forgive after five minutes or so when it came to her close friends. Namie didn’t even particularly know that Naminé was jealous about Roxas and her, but it seemed to be in the past now.

Naminé was just rummaging through her closet while Namie was just writing a story in the notebook she brought along on top of Naminé’s bed.

“This is gay; I’ve got writer’s block right at the climax!” Namie complained as she was about to tear her notebook apart.

“Aha! I found it!” Naminé exclaimed.

Namie quickly forgot about her problem and looked at Naminé, “Found what?”

“I found my oldphoto album!” Naminé continued to smile with glee.

“Cool, can I see?” Naminé nodded and passed it towards Namie. “Why were you looking for it anyway?”

“I just wanted to see how my childhood friend looked like again because I wanted to know if he was in Twilight Town,” Naminé told.

Namie just began flipping through the pages as Naminé sat on her bed beside her friend.

“You look so cute! What ever happened to you?” Namie said sarcastically.

“Shut up! Same could be said about you seeing how we look alike!” Naminé glared.

“I’m just kidding, but you do look so cute like those chibi anime characters!” Namie assured jokingly with a smile. “Ooh, who’s this boy you’re holding hands with?”

“He’s my childhood friend,” Naminé blushed. “Too bad I can’t remember his name…”

“I think I might know who he is…” Namie grinned.

“Really, who?” Naminé was just too excited to even analyze the situation as a joke or not.

“His name is-” Namie was cut off as the two heard the door open.

“Hi Naminé! Hey Namie!” Roxas greeted as he walked over to his side of the room to put away his skateboard.

“Hey Roxas!” Namie greeted back with a smiled.

“Who cares about Roxas? You see the guy all the time! Now tell me!” Naminéyelled as she shook her friend by the shoulders.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say Naminé,” Roxas pouted slightly at the insult.

As Namie finally got Naminé to stop shaking her,she stood up and grabbed her bag.

“Sorry, I’ll tell you later. He’s already here anyways, and I told my cousin I’d go to the mall with her at three o’clock!” Namie waved goodbye as she went out the door.

“Who’s here? Wait, I need to know!” Naminé was about to chase after to her, but Roxas grabbed her wrist.

“Huh?” Naminé turned around.

“Wait, I want to tell you something,” Roxas said as he slowly let go of her hand.

“What is it?”

“I…” Roxas took a deep breath. “Ahh…you know what forget it…” Roxas blushed as he scratched the back of his head.

“Roxas! You made me miss my only chance!” Naminé exclaimed in an over dramatic way as she dropped to her knees.

“I’m sorry,” Roxas sighed.

“It’s okay.” Naminé sighed along as she stood up. “I can’t get mad at you anyways,” she smiled, causing Roxas to blush.

“Hey, those are your old photo albums on your bed right?” Roxas asked as he pointed at the books containing pictures.

“Yeah, what about it?” Naminé asked she and Roxas walked into the dorm room again.

“Can I see them?” Roxas asked again.

“Sure, but I have to see yours too!” Naminé told with her arms crossed.

“Okay, just let me get them. “ Roxas went over to his closet and took out his photo albums that contained his childhood memories.

The two switched albums and sat on their own separate beds as they began to look through.

“Are these pictures of you and your old friends from Destiny Islands?” Roxas asked as he pointed towards the group of friends including Naminé.

“Yeah,” Naminé nodded. “Aww…you and the gang look so cute when you were in the third grade!” Naminé commented as she saw the year it was taken on the corner of the picture.

“We were all so young,” Roxas smiled faintly as he continued to reminisce.

“Aww…I feel left out seeing how I only met you guys last year,” Naminé pouted childishly.

“Hehe, sorry!” Roxas laughed.

“Huh?” Naminé squinted her eyes to take a closer look.

“What is it?” Roxas stood up and sat beside Naminé to see the picture.

“Who’s this girl?” Naminé still continued to have a bewildered face as she stared down at the photo.

“Oh, that’s just me and the childhood friend that I’m looking for,” Roxas told as he pointed atthe little girlin the picture.

“N-no way…that looks exactly like me and my childhood friend that I’m looking for!” Naminé debated as she pointed at the little version of Roxas in the photo.

“What are you talking about? This is my photo album and that’s my childhood friend with me,” Roxas told as he referred to the little girl in the picture.

“But that girl is me! I just know it is!” Naminé got off her bed and stood up from her bed. “I’m sure I’ve seen this picture before. Wait, give me my photo album.”

Roxas wore the same expression on his face as he passed her the photos. Naminé began flipping through with her face shocked as she stared at the same picture in her photos. She took Roxas’ book and her own and laid it both down on the floor to examine both.

“We both have replicas of the same exact photos…” Roxas stated as he looked through the pages of picture. Both books starting from the age of three to the age of four were the same exact pictures in both albums. This couldn’t be just a coincidence, could it?

“I am totally confused!” Roxas said as he held his head with both hands.

“B-but didn’t you say your childhood friend went to Traverse Town?” Naminé said as she continued to look at the duplicated pictures.

“Yeah, but now none of it makes sense anymore!” Roxas said as he pointed at his book.

“I think I should call my parents…I need an answer and quick!” Naminé stated as she took the nearby wireless phone by their study table.

She quickly grabbed her phone and dialed her mom’s number. It took a few minutes before someone picked it up.

“Mom?” Naminé said though the mouthpiece.

“Oh Naminé, is that you? It’s been so long since you called!” her mother said happily.

“Mom, we moved straight from Twilight Town to Destiny Islands when I was little right?” Naminé said hoping she was sure.

“Not really, I never did tell you did I?”

“Tell me what?” Naminé said as she took a seat on the computer chair. Roxas kept giving quizzical looks at Naminé as he wanted to know how the conversation was going.

“See after we moved we were actually planning to stay in Traverse Town. We actually lived there a couple of weeks, but then your father and I thought it would have been better to move to Destiny Islands because you weren’t exactly the healthiest child when you were younger,” her mother explained through the phone.

“Oh yeah, now I remember…” Naminé said as her memories slowly came rushing back. (A/N: I thought it would look more professional or whatever if I didn't put, "Flash Back" and all that.)

Hehe, Naminé catch!” a little blonde boy laughed as he threw the ball towards her.

Naminé was about to catch the ball until a wave of dizziness hit her. Suddenly the little blonde girl fainted.

Naminé? Naminé!” the boy cried out worriedly as he kneeled down to her side, “Mom! I think Naminé’s hurt!” Everything just blacked out for Naminé.

She was soon rushed to the hospital seeing that something had come over her. As soon as she felt better people were allowed to enter the room to visit her.

Naminé, are you going to be okay?” the boy asked sadly as he took a seat near her bed.

I feel better…I’m always sick, I hate it…” Naminé pouted sadly.

It’s okay, I’m always here for you!” the blonde boy gave her a cheesy grin.

Hehe, thanks –” Naminé smiled.

The rest of memory was a blur seeing how she couldn’t remember the boy’s name.

“Naminé? Naminé, are you still there?” Naminé mother said as she snapped her daughter out of her trance.

“Yeah, I’m still here,” Naminé smiled in an assuring way even though her mom couldn’t see.

“Oops, I have to go! I might be late for an appointment!” her mom said her goodbye as the connection was soon lost.

“So what did you find out?” Roxas asked as Naminé stood up from her seat.

“I lived in Traverse Town before I went to live in Destiny Islands,” Naminé told with a confused voice. She was still shocked from the information she received.

“Really? Does that mean you’re my-?” Roxas was cut off.

“I don’t know…all I know is, that I give up,” Naminé told. “I just want to think about the future. We should stop living in the past Roxas. We can’t stop giving other people chances because we keep waiting for that someone. What happens when we do find them? Do you really think they’ll love us back? I mean, isn’t that the reason you and Namie...you know?”

“Yeah, that is the reason why she broke up with me,” Roxas had a saddened expression if his eyes.

“What I mean is, even if we aren’t the promise childhood friends. That didn’t stop you from liking me, did it?” Naminé smirked as she looked at Roxas.

“True, I still do!” he grinned at her. “Even if you don’t look at me that way,” Roxas took a step closer to her and took both her hands and held it.

The blonde girl blushed, “The truth is Roxas, I like-” Naminé was cut short from her sentence as someone entered the room.

“Hey guys, we’re planning to see a movie, wanna come? We’re going right now!” Selphie told as she barged into the unlocked room. The Hyper brunette didn't notice the two holding hands, luckily.

Roxas and Naminé turned their heads to face the hyper brunette girl. It took a while for the information to process seeing how they were both in a conversation.

“Sure!” Naminé agreed with a smile.

“Okay, good. Meet us downstairs!” Selphie closed the door and left.

“So what were you going to say?” Roxas asked as he continued to hold her hands.

“Umm…the moment’s kind of lost. I’ll tell you later,” Naminé frowned slightly as she let go of his gentle grip.

Roxas sighed; he really wanted to stay in that position a little while longer. The two soon went downstairs to meet with their group friends.


A week passed and it was still the same as ever, but Roxas still pondered on what Naminé was going to say…

Who does she like…?” Roxas continued to wonder as he was still on his bed. “Maybe she likes…

“ROXAS! Get up! You promised me yesterday you’d hang out with Namie and me!” Naminé said as she whacked him violently with a pillow which startled the blonde boy.

“Fine! You don’t have to hurt me…” Roxas sighed as he went to the bathroom. As soon as he got out he was dressed and ready to got out where ever Naminé and Namie were going to take him.

Roxas and Naminé soon went out of the dormitory and met up with Namie by the train station where they went to the shopping district. The school was in the residential district so they always had to take a car a train to get to the shopping area.

“So Naminé, do you still want to know who the guy is?” Naminé whispered into Naminé’s ear. Roxas was behind the two girls as the three walked down the street, so of course he didn't hear anything.

“No, forget it. I’m happily infatuated with the guy behind us!” Naminé giggled. She knew that Namie knew about how she felt about Roxas by now.

Namie just laughed along as Roxas gave the two a confused face.

“Huh, what’s happening? What’s so funny?” Roxas asked. He felt left out of the conversation.

“Nothing!” the two girls said in unison causing them to laugh again.

“You guys are mean,” Roxas pouted as he put one arm each around them in a friendly way.

“As a matter a fact we are girls, not guys!” Namie stated.

“Yup!” Naminé nodded along. The three walked towards a fountain where there were less people; the blondes took a seat by the edge of the fountain because every other bench was occupied.

Naminé sighed, “It’s a lot more peaceful here seeing how it’s only eleven o’clock.”

“Yeah, true,” Namie agreed with a smile as she watched a few people pass by with a few children.

Suddenly they all started hearing a ring tone.

“Huh?” they all said in unison.

“Oh, it’s my phone,” Roxas stated as he flipped his cell phone open. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, silly! Don’t you ever check that caller ID feature on your phone?”

“Mom?” Roxas gave a bewildered look.

“Mrs. Hikari?” Namie said with an arched eyebrow.

“You know his mom?” Naminé asked.

“Yeah, I met her a couple of times before,” Namie nodded.

“So how are you?” Roxas’ mom asked her son.

“I’m fine, I’m actually hanging out with a few friends,” Roxas told.

“That’s great. I was just wondering if you’ve found that promise girl yet.”

“No, I haven’t found her yet,” Roxas sighed.

Naminé felt hurt inside knowing he was still looking for her, but it was just natural right?

Namie gave a worried look as she stared at Naminé; she knew exactly how she felt, “Hey Naminé…”

“What you know her name and where she is!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Yes, her name is N-beep,” the connection was lost with a press of a button.

“What the? Naminé what did you do that for!” Roxas exclaimed knowing to well that all hope was lost. He was so close, and then Naminé just had to press the button ending the call.

“I-I’m sorry,” Naminé apologized even though she knew it wouldn’t help at all.

“That was my chance! I could have found out, how could you?” Roxas yelled.

“Roxas!” Namie yelled back Roxas for being to ignorant.

“I just… you should’ve seen how your face lit up. Didn’t think just once how I would feel?” Naminé felt tears welling up in her eyes.

“Naminé…” How was Roxas supposed to know? He felt so guilty at the moment.

“You know what, forget it…” Naminé turned around and ran. She didn’t care which way.

She must have sounded so stupid and selfish for doing that. But, didn’t it ever occur to him that she felt the same way about him? Didn’t he think just once that those words he always told her meant something?

“Roxas, go after her before she does something stupid!” Namie yelled knowing all to well what the situation felt like in Naminé’s shoes.



Roxas just nodded seeing how he had to chase after the girl and how he was officially scared of his ex-girlfriend. The blonde boy started catching up to the girl, and Naminé knew this.

“Go away Roxas! Can’t you see I want to alone?” Naminé yelled.

“Naminé, wait!” Roxas yelled; he had to stop her.

Naminé wasn’t looking where she was going so she ended up tripping on the rough ground they entered.

“N…Naminé, I never knew you could run…so…fast,” Roxas panting for air.

“Roxas…”Naminé said sadly under her breath.

Roxas finally gained back enough strength to stand up straight, but instead he kneeled down to look at Naminé in the face.


“Stop…” Naminé could feel a few tear running down her face.


“Stop doing that!” Naminé exclaimed.

Roxas gave her a bewildered look, but she still continued to look angry.

“You always do this! You can never pick just one girl! You tell me you like me, but then suddenly you start chasing after another! What the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled in his face.

“I…I just…”

“Roxas I like you too okay! Get that straight in your head! I LIKE YOU!”

Roxas was shocked, but he smiled. “I’m sorry I just didn’t know, I like you more than just a friend too okay,” Roxas pulled her in to a hug and Naminé smiled andhugged him back.

After several minutes passed they were soon interrupted.

“Hey guys! How could you leave me alone like that?” Namie asked with sarcasm in her voice.

“Haha, sorry,” Naminé smiled as she and Roxas let go of each other.

“Just kidding, see I’m such a good matchmaker with you two!” Namie grinned.

“You set us up?” Roxas exclaimed.

“With your mom too! She’s just great isn’t she?” Namie continued to grin, “You guys are the childhood friends, so how could she resist not helping me?” Namie laughed.

“We are? How did you know?” Naminé gave Namie a confused look.

“First of all I’m kinda friends with Roxas’ mom, so she told me a long time ago. And then all of a sudden I meet you and the beginning of the summer knowing all of this! Why did you think I always supported you two from the start?” Namie smirked, “And if you don’t believe me, then your photo albums say enough. You did tell me about that crazy coincidence yesterday.”

“Thanks!” Naminé laughed as she and Roxas got up from the ground.

“Now let’s go! I really need some food after all that running!” Namie complained seeing how it was already five minutes to one.

“Haha, sure!” Roxas smiled as the three walked away to find a restaurant.

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