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Chapter Twenty: Photo Albums

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!


So Natsuki, where are you off to?” Naminé asked.

Hmm…I don’t know,” Natsuki shrugged.

How about we go to the Tram Common, that place has more shops than the actual mall!” Naminé suggested.

Sure!” Natsuki said in a hyper manner.

She acts like Selphie!” Naminé thought, “Looks like my vacation isn’t going to be as boring as I thought.”


A week has passed, and even though Kairi and the rest came back, Naminé always seemed to want to hang out with her new friend Natsuki. Even though it has been two whole weeks since she had met her, she felt like Natsuki was the sister she never had. Everyone had best friends in the group except for Naminé, so she naturally got closer to her.

At the moment Naminé was hanging out in the house Natsuki was staying in.

“Natsuki, you still never told me where you live. I do want to send you letters when you go back home,” Naminé told. The two girls were just chatting away as they sat on Natsuki’s bed.

“Really, well I live in Traverse Town,” Natsuki replied.

“Do you have a boyfriend there?” Naminé grinned. It seemed Selphie’s nosey influence was beginning to rub off on her.

“No!” Natsuki blushed, "I haven't had one for a while..." her eyes began filling with sadness but she quickly changed the subject though, “Hey Naminé, I was thinking of dying my hair color back to what it originally was, what do you think?” she said as she took of her hair tie making her black hair go down.

“What was your original hair color?” Naminé knew she was hiding something but she let it slip.

“Blonde, it actually looks like yours,” Natsuki replied.

“Really, have any pictures?

“Yeah,” Natsuki pulled out a photo album from on of the bags under her bed and handed it over to Naminé.

As Naminé began flipping through the pages and noticed something weird, “You look like my TWIN!”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Natsuki laughed.

"Hey, what are you holding in this picture?" Naminé pointed at the yellow object in the photo.

"You mean the star keychain?"

"Yeah," Naminé told.

"It was pretty popular when I used to live at Twilight Town, so I of course I have one!" Natsuki smiled as pulled the keychain out of her pocket.

"Oh yeah they were!" Naminé remembered.

"I remember, almost every kid had one," Natsuki told.

"Oh, I have one too!" Naminé pulled her identical one out of herbag, "a boy gave it to me when I was a lot younger," Naminé smiled warmly as she thought of her childhood promise boy.

"Oh really?" a slight smirk appeared in Natsuki's face but Naminé didn't notice.

Naminé glanced at the battery operated clack on Natsuki’s desk, “Oh I have to go now, I told my friends I’d shop with them. Wanna come? I could introduce you.”

“Sorry, I told my cousin I’d go to the movies with her.”

“Okay then, see you later!” Naminé waved goodbye as she walked out of the house.


“Stupid Axel…he just had to trip me while I was on my skateboard…” Roxas groaned as he walked inside his house. His favorite pair of pants had a slight rip on the knees, “Mom, I’m home!”

Roxas had just come back from the local park with his friends and was so exhausted that he walked over the nearby couch and flopped down on it as he left his skateboard beside the doorway.

“Oh hi Roxas!” his mother smiled at him before going back to the food she was cooking, “I almost forgot, one of your friends called. I think his name was Hayner.”

“Really? I guess I should go call him back,” Roxas groaned as stood up from his position and grabbed the wireless phone before going inside his room.

As he walked inside the messy bedroom, he sat on his bed and dialed his best friend’s cell phone number. Roxas could hear a ring, and then he heard a familiar voice.


“Hayner, it's Roxas.”

“Oh Roxas, I wanted to talk to you about something,” Hayner told.

“It’s about Olette again isn’t it?” Roxas grinned as he stared at his empty white walls. For some reason he knew the Hayner was probably blushing right about now and he was.

“Yeah…How did you know?” Hayner asked quizzically.

“First of all you’ve been calling me non-stop this week annoying the crap out of me with the same questions over and over!” Roxas exclaimed. It was true; he was actually starting to get pissed off.

“So help me then!” Hayner pleaded on the other side.

“I told like many times before: I suck when it comes girls, don’t ask me. Try asking Riku though, the guy’s a pimp!” Roxas laughed.

It was a true fact; Riku could make almost any girl faint from the overload of hotness if he did one of his trademark smirks. Even Roxas knew that at one point or another, the girls inhisgroup liked Riku. Now that he thought about it, did Naminé ever like the silver haired guy for even a brief second? Isn’t having silver hair unnatural for a boy his age? But wasn’t his gravity defying hair against the laws of nature too?

“Hello, Roxas? Are you gonna help me or not?” Hayner said snapping Roxas out of his pointless thoughts.

“Sorry, I have to go now.”

“But Roxas!”

“Bye Hayner!” with a single press of a button, the connection was lost.

Roxas put the phone back in its original place near the living room and went to the kitchen table where his mom seemed to be cooking something. His mother always liked experimenting with food, so it was always a different dinner every night.

As Roxas sat on the chair quietly thinking, buthis mom got suspicious, “What’s wrong now?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Roxas replied.

“Is it about that blonde girl again? You two looked so cute together! I still remember when you first met and-“

“Mom!” Roxas blushed from embarrassment. But when his mother did mention the girl, he began thinking again… “Umm…mom, do you know where those old photo albums are, you know the ones with my childhood?”

“Yes, actually I do. They’re in the top part of your closet,” she replied.

“Really, that’s awesome!” Roxas had a huge smile on his face as he ran towards his bedroom.

When Roxas got to his room he opened the stuffy closet. On the top compartment, he found a big and dusty red book inside. Roxas pulled the book out and blew all the dust off thinking it would look cool, but it sort of back fired when he started coughing. As soon as he regained composure he opened the old photo album.

Inside he saw pictures of his childhood. The first few pictures were of him when he was seven. There were lots of group pictures of himself, Hayner, Pence, and Olette, seeing how they all met in the first grade and became really good friends. That was also about the same time when he met his rival, Seifer.

Now that he thought about it, his cousin Sora didn’t move to Twilight Town until he was in the fifth grade. Roxas also didn’t meet Kairi and the others until grade seven, where Sora introduced them to him and the rest of the gang.

“So many memories,” Roxas smiled to himself. He continued to flip through the pages as he continued to reminisce about the past.

As he continued to look through the pages the pictures went further into the past. Roxas began to blush slightly as he saw the next page. There, a picture of when he was still four and his promise girl kissing him on the cheek. As he continued to look through, the memories came flooding back.


Roxas go on and play. I’ll be by the bench with the other parents,” his mother assured as she pushed the shy boy towards the play set with the other children.

It was a bright and sunny day with a slight breeze. Roxas’ mom thought they would go to the park seeing how great the weather was.

Roxas walked shyly towards the sandbox, but he noticed someone else there. It was a girl with a clean white dress; she had short blonde hair and big blue colored eyes. The girl stopped playing and turned her head to stare at the boy. Roxas blushed, “She’s so pretty!” he thought.

The blonde girl wiped her hands clean from the sand and ran up to the blushing boy and smiled.

What’s your name?” the little girl asked as she leaned in towards him with her hands behind her back.

Roxas…” he replied shyly.

Well Roxas, want to play with me?”


C’mon!” the little girl took his hand and brought him over to the sandbox.

You never told me your name,” Roxas said quietly as they molded the sand into a sandcastle.

Oops, I guess I forgot,” she smiled, “I’m –”

-End Flashback-

“Why can’t I remember her name…” Roxas sighed. Roxas left the photo album on his bed as he walked towards the living room.

His mother was sitting on the couch and seemed to be reading a book at the moment. He joined her, but the silence was just too much for him.

“Hey mom, you remember that girl, right? The one I used to hang out with when I was four,” Roxas asked to make sure.

His mom put a bookmark on the page she was reading a put the book down on the coffee table, “Yes, I did mention her not to long ago.”

“Do you remember her name?” Roxas asked.

“Sorry, but I do still keep in contact with her mother. I could call her if you want,” she told.

“YOU HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER!” Roxas exclaimed, “How come you never told me? I’ve been looking for her for years!”

“You never asked,” his mom said simply, “And either way, when I was trying to tell you once before, but you kept pushing me away saying that you would rather wait for her to come back.”

Roxas wasn’t really paying attention though, “Can you call her, PLEASE!” Roxas begged with his hands clasped together.

“Okay, okay! Just don’t start getting all dramatic with me,” his mom laughed. Roxas’ mom left the room. She came back with a phone book and dialed the phone number.

Roxas had a dreamy look on his face as he started thinking about the girl. After all these years he’ll finally figure out where’s she’s been all these years. “I wonder how she looks. She’s probably a lot more beautiful now…I can’t believe this is happening!” he thought.

Roxas’ mom soon put down the phone with a quick “goodbye!’

“So what happened? Will I be able to meet her or something?” Roxas kept adding more questions. He was just too amazed on how close he was of meeting her.

“Well, it seems both her parents are on business trips, so the phone call was short,” his mom replied.

“AND! Why couldn’t I talk to her?”

“Her mother said that she doesn’t live with them. She told me her daughter is in a town right now,” she explained.

“WHERE! What’s the town?”

“Twilight Town,” his mom answered.

Roxas just sat there dumbstruck. The girl, his promise girl was at Twilight Town. The Twilight Town where he lived almost every single day of his life until now. His Twilight Town, “Mom, I have to go back,” Roxas said as he was partly in a trance from all the mixed emotions.

“What? Go back where?”

“Your friend Haruna is feeling well now, right?” Roxas asked referring to his mom’s ill friend.

“Yes, she’s supposed to be out of the hospital soon,” his mom replied.

“I have to go to Twilight Town then! Mom I think I can finally meet her again, I promised her!” Roxas said with determination in his eyes.

“I understand,” his mother smiled. He was so devoted, how could she say no.

“I’ll start packing then!” Roxas grinned as he ran towards his room.

“Wait, don’t you want to know,” he was already out of sight, “her name…” she finished off. “Oh whatever, he’ll find out on his own,” she laughed before continuing her book.

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