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Chapter Twelve: The Humiliation

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!

Disclaimer: No I do not own Kingdom Hearts, if I did Sora and Kairi would have had more moments.


Who cares who your first is?” Selphie exclaimed, “What matters is who your best!”

They all looked at Selphie and sighed. Knowing Selphie, she probably kissed a lot.

Naminé sighed, “Anyways, let’s just go to sleep. It’s like what two in the morning.”

Yeah, you’re right. Bye Olette, bye Naminé,” Kairi and Selphie soon left their room to go to sleep.


“There, done! My hand hurts like hell though…” Roxas complained shaking his right hand.

Roxas had just finished coloring in the picture he drew inside sketchbook for Naminé’s present, and he had to admit the picture was kind of cool.

“Now, time for the last bit…” he took out a black pen from his pile of pencil crayons and flipped to the back page. He began writing his message and when he was finished he paused for a second and blushed.

“Okay, maybe ‘Love Roxas’ might be too much…” Roxas scribbled over the love word, “That’s better, ‘Sincerely Roxas’” he closed the book and sighed, “I hope she likes it…”

As Roxas was deep in thought about Naminé’s reaction on opening the gift, the door opened.

“Hey Roxas, c’mon already. We’re all downstairs waiting downstairs for you!” Hayner exclaimed leaning on the doorway.

“Alright,” Roxas put the sketchbook away in his drawer, along with the pencil crayons before catching up with Hayner.


When the two blonde boys reached the elevators, Roxas sighed as he leaned against the wall.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Hayner asked looking at his depressed best friend.

“It’s just that…I think Naminé’s still mad at me about the incident…”

“What? That was like last week! Highly doubt it, and Christmas is just around the corner. So she’s gotta forgive by then,” Hayner assured.

“I guess you’re right…” Roxas sighed.

The elevator finally reached the main lobby and the two boys were soon greeted by their cheerful group. Roxas noticed Naminé at the back and decided to walk over towards her to see if she did actually forgive him about the kiss.

“Hey Naminé,” Roxas greeted with a smile.

Naminé just looked up to see him and glared. She turned around to see Olette walking by, “Hey Olette, why don’t we and the others go for lunch now?”

“Okay?” Olette agreed with a puzzled expression. As the two walked away towards the rest of the group Olette noticed the sulking Roxas. The two girls went over and asked what they were all going to eat in the afternoon.

“Naminé…” Roxas frowned and sighed as she stared at the blonde girl.

“C’mon Roxas, hurry up or we’ll leave you!” Pence exclaimed. Roxas just nodded and ran towards the group to catch up with them.


“Hey, Roxas seems down. Why don’t we cheer him up?” Olette suggest looking at Naminé.

“You go ahead; I don’t really care what happens to him. He can go crawl in a ditch and die there. See if I care!” Naminé said harshly.

“Hmm…kinda cold there, huh Naminé?” Kairi said as she stared in shock of the girl’s harsh words.

“Like I said, ‘I do not care!’” Naminé stated.

“Yeah, but look at the poor guy,” Selphie pouted as she pointed at Roxas.

Naminé looked at Roxas then turned her face the other way again, “Can we please talk about something else other than Roxas?”

While Hayner and Pence were laughing at a joke that Sora told, Roxas was looking at his shoes all depressed like a dark cloud was over his head.

Naminé stole another glance at the blonde boy, “It was an accident…


Everyone decided to eat at Pizza Hut, where they chose one of the many favorite selections; Pepperoni pizza.

“I want another one!” Selphie and Tidus asked in unison as they held up thier plates.

“Holy cow man, that’s like your fifth slice you two!” Wakka exclaimed as he stared in disbelief.

“Food is food man!” Tidus grinned before stuffing the slice of pizza in his mouth.

“Whatever,” Wakka sighed.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot!” Kairi smiled, “My parents rented us some skis and everything for the rest of the afternoon. All we have to do is take the train there and we’re good to go!”

“Really that’s awesome!” Sora exclaimed.

“I’m in!” Hayner said.

“Me too!” Olette smiled.

“Me three!” Riku stated.

“The rest of us too!” Naminé exclaimed.

“So it’s set. Since its eleven o'clock, we have to meet at the lobby by twelveso we can start skiing!” Kairi cheered.

They all agreed and finished the rest of the pizza that was their lunch before heading back to the hotel.


“Okay everyone, got their stuff?” Kairi asked the group.

“Yup!” They all replied in unison.

“Okay, just a reminder that all the equipment we’re gonna use is at the place so you don’t have to worry. Now let’s go!” Kairi smiled.

The train station was walking distance, so they didn’t take anybody’s car there. They all took seats near each other and just chatted away until they reached their destination. When they got off they had to walk again towards the ski lodge before checking in.

“Hey guys, Tidus, Selphie, Pence and I, aren’t really in the mood to ski right now. So we’re gonna hang out at the ski lodge. Okay?” Wakka stated.

“Okay, we understand. See you guys later!” Sora waved goodbye before running off with the others to grab their equipment.


“So the girls want skis and the guys want snowboards, right?” Olette asked.

“Yeah,” Riku replied.

“Okay then,” Kairi turned towards the renting place, “Can we rent three skis and four snowboards please?”

The employees handed them the equipment and they all put it on. The girls went their separate ways knowing that Naminé didn’t want to go anywhere near Roxas at the moment.

“Aww…Selphie and the rest of them should have come with us!” Kairi pouted.

“Yeah I know they’re missing out on all the fun,” Olette smiled.

Naminé just nodded not knowing what to say. They were all skiing up a hill when Naminé noticed someone in the air doing some awesome tricks on their snowboard before landing.

“Whoa that was awesome! Who was that?” Naminé exclaimed staring at the boy from a far.

“That was just Roxas showing off,” Kairi laughed.

“How did he learn to do that?” Naminé continued to ask in awe.

“Not that he’s much of a snowboarder, but he does love his skateboard. And they’re practically the same thing to him, so he’s pretty good at both!” Olette explained.

“I see,” Naminé nodded.

“Hey, how about we head back. I bet those guys are already feeling lonely without us,” Kairi mused.

“Okay let’s go,” Naminé agreed.


“Hey guys, how did you get here before us?” Kairi asked looking at the boys.

“Sora here couldn’t stop talking about hot chocolate, so I raced him here to shut him up!” Riku laughed.

“I see,” Kairi giggled sitting beside the spiky brunette boy.

“Why don’t we all get some too?” Olette smiled.

Everyone lined up at the ski lodge and waited for their hot and yummy drinks before sitting back down with their friends. The girls sat in a separate area than the boys though in another table near theirs.

“Hey guys, I was just wondering, if you could choose the three hottest guys in our group only, who would it be?” Selphie asked randomly.

“What?” Naminé choked as she sipped her drink.

“C’mon just answer; my own would definitely be Tidus, Riku, and Roxas!” Selphie squealed but quiet enough so the boys wouldn’t hear.

“Of course Sora for me!” Kairi smiled, “And the other two would probably be Riku, and Roxas.”

“I guess Hayner, Sora, and Roxas,” Olette said taking another sip at her drink.

“How about you Naminé?” Selphie asked looking at the girl.

“Hmm…mmm…mm…” Naminé mumbled as she drank.

“What was that, c’mon don’t drink while you talk!” Selphie exclaimed.

“Okay! Roxas, Riku, and Sora!” Naminé admitted.

“Cool, same list as me!” Kairi giggled. She didn’t really mind if her friends thought of her boyfriend that way, as long as they don’t make a move.

“Hehe, I just noticed. Roxas is the popular one in our list!” Selphie giggled.

“Yeah, true!” Olette said.

“Okay, now for the secrets…” Selphie laughed evilly.

“What secrets?” Kairi gave her a bewildered look.

“Okay, who do you like in the school? And you can’t say no one because that’s such a lie! At least say how he looks like,” Selphie giggled.

“Pfft! I’m not telling you who I like!” Olette exclaimed.

“Same here!” Naminé agreed with the girl.

“You guys already know I like Sora,” Kairi just stared at all of them.

“C’mon please! I’ll tell you who I like…” Selphie begged.

“No way, everybody in this table already knows your crushing on that guy in science class!” Olette exclaimed.

“Oh c’mon guys, you already know who Selphie and I like. Why can’t we know yours?” Kairi asked.

“Okay, the Takeru guy in math class!” Olette blushed as she admitted.

“Really, the math nerd?” Selphie asked.

“He’s not a nerd!” Olette defended.

“How about you Naminé?’ Kairi asked looking at the blonde girl.

“Nobody in particular…” Naminé blushed.

“You’re lying!” Selphie grinned.

“Seriously, now that I think about it; I don’t really know who I like!” Naminé said.

“Seriously?” Kairi asked.

“Maybe…I guess you could say I don’t like anyone because I’m waiting for someone…” Naminé blushed.

“Really, who? What’s he like?” Selphie continued to ask.

“He was a childhood friend…I made a promise that I’d meet him again here in Twilight Town. But I guess it’s impossible now,” Naminé sighed.

“Aww…you’ll find him again,” Selphie assured, “Now in the mean time tell who you’re close to liking in this school. Or at least who looks the best!” Selphie grinned.

“Selphie!” They all exclaimed in unison.

“But seriously?” Selphie laughed.

“Yeah, she’s right! Who do you like in this school?” Kairi asked.

“Kairi, you hypocrite!” Olette exclaimed, because Selphie’s influence on Kairi.

“What, I can’t help myself,” Kairi laughed.

“C’mon Naminé, tell us, tell us, tell us!” Selphie repeated.

“Okay fine! Even though he’s mean to me, he's probably the only guy I really interact with the most…so I guess I could say I like Roxas…” Naminé admitted with a sigh.

“W-what! You…like…me?” Roxas and Hayner stared at the girls in shock. The two just walked by their table to go towards theirs and heard the last part of Naminé’s sentence.

“YOU DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING! Selphie you tricked me!” Naminé yelled as her face began turning a cherry red.

“Ehehehe?” Selphie laughed nervously.

“Yeah, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything!” Roxas said with his eyes wide from shock.

“Wow Naminé, I never knew you felt that way about Roxas!” Hayner grinned.

“Shut up Hayner! We were just asking Naminé who she thought was the most good-looking guy in the school because she already likes someone else that we don’t know about!” Olette defended the blonde girl.

“So she thinks Roxas is hot now?” Hayner laughed causing Roxas to blush too.

“You know what, we should leave Naminé alone. I mean she already mad at me enough as it is,” Roxas suggest dragging Hayner back to the table.

“But it’s funny!” Hayner complained.

“Shut up!” Roxas’ pink face was now turning a darker shade.

“I’m glad that’s over…thanks Olette,” Naminé smiled.

“WHAT! Naminé likes Roxas!” Sora yelled from the other table causing Naminé and the rest to hear it.

“I’m never gonna live it down!” Naminé pretended to cry.

“They’re just a bunch of idiots. They’ll forget sooner or later, I mean same thing happened to me and Hayner!” Olette laughed patting the over dramatic girl on the shoulder.

“Okay…I guess you’re right…” Naminé sighed.


Back at the hotel everyone was back in their rooms enjoying the rest of the night.

“Hey I’m going in Kairi and Selphie’s room to hang out there. Wanna come?” Olette asked the depressed blonde girl that was sitting down.

“Hmm…sorry but I just wanna sleep and forget about everything…” Naminé sighed as the embarrassing memories kept flashing in her head.

“Okay then, just don’t lock the door okay, bye!” Olette went out of the room.

Naminé sat on her bed and sighed. She went in her drawers and picked out some pajamas before taking off her clothes and putting them on.

“Hey Naminé, I need to talk to yo-holy crap!” Roxas exclaimed covering his eyes.

“What the hell! Don’t you ever learn how to knock?” Naminé exclaimed covering her exposed body with her shirt. She was only wearing her white under garments when Roxas entered the room. Even she never showed a guy that much, even with a bathing suit.

“I’m blind!” Roxas exclaimed.

“Now’s not the time for jokes! Get out of my room!” Naminé blushed furiously.

Roxas blindly found the door knob and went out the room. Naminé just sighed and quickly put her pajamas on.

“Are you done yet?” Roxas asked.

“Yes…” Naminé was still flushed.

“There’s something I wanna talk to you about…” Roxas sighed as he averted her gaze.

“If it’s about Selphie saying that I like you, it’s all a lie, okay?” Naminé said in an angry tone.

“No, that’s not it. It’s just that…” Roxas went on his knees and begged, “Please forgive give me about the stupid kiss! It was an accident I tell you! And I hate how you keep on avoiding me; you’re making me feel more and more guilty!”

“After you seeing me exposed like that…” Naminé glared at the boy, “I still would forgive you, because I can’t believe you’re pathetic enough to go on your knees and beg for mercy!” she laughed.

“Thanks Naminé,” Roxas smiled as he got up off the floor.

“You’re welcome. Now get out of the room, I just wanna sleep now,” Naminé laughed.

“Okay good night,” Roxas smiled as he went out of the room.

“Good night…” Naminé smiled back before she turned the lights off.

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