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Chapter Twenty One: A Spark in the Sky

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!


Your friend Haruna is feeling well now, right?” Roxas asked referring to his mom’s ill friend.

Yes, she’s supposed to be out of the hospital soon,” his mom replied.

I have to go to Twilight Town then! Mom I think I can finally meet her again, I promised her!” Roxas said with determination in his eyes.

I understand,” his mother smiled. He was so devoted, how could she say no.

I’ll start packing then!” Roxas grinned as he ran towards his room.

Wait, don’t you want to know,” he was already out of sight, “her name…” she finished off. “Oh whatever, he’ll find out on his own,” she laughed before continuing her book.


It was another day in June. Today the Sun was up high and the heat was rising just as usual. Most of the residence of Twilight Town was eating Sea Salt Ice Cream to cool down.

Just as usual, Naminé and Natsuki were strolling down at Tram Common which was located at the shopping district.

“I think I used up all my munny!” Naminé laughed.

“Yeah, same here! There’s too many video games to choose!” Natsuki laughed along.

“Yeah, that’s why you took like the whole shelf!” Naminé continued to joke.

“What? video games are my main weakness, next to Sea Salt Ice Cream of course!”

“Hey look at the clock tower! I never noticed you could see it from here!” Naminé said in awe as she stared in the distance.

“Hey Naminé its 2:00, I have to go now. I told my cousin I’d go and hang out with her for the rest of the afternoon, sorry!” Natsuki smiled hoping it would lighten up the mood.

“Don’t worry, I told my friends I’d meet them too. See ya!” Naminé assured.

Natsuki just smiled again before going off in her scooter. Just as Naminé was waving goodbye she heard her name being called from behind her.

“Huh?” Naminé turned around to see Kairi and the gang walking up to her.

“Hey Naminé,” Kairi greeted as the group reached the blonde girl.

“Hey guys!” Naminé smiled.

“Who was that guy you were with?” Tidus grinned expecting it to be Naminé’s boyfriend or something.

“That wasn’t a guy! She’s a girl, and and her name is Natsuki!” Naminé exclaimed in rage.

“Sorry!” Tidus apologized.

“You’re so stupid Tidus,” Selphie sighed. Tidus just stuck his tongue out at Selphie childishly after her remark.

“Is she cute?” Hayner grinned. Olette and Naminé just shot a death glare at him, “Uhh…forget that.”

“Anyways…now that were all here, where are we off to first?” Riku asked.

“How about the mall? I mean we did check out all the stores here already,” Sora stated.

“Yeah!” the all agreed as they walked off to the mall.

Back in the dormitory…

“Wow, nothing’s changed at all,” the boy smiled to himself as he walked inside the building.


The gang was all lounging around the benches as they watched the many people pass by. After three whole hours of Olette and Selphie dragging them from store to store, they finally rest and was enjoying their Sea Salt Ice Cream they got from a local ice cream parlor.

“This is so boring! Can we please do something else?” Selphie complained as she threw her popsicle stick the garbage can.

“Let’s just go back to the dorms then. Even if it is only five o’clock,” Pence suggested.

They all nodded in agreement as all stood up from their seat to walk back towards the direction of the dormitory. When they were inside the building, an idea came into Hayner’s head.

“Hey guys, I say we watch a movie later atsix in one of our rooms!” Hayner grinned.

“Yeah sure!” Sora nodded.

“We should all meet in the hallway later; I mean I do want to freshen up first!” Olette laughed.

“Okay then, at ten to six we all meet up with each other in Naminé’s room because it’s the only one that allows boys and girls without breaking the school rules!” Riku told.

“My room!” Naminé glared at all of them.

“Yeah, your room!” Selphie cheered.

“Fine then,” Naminé sighed, she was always a push over that way.

They all agreed to the plan and parted ways to go back to their rooms.

“What a day…” Naminé sighed as she closed her bedroom door.

“Tell me about it? And here I thought you guys would at least yell in my ear, ‘Welcome back!’” a blonde haired boy laughed from the other side of the room.

Naminé looked towards the direction of the voice, “R-Roxas?” her eyes were wide from shock after seeing the blonde haired boy.

“How’ve you been Naminé?” Roxas smiled.

“Roxas!” Naminé just ran up to him and gave him a hug, “I missed you so much! How come you never told me when you were coming back?” Naminé was filled with so much joy seeing the blonde boy again.

“Sort of a last minute thing, I kind of forgot but whatever. I’m just glad to see you again,” Roxas smiled warmly as he returned the hug.

The cute and happy reunion was interrupted when they heard the door open.

“Hey Naminé, we wanted to know what movie you wanted to-Roxas?” Olette paused. The whole gang was behind the brunette and was also surprise at the person they just saw.

“ROXAS, YOU’RE BACK!” they all yelled as they ran up to him.

“We have to celebrate!” Hayner exclaimed.

Roxas had his arm around Naminé’s shoulder as they began to laugh at everyone’s sudden reaction.

Soon everyone left the room but came back with sodas, snacks, and all the party goods.

“It’s party time!” Tidus cheered.

The whole gang was so happy to see the one and only Roxas back in Twilight Town.

Riku brought in his radio and everyone else provided the CD’s they could listen to, so they could liven up the party.

“So Roxas, did you bring back those souvenirs you promised?” Selphie grinned.

“Yeah of course; how could I forget when you keep on flooding my e-mail?” Roxas laughed. He went to his closet and pulled out a bunch of t-shirts, candy, jewelry, and everything else he got from Hallow Bastion.

“Thanks Roxas!” Wakka thanked.

“I love candy!” Selphie continued to smile as she kept stuffing the candies mouth with the colorful treats.

"You're welcome," Roxas smiled.

"Hey, we should take picture for some memories," Pence suggested as he got his camera ready.

"Sure," Roxas agreed.

Since Pence had one of those camera's where the photos came out instantly, everyone was having fun doing some random poses. They all had a group shot with everyone in it. There was also some photos with just Kairi and Sora together, and the rest had pictures taken with their best friends. Roxas took a shot with his arm around the blushing Naminé.

"You guys should put that in a picture frame!" Olette suggested as Pence handed the photo over to Naminé.

"Sure, I have on in my closet," Naminé took out a light blue picture frame to put the cute photo of herself and Roxas.

"You guys looks so cute together!" Selphie squealed. Roxas and Naminé just blushed.

Soon it was time for all of them to go, so the gang all helped clean up and left the two blondes alone.

“It’s great to have you back,” Naminé smiled.

“It’s great to be back,” Roxas smiled back.

The had a brief silence between them two as they continued to smile at each other, but soon they began hearing the rain pour outside.

“Wow, it hasn’t rained for weeks,” Naminé said as she stared out the window.

“We should go to sleep now. I mean it is eleven o’clock already,” Roxas told.

“Yeah sure, but I’m changing in the bathroom first,” Naminé said. She quickly grabbed her pajamas in her closet and went inside the bathroom. Like always Roxas changed in the outside as usual.

Both of them soon finished changing and Naminé came outside of the bathroom. The rain seemed to fall harder and harder as time passed by.

“Looks like we’re gonna have a thunderstorm tonight,” Roxas sighed as he stood beside his bed.

“T-thunderstorm?” Naminé stuttered. Suddenly as if on cue thunder began to boom and the all the lights in the room went out, “Eek!” Naminé squeaked.

“Dammit, now all the lights are out!” Roxas groaned in annoyance as he got into bed.

Naminé did the same and pulled her cover over her. Suddenly lightning flashed through the room and was followed by thunder. Naminé turned the other way to make sure she wasn’t facing Roxas. Roxas, on the other hand was about to fall asleep until he heard quiet sobs coming from the other side of the room.

“Naminé?” Roxas turned over to face the girl. A loud boom of thunder came after the lightning came crashing down again. This caused Naminé’s cries to become louder.

“Naminé what’s wrong?” Roxas asked sympathetically.

“I…I’m scared of thunder! I’m scared of lightning!” she said through her sobs.

“What, you never told me!”

“That’s because there was never any thunderstorms when you were here!” she yelled back.

“If you’re gonna yell, then forget it!” he argued back.

Another bolt of lightning came and was accompanied by the thunder. More tears began streaming from the frightened artist, but she bit her lip so she could quiet down her sobs.

“Naminé?” Roxas couldn’t help but give in. He always felt guilty when he heard a girl’s cry.

“C-can you…” Naminé paused as a blush came across her cheeks, “Can you sleep beside me?”

“W-What?” Roxas was totally caught off guard.

“Please, just for tonight?” she begged, “I’m scared to death over here!”

“Okay,” he began blushing as he stepped over to her bed.

The two had their backs facing each other. Naminé couldn’t help but feel safer knowing he was close by. When the next thunder and lightning came, Naminé jumped a little startling Roxas.

“Naminé, it’s okay. The lightning is far away,” he assured as he faced the girl. Naminé felt a little bit for safer with Roxas’ comforting words and the two fell asleep.

Moments later the thunder and lightning passed and Roxas’ eyes slowly opened.

She’s asleep,” Roxas thought, “guess I better go back.

As he was about to step out, he felt something on his arm, “Huh?” Naminé was fast asleep, but it seemed she was clinging onto Roxas’ arm.

Roxas sighed; “Guess staying the night wouldn’t hurt.” He slowly put the blanket over him and Naminé again. He just stared at her. She looked so peaceful as she slept. Roxas could still see a few tear stains on her face, but at least she was okay now.

Roxas smiled and brushed her bangs away from her face. Naminé was so beautiful to him, “I wish you were my promise girl…” he thought. Roxas stared at the sleeping girl one last time before he slowly closed his eye lids, leaving him to fall in a deep sleep.

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