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Chapter Twenty Two: Boyfriend?

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!

Disclaimer: I wish I owned the KH series, but sadly I don’t. I only own Natsuki and Namie, who happen to be my OCs (original characters for you people who don't know!).


Naminé, it’s okay. The lightning is far away,” he assured as he faced the girl. Naminé felt a little bit for safer with Roxas’ comforting words and the two fell asleep.

Moments later the thunder and lightning passed and Roxas’ eyes slowly opened.

She’s asleep,” Roxas thought, “guess I better go back.”

As he was about to step out, he felt something on his arm, “Huh?” Naminé was fast asleep, but it seemed she was clinging onto Roxas’ arm.

Roxas sighed; “Guess staying the night wouldn’t hurt.” He slowly put the blanket over him and Naminé again. He just stared at her. She looked so peaceful as she slept. Roxas could still see a few tear stains on her face, but at least she was okay now.

Roxas smiled and brushed her bangs away from her face. Naminé was so beautiful to him, “I wish you were my promise girl…” he thought. Roxas stared at the sleeping girl one last time before he slowly closed his eye lids, leaving him to fall in a deep sleep.


The sun’s rays shined through the window glass. Naminé’s eyes slowly fluttered open to see a familiar boy’s face that was only a few inches from her own. The blonde girl looked around to see what was touching her, to find Roxas’ arms wrapped around her slim figure.

She couldn’t help but smile at him. At least he stayed the whole night instead of leaving her after she fell asleep. He looked so peaceful, just like the last time before he left. The blonde boy was so cute, soon a smirk appeared on her lips, “I wonder if this’ll wake him up...” she thought. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek causing him to groan before opening his eyes.

“Good morning,” she smiled.

“Morning,” he was about to get up until Naminé stopped him.



“Let’s stay like this, just a little longer…please?”

“Okay,” Roxas smiled as they both closed their eyes again.

Suddenly their bedroom door opened revealing a familiar brunette girl and blonde boy.

“Hey guys wanna eat breakfa-” Olette paused.

“OH MY GOSH! They’re at it AGAIN!” Hayner exclaimed as he turned around to reveal the news to the others.

Luckily Olette pulled Hayner into the room before he started a commotion down the hall. Naminé and Roxas sighed in disappointment as they sat up on the bed.

“We didn’t do it okay!” Naminé yelled as a blush crept onto her cheeks.

“I knew I shouldn’t have given Hayner a spare key before I left…” Roxas sighed.

“Anyways, we’re gonna wait for you outside the hall if you want to eat breakfast with us, okay?” Olette informed the two.

“Okay,” Naminé said as she got out of the bed.

Olette and Hayner soon left the room and waited for the two as Naminé and Roxas quickly changed into some decent outside clothes. Naminé brought along her side bag before leaving the room.

The two blondes soon went out of then room to meet up with Hayner and Olette in the hallway, where all four of them proceed downstairs towards the dormitory cafeteria. Roxas and Naminé found out that the rest of the gang was already somewhere hanging out while Olette and Hayner decided to stay behind and wait for the two.

“So Naminé, what do you want to do today?” Roxas asked before finishing up the rest of his sugar-enhanced cereal.

“Oh, I’m meeting someone today. I gotta go now actually, or I’m gonna be late. Bye!” Naminé grabbed the bag she carried downstairs and ran out of the building.

“I wonder where she’s off to…” Roxas said as he watched her run out of the cafeteria.

“She told me before that she has been hanging out with Seifer a lot after you left,” Olette told as she finished up her breakfast.

“SEIFER!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Or maybe her new boyfriend!” Hayner grinned before he drank the rest of his orange juice.

“B-boyfriend! Naminé has a boyfriend?” Roxas choked out.

“A lot has happened when you left. I mean five months is along enough time for someone to move on,” Hayner continued to tease.

“She does not have a boyfriend!” Olette exclaimed defending her blonde friend.

“Then who do you think she’s been going out with whenever she doesn’t hang out with us?” Hayner said slyly.

“She clearly stated that person was a girl yesterday,” Olette glared.

“You never know,” Hayner shrugged, “C’mon Roxas, we could see what Naminé’s been doing all this time.”

“No way! That’s going against Naminé’s privacy!” Roxas exclaimed.

“That’s right Roxas!” Olette added.

“Fine, let Naminé get taken away by another guy,” Hayner said as he began walking away, “For all you know…that guy’s Seifer.”

Roxas stood up from his seat, “That’s it! We’re going after Naminé!” a triumphant smirk appeared on the Hayner’s face.

“Roxas! Hayner’s just getting to you. Think about how Naminé would feel,” Olette warned.

Roxas wasn’t even paying attention as he walked away with Hayner to find Naminé.

“Might as well come along…” Olette grumbled as she followed behind the two.


Naminé looked around the Town Common where she was supposed to meet her friend. Soon she saw someone familiar on their scooter.

“Hey Naminé,” Natsuki greeted as she slowly stopped on her scooter.

“What happened to your hair?” Naminé exclaimed as she saw Natsuki’s blonde locks through her hat.

“I told you I wanted my natural hair color back,” she laughed.

“Yeah, but what’s with the skirt and accessories? You look like a girly girl!”

“My cousin thought that after the hair, I deserved a complete makeover…It was horrible,” Natsuki laughed.

“I see, but you look so cute!” Naminé complimented as she made an impression of Kairi and Selphie.

“Shut up, and let’s go already!” Natsuki blushed in embarrasment as she dragged her friend. Naminé just laughed at her friend's reaction.

Behind a few groups of people were Roxas, Hayner and Olette spying on the two.

“Wow, who’s that?” Hayner grinned, but the remark was only accompanied by Olette’s fist. “Oww…” Hayner rubbed his arm.

“But seriously, I wonder who that girl is…” Roxas said as he watched the two girls walk away.

“Yeah, Naminé hasn’t introduced us to her new friend,” Olette stated. “But at least we know Hayner was wrong about the whole boyfriend thing.”

“What can I say, it was a possibility,” Hayner grinned.Roxas just glared at his best friend.

“Now that were here in the Tram Common, why don’t we go shopping,” Olette smiled. The two boys just groaned knowing that they had no other choice.


As the two blonde girls walked down the street, they had at least three or more bags per hand.

“I finally have new wheels for my scooter!” Natsuki giggled.

“You act like you never went shopping before!” Naminé laughed.

“I actually hate shopping, but you made it fun for once!” Natsuki laughed along.

“Me too, but Kairi changed that,” Naminé smiled.

“Kairi?” Natsuki raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, she’s my friend,” Naminé told, “Hey since were close to the dormitory, why don’t we go there?”

“Sure,” Natsuki smiled.


“Wow, looks like things haven’t changed at all…” Natsuki said as she walked inside Naminé’s room.

“You went to this school before?” Naminé asked as she put her shopping bags in her closet.

“Yeah, but I moved last year.” Natsuki told as she took off her hat.

“Really?” Naminé closed the closet, “Oh, I just remembered I ran out of soda. I’ll go get some right now, you just stay here.”

“Okay,” Natsuki nodded. As Naminé left the room, Natsuki couldn’t help but look around.

On top of the dresser, Natsuki noticed a picture frame. She took it and smiled, “This must be Naminé and – huh?” she stared at the spiky-blonde boy who had his arm around Naminé’s shoulder.

As she continued to examine the picture, Natsuki didn’t even notice the door open.

Naminé?” Roxas thought as she entered the door. “Maybe I should surprise her…” he grinned.

The blonde boy slowly crept up to the unexpecting blonde. As Natsuki placed the picture down, she felt someone hug her from behind.

“What’s up?” Roxas softly in her ear.

Natsuki blushed madly, she could feel his hot breath down her neck and she could also smell his cologne. On top of that, the boy was hugging her!

“R…Roxas, i...is that you?” Natsuki felt her heart racing, she couldn’t believe it.

“Of course it’s me. You act like you haven’t seen me since forever,” he smiled as he continued to hold her.

Suddenly the door opened, “Hey, Natsuki I got the soda- … R…Roxas?” Naminé stuttered out. Her eyes were wide in shock as she saw the boy hugging her friend.

“What the? Two Naminés?” Roxas eyes kept switching to both girls.

“Roxas?” Natsuki turned around to stare at the boy.

“I’m sorry for interrupting!” Naminé dropping the cans of pop and ran out the room. She ran down the hall until she came to a turn and her back was leaning against the wall. Her heartbeat was faster than usual and she was breathing at a rapid pace.

Roxas and Natsuki? Natsuki and Roxas? What’s happening?” Naminé thought. She took one last deep breath, “Maybe I should let them explain before I start assuming the worst.” Naminé started slowly walking back to the room.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I hugged you!” Roxas exclaimed as he let go of Natsuki.

“Hug? Roxas you used to make out with me!” Natsuki told as she had her hands on her hips.

“I…I need to go the bathroom!” Roxas quickly rushed to the bathroom nearby.

He was gripping the sink and breathed heavily.

“Oh my gosh! I…her… Naminé saw her and me…and...oh my gosh!” Roxas opened the faucet and let the cold water run as he splashed the water on his face. He took his white towel as he wiped his face.

I kissed that Naminé-look-alike before?” Roxas thought, “Unless she’s…

Roxas opened the bathroom door to get out and Naminé also came into the room.

“I…uh…” The two blushed as Natsuki smirked.

I see how it is…” Natsuki thought as the memory of the picture frame appeared in her recent memories.

“I have to go!” As Naminé was about to open the door again, Roxas stopped her.

“Wait, let me explain!” Roxas said as he held her wrist.

“O…Okay then,” the three then took a seat on the beds.

“Okay, this is what happened,” Roxas started, “I had just gotten out of shopping with Olette and Hayner, so I went back to the room. I thought his girl,” Roxas pointed as Natsuki, “was you, so I hugged her as joke and that’s about when you came in.”

“Ooh!” Naminé blushed. She felt like an idiot thinking it was something else.

“Now that you know, who the heck is your friend?” Roxas exclaimed.

“Roxas, don’t tell me you don’t remember!” Natsuki pouted.

“You know him?” Naminé raised an eyebrow; now she was really confused.

“I’m his ex, Namie,” she smiled.

“NAMIE?” the two exclaimed in unison.

“B-But you said your name was Natsuki!” Naminé said in confusion.

“Yeah, it’s my last name, Namie Natsuki. It’s just because of my past with Roxas, that I hate being called by my first name sometimes.”

“Wait, you can’t be Namie! Namie has green eyes,” Roxas stated.

“You know I wear contacts Roxie!” Namie took out one of her contact lens causing her to look bi-colored, “See!”

“Oh,” the two started to understand everything.

“This is so weird and confusing!” Naminé exclaimed as she held her head.

“I still can't believe it's you! Welcome back Namie. I’m glad to see you again!” Roxas smiled with a blush.

“Me too!” Namie smiled back as her cheeks had a hue of pink.

Naminé couldn’t help but feel jealous, “What the heck is wrong with me…” she thought as she stared at the two, “shouldn’t I be happy for them?

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