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Chapter Seventeen: Promise

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!


Oh yeah, the mall! C’mon guess we better get going or else we won’t have anytime to hang out!” Kairi informed the gang.

To the mall!” Sora said dramatically as everyone went out the door.

As they all left the room, Selphie began talking to Naminé again.

So what happens when you two are alone together?” Selphie’s smile never seemed to stop.

Arg…” Naminé was going to have a long evening.


“What are you serious?” Hayner exclaimed. Roxas nodded his head sadly as he sighed.

The two blonde boys were in Hayner’s room alone having a private conversation.

“Well…” Hayner began scratching the back of his head, “You have to tell Naminé that you-”

“I know! I know…” Roxas sighed once more.

“You should ask the gang for some advice man…especially the girls!” Hayner suggested.

“The girls! They’ll make fun of me before they even start to pity me!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Well Naminé should know soon, I mean if she does mean that much to you,” Hayner told.

“Hmm…well, the gang is gonna figure out sooner or later, so I’ll just ask them for advice on how to tell Naminé…I guess…” Roxas just continued to sigh.

“Yes, now let’s go and find the gang,” Hayner said as he walked towards the door. Roxas nodded and followed his best friend.


Roxas and Hayner quickly found the group downstairs of the dorm rooms eating lunch by the mini cafeteria for students on the weekends.

“Hey gang!” Hayner greeted.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” Wakka asked.

“You see…” Roxas began blushing slightly.

Other students around the area were being really loud around their table as they walked passed the gang.

“What! It can’t be true!” Sora exclaimed.

“Roxas, why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Olette pouted.

“Because…I don’t know. So can you guys help me?” Roxas asked.

“Of course we can help you! The best way to tell a girl this kind of stuff is on a date!” Selphie squealed.

“A DATE?” Roxas exclaimed.

“Yeah, a date! That’s perfect, and when the time is right…you tell her!” Kairi smiled.

“I wonder how she’s gonna react…” Pence said.

“Probably confused like how I am!” Roxas groaned.

“So will you take her on a date?” Tidus asked.

“I guess…Well if I am, then I’ll see you guys later!” Roxas waved goodbye and walked towards his dorm room.


When Roxas reached his room, he opened the door to see Naminé drawing on her bed.

“Hey Naminé…” Roxas blushedas he greeted her.

“Hi Roxas,” Naminé at the moment was sketching but she quickly stopped as the boy called her name and sat down properly.

“Naminé, I was wondering if you could…” Roxas began turning red as he paused.

“What is it?” Naminé asked.

“I was wondering is you’d go on a date with me!” Roxas exclaimed. “Please say yes!” he thought.

“Uhh…sure. I’d love to! How about tomorrow at 12? We can meet each other by the park!” Naminé smiled.

“R…really!” Roxas’ face lit up.

“Yes you dope, just make sure your not late!” she warned jokingly.

“Don’t worry I won’t,” he smiled.


Soon it was the day of their date; it was 11:30 and Naminé and Olette were in Selphie’s and Kairi’s room just as usual.

“I don’t know what to wear!” Naminé exclaimed as she tried on some of her various outfits.

“Jeez Naminé, calm down! Roxas is gonna love you no matter what you’re wearing!” Kairi assured.

“But this is her first date ever, of course it matters!” Selphie protested.

“You’re not really helping the situation Selphie,” Olette laughed.

“Just help me pick out something already!” Naminé panicked.

“Hmm…how about this apple green tank top with white hibiscuses and this white skirt? It will look great on you!” Selphie smiled.

“Okay…” When Naminé came out of the bathroom they left her hair down and gave her some silver bracelets to wear on her left hand.

“You look so cute!” Kairi complimented.

“Thanks guys, I guess I’ll have to make a run for it if I don’t want to be late!” Naminé waved goodbye and ran off to the direct of the park.


As Naminé came closer to the entrance of the park she saw the ever so familiar boy with his skateboard at hand.

“Hey Roxas, sorry I’m late!” Naminé smiled as she finally reached the boy.

“Don’t worry your right on time. I was just a little early,” Roxas laughed, “So where do you wanna go first?”

“Why don’t we grab a bite to eat?” Naminé suggest.

“Sure!” Roxas agreed, “I guess I’ll tell her later…

“Hey Roxas, I know this great place we can eat at!” Naminé smiled. Without even waiting for a reply she took Roxas’ hand and showed him towards the direction of the restaurant. Roxas began blushing madly, but he didn’t really mind at all.


Naminé and Roxas were both sitting at a table for two outside of the actual restaurant since the weather was great that day.

“See, what did I tell you? This place is cheap, and has great food!” Naminé smiled as she waited for her and Roxas’ waiter to come by.

“Yeah, this place is awesome!” Roxas smiled back.

The place looked like a mini café, but they sold a lot more than just just coffee inside.

Soon a waiter came by the blondes' table, “Hello there, may I take your order?”

“I’ll just have a cheese cake,” Naminé grinned as she thought about the yummy desert.

“Hmm…what’s a Bleeding Heartthrob?” Roxas said as he read the words carefully.

“It’s our specialty here at this restaurant. It's very famous for all our customers,” the waiter told Roxas.

“Well, I guess I’ll take that. Thanks!” Roxas handed over the menu and the waiter went off to get their orders.

“Bleeding Heartthrob sounds interesting,” Naminé said as she tried to start a conversation.

“Yeah,” Roxas agreed.

The waiter soon came by and brought the two a huge glass with red coloured drink that was mixed with pink swirls with two straws. It had whip cream at the top with a small chocolate heart, “Here is your Bleeding Heartthrob, I hope you two enjoy!” the waiter smiled.

“H-hey, what about my cheese cake?” Naminé asked seeing that it wasn't there, but the waiter already too far away to hear.

“Umm… Naminé, this looks kind of too big for me to finish…and there are two straws...so I bet it’s actually meant for two people,” Roxas began blushing.

“Okay, I guess I could try it,” Naminé blushed along with Roxas as the two took a sip of the drink on their separate straws.

“Hey Kasumi, look over there. Don’t they look so cute together!” a girl with long brown said as she walked by with her friend.

“I know!” the other girl named Kasumi agreed.

This caused Naminé and Roxas to blush more as they tried to finish their drink.

“Okay, I’m out!” Naminé stood up from her seat.

“Same here!” Roxas and Naminé just paid for the bill and left the restaurant.


“So where are we going next?” Naminé asked as the two walked together around the streets of Twilight Town. It was really interesting hanging out with the blonde boy, except for the occasional people saying that they were cute ‘together.’

“How about we go to the skate park?” Roxas suggested.

“The skate park? Do you really think that’s a great place to take me too?” Naminé glared at him.

“What you’ve never ridden a skateboard before?” Roxas asked as if everyone should have tried it at least once.

“Apparently no, I like riding my bike more,” Naminé stated.

“C’mon let’s just go. I’ll teach you!” Roxas smiled.

“Okay, fine!” Naminé agreed with a blush. It was so easy for her to give in whenever he smiles like that.

The two walked all the way back to the park and went to the skateboarding area of the place.

“Wow, this place is huge!” Naminé exclaimed as she stared at the place. No one was there at the moment, but the place was just so big.

“Yeah, this is the place I go to whenever I feel like being alone,” Roxas said.

“Hey, umm…why don’t you skateboard first? I’ll just watch,” Naminé told him.

“Okay,” as Roxas walked towards the edge of the ramp Naminé stared in surprise.

“Hey Roxas, is that the skateboard I gave you?” Naminé said as she walked up to him.

“Yeah, it is.” Roxas replied.

“Oh, ‘cause I’ve been wondering if you even used it at all,” Naminé blushed.

“Of course I’d use it; it’s the best present I ever got!” Roxas smiled.

Soon Roxas began skateboarding. He did kick flips, 360’s and so much more, Naminé was impressed. At that point Naminé didn’t even want to try skateboarding anymore when he insisted that she should try.

“Aww…c’mon Naminé, it’s really fun!” Roxas assured.

“No way, I don’t even have a helmet and all those crazy knee pad stuff with me even if I wanted to try!” Naminé exclaimed.

“Okay, fine. How about we go for a walk in the park then?” Roxas suggested to the girl.

“Okay,” Naminé agreed.

The two began walking around the park; it was so peaceful and quiet, like they were the only ones there.

I have to tell her now!” Roxas thought, the moment seemed perfect enough. “Umm… Naminé?”

“Yes,” Naminé stopped walking to listen.

“I want to give you something!” Roxas took a small white colored box out of his pocket and handed it over to Naminé.

Naminé opened the box to see a silver necklace with a small star pendant that glittered in the sunlight.

“Wow! This is so beautiful, thank you!” Naminé exclaimed.

“Just don’t ever forget me okay?” Roxas smiled at her.

“What are you talking about? You’re always by my side. Of course I’ll never forget about you!” Naminé smiled back.

“The thing is...I…I’m…” Roxas’ eyes turned sad as he looked away from her eyes.

“What is it?” Naminé was worried. What could be wrong?

“I’m moving,” he stated as he looked at the ground.

“W…what? What are you talking about?” Naminé felt like a ton bricks had hit her. It couldn’t be true, it just can’t…

“I’m going to Hollow Bastion where my mom is on the first day of February. I’m sorry…” Roxas frowned.

“Why do you have to go? Why can’t you stay here?” Naminé asked. She didn’t want him to go, not now.

“My mom, she want me to go there and stay awhile and do the rest of my sophomore year in Hollow Bastion because she told me that a close friend of the family is sick and I have to go. Don’t worry Naminé, I’ll come back when it’s June,” he smiled sadly.

“But I don’t want you go!” she felt tears in her eyes welling up. Five months without him was just too long.

“I’m sorry, I have to,” he looked down at the ground once more.

“I understand…I…I have to go now. See you back in the dorm room…” Naminé smiled at him one more time before she ran off.

“Naminé, I’m so sorry…” Roxas said to himself as he watched her run off.


Naminé just ran back to the dorm room, she had nowhere else to go anyways. She fell on her bed and began crying into her pillow. It wasn’t fair, why did he have to go away now? She was just finally understanding what her feelings were for Roxas. Even though he was coming back at summer time, it was just too long. She looked at the necklace she had clutched in her hand and began crying again.

Time passed by and it was getting late. Naminé took a shower and went to sleep on her bed.

Roxas entered the room to see the girl in her bed. He changed into his sleeping clothes in the bathroom then walked up to her.

“Naminé…” he whispered softly so he wouldn’t wake her up. He kissed her forehead before going back to his bed.

“What was that?” Naminé laughed as she sat up. She was awake the whole time.

“I was…uhhh…” Roxas began blushing seeing that he was lost for words; he didn’t think she was awake.

“It’s okay, it’s just fun seeing you all stuttering like that!” Naminé giggled.

“Hey!” Roxas blushed; the room was dark so she couldn’t really see.

“I understand why you’re going and everything. I guess I was being selfish…Even though it’s just five months before I see you again, just don’t forget that’ll I’ll be waiting for you,” she smiled.

“I won’t,” he assured as he smiled back.

“Promise?” she asked again.

“Promise!” he smiled.

“You have to pinky swear on it!” Naminé told him.

“Pinky swear?”

“C’mon, it makes thing more fun!” she giggled.

“Fine!” he sighed in defeat as she walked up to her and did the whole childish pinky swear thing.

“Well, good night Roxas.” Naminé said as she pulled her blanket over her again.

“Good night Naminé,” Roxas said as he pulled his blanket over him.

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