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Chapter Sixteen: Busted!

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!

A/N: Thank you to all who reviewed! Hehe, now that Roxas and Naminé are just friends, they won't be fighting as much, but still have the occasional arguements. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: Like I stated before, Tetsuya Nomura and Disney are the ones who own Disney, and stuff.


Naminé paused, “Can we just be friends?”

Oh…okay. If it makes you happier that way,” Roxas put a faint smile on. After all of this, he just couldn’t see her as just a ‘friend’ anymore.

Naminé went up to the blonde skater and hugged him. “I’m sorry…” Naminé apologized.

No, its okay,” he smiled as he released her from the brief hug. “Now let’s go before we’re late for class!”

Okay,” Naminé smiled faintly as the two walked back inside together.


It was late January and the snow was already cleared for Twilight Town. Spring had always come early for the beautiful sunset town and its residence. Naminé and the gang were back at school just as usual and everything was almost back to normal.

“Hey guys, check it out. Soccer try outs are coming up on Friday!” Hayner exclaimed as he pointed at the paper on the wall.

“I’m joining this year are you?” Sora asked the other boys.

“Definitely!” Roxas smiled.

“Same here!” Riku added.

“Don’t forget me!” Tidus said raising his hand to get some attention.

“I’m signing up for sure too!” Wakka joined in.

“I’ve got too many clubs already, and sports just aren’t my thing!” Pence laughed.

“Oh, can we watch the try outs with you guys?” Olette asked.

“I guess so,” Hayner replied.

“Cool!” Kairi smiled.

“Sports this, Soccer that! Can’t we just hang out at the mall?” Selphie complained.

“You only say that ‘cause you have no extra curricular activities!” Naminé laughed.

“That’s not true! I have cheerleading with Kairi!” Selphie huffed.

“Right, right!” Naminé rolled her eyes.

“Hey, we haven’t all hung out somewhere fun in a while. Why don’t we go with Selphie’s idea and hang out in the mall after tryouts?” Olette suggested.

“Sure!” They all agreed.


It was Friday after school and Pence was at his newspaper club meeting, so the girls were the only ones watching the athletic guys of the group tryout for this year’s soccer team.

“Where do we sit?” Naminé asked looking at her friends.

“I think over there by the benches,” Kairi replied as she pointed at the white wooden benches by the field.

“Okay boys! Line up, were going to try some shooting drills first!” the coach yelled.

All the boys lined up just as the coach assigned and began kicking the soccer ball towards the net one by one.

Naminé and the other girls just watched by the side lines.

“Wow! I never knew Seifer was trying out too!” Naminé exclaimed as she looked at the tall blonde boy from a far.

“Yeah, he and Roxas are always finding new ways for competition, especially when it comes to sports,” Kairi laughed.

“I think Riku was MVP last year. It was funny how down the guys were!” Selphie giggled.

“Really?” Naminé smiled. The thought of all the guys being immature about such a title was pretty funny.

The boys all worked hard doing the soccer drill that the coach ordered them to do. Soon they were all finished and covered with sweat and dirt.

“Ugh…that coach expects too much already!” Tidus complained as he panted for air.

“I know!” Wakka agreed.

“Eww…you guys should clean up! We’ll just meet at the front of the school in half an hour,”Selphie informed.

“Yeah, yeah. See you guys later then!” Hayner waved goodbye as everyone departed in their own separate ways.


As they all reach their rooms Roxas and Naminé made sure they stayed away from each other before entering their rooms so no one would find out they were roommates.

“Take a shower Roxas, you stink!” Naminé complained as she entered the room.

“Well, I was. You didn’t have to tell me!” Roxas argued back. Roxas just grabbed some clothes before entering the bathroom.

“Ugh…what a boy!” Naminé huffed as she crossed her arms.

Naminé just began drawing on her bed as she waited for the skater to come out. She was lost in thought of the incident that happened a few weeks ago. The artist was still confused about her feelings for Roxas even though they were finally back to normal. Or at least she thought they were back to normal.

Roxas did say he liked me…but he’s my friend. I don’t wanna ruin what we have as friends right now,” Naminé thought, “If we did start going out, what would the gang think? Especially if we got into a big argument or something. They have to choose a side right?” Naminé just sighed. There was just too much analyzing.

Naminé just put her sketchbook away and sat on her bed as she waited for Roxas to come out. She heard a click, which meant the bathroom door opened.

“Hey Naminé, do you know where myblack shirt is? You know the one with the cool symbol and stuff?” Roxas asked as he scratched his messy wet hair.

“Holy crap Roxas! Have some consideration! Put a shirt on for goodness sake!” Naminé yelled with her eyes wide in shock. Sure she had to admit he looked hot, but still!

“What? It’s not like you’ve never seen me shirtless before,” Roxas said as if it was a normal everyday thing.

“But I’m a girl! Aren’t you ashamed or whatever?” Naminé continued to yell as she stood up from her bed.


“Grr…just put a shirt on either way!” Naminé’s cheeks began turning pink as she looked away.

“Aww…c’mon Naminé, you have to admit, I’m not that horrible looking!” Roxas smirked at the blushing girl.

“Shut up! Get away from me!” Naminé yelled as she started to turn red from the embarrassment.

Roxas began joking around by walking closer and closer to her causing her to blush furiously and back away.

“Roxas, I told you back off!” she exclaimed.

“You can’t get away from me!” Roxas grinned, “What the-” Roxas tripped over one of Naminé’s bags and fell on top of Naminé who fell backwards on her bed.

“Ugh, I told you! Now get off me!” Naminé exclaimed.

Roxas laughed, “I can’t, my foot is caught on your bag and you’re kinda weighing down on my hand.” Roxas’ left hand ‘happened’ to be under Naminé’s back.

“Why don’t you try and kick it off then?” Naminé continued to glare.

“Umm…because maybe the excessive pain on my hand is kind of distracting?” Roxas said sarcastically.

“You just not getting off on purpose, are you?” Naminé asked.

“Maybe…” Roxas smirked. The blonde girl didn’t exactly find any of the following words he said funny, “Just joking, I’m really stuck! First of all, my foot is tangled, and then you’re crushing my hand, and lastly, I’m trying as hard as I can to not crush you with my weight either!”

Naminé blushed; at least he was somewhat considerate of her. She could hear the rhythm of his heart beat. He was so close to her. The air around her was intoxicated with his cologne.Shecould feel his hot breath down her neck. “Ack! Why am I thinking evil thoughts!

Roxas felt the same way, he began blushing too. For some reason he felt like kissing her at that exact moment, but look what happened the last time.



She looked at his azure eyes, she always got lost in them every time she looked. Without hesitation, Naminé could see Roxas moving closer for kiss. She didn’t know why but she was moving closer too.


A few minutes earlier, right outside of room 203 (a.k.a. Roxas and Naminé’s room)…

“Hi Hayner, what are you doing here?” Olette waved looking at the boy.

“Oh, I’m just getting Roxas. What are you doing here?” Hayner asked with the same question.

“I’m getting Naminé,” Olette replied.

“Then you shouldn’t be here, this is Roxas’ room,” Hayner informed.

“What are you talking about? This is Naminé’s room. I usually visit her, so I should know,” Olette was confused. Why would Hayner mix up Naminé’s and Roxas’ room?

“What? I always visit Roxas here with Sora and them when you girls are hanging out in Kairi and Selphie’s room! So this has got to Roxas’ room!” Hayner debated back.

“This is getting immature. Let’s just go inside and see, I mean look the door isn’t even locked,” Olette said as she point at the door knob.

“Okay then, but I still know I’m right,” Hayner told as Olette just rolled her eyes.

The two slowly opened the door knob, letting themselves into the room to find Roxas and Naminé about to lock lips.

“Oh my gosh! Roxas and Naminé were about to make babies!” Hayner exclaimed seeing that Roxas was shirtless and was on top of the other girl.

Roxas and Naminé just stared in shock as they saw their two friends staring back at them with the same expression.

Naminé took the liberty of just pushing Roxas off of her.

Why didn’t I think of that before…” Naminé thought.

“WHAT WERE YOU GUYS DOING?” Olette and Hayner exclaimed in unison.

Roxas and Naminé began turning as red as a cherry.

“Umm…you see…” Roxas trailed off.


“And that’s the whole story,” Naminé finished off. She told everything from when the principal wouldn't let them switch rooms and how they were room mates to that time where Roxas fell on top of her.

She and Roxas were both sitting together on her bed and Hayner and Olette were also sitting beside each other across from them. Roxas never found that black shirt, but at least he was wearing a plain white t-shirt now.

“I still can’t believe the principal allowed you two to have the same room!” Olette said in shock.

“I wouldn’t complain if I had a girl as a roommate…” Hayner smirked as he got lost in his fantasies.

“You’re disgusting!” Olette exclaimed as she punch him in the arm.


“Just don’t tell the rest of the gang, okay?” Naminé begged.

“Yeah, who knows what they’ll think!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Don’t worry we won’t,” Olette turned her head to face Hayner, “right Hayner?”

“Yes!” Hayner sat up straight from his slouch.

“Thanks guys!” Naminé sighed.

“Hey Naminé, we were wondering what took you so lo-” Kairi paused along with Sora and just stared at all four of them. Since guys weren’t allowed in a girl’s dorm room and vice versa, well you can understand the situation…

“What are you all doing here?” Kairi asked.

“I’m never gonna live it down…” Naminé pretended to cry.


“Are you serious? You have to share a room with Naminé!” Sora exclaimed.

“Yes, already!” Roxas snapped back, for the past few minutes Sora’s been asking the same question over and over, which got Roxas pretty pissed off.

“Just make sure this is a secret just between us, okay?” Naminé begged once more.

“Yes, we promise!” Kairi and Sora said in unison.

At the door they could hear other voices coming from the other side.

“I told you this is Naminé’s room, not Roxas’!” Selphie exclaimed barging in the room with Wakka, Tidus, and Pence.

“Hey, what are you all doing here?” Wakka asked.

“Ugh…now everyone knows!” Naminé cried out.

“Ooh! I see how it is; you’re sharing rooms with Roxas aren’t you?” Tidus grinned.

“Really, no wonder you two are so close! Imagine what happens behind the scenes!” Selphie laughed.

“SELPHIE!” They all yelled in unison.

“Just kidding! But seriously,” Selphie’s grin grew wider.

“Oh my gosh…this is like a living nightmare!” Naminé exclaimed.

“So much for the mall…” Roxas sighed.

“Oh yeah, the mall! C’mon guess we better get going or else we won’t have anytime to hang out!” Kairi informed the gang.

“To the mall!” Sora said dramatically as everyone went out the door.

As they all left the room, Selphie began talking to Naminé again.

“So what does happens when you two are alone together?” Selphie’s smile never seemed to stop.

“Arg…” Naminé was going to have a long evening.

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