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Chapter Eleven: Kiss and Tell!

Summary: Naminé just transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Will love bloom for our little artist? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Roxas x Naminé and minor Sora x Kairi R&R!

A/N: Please try to read a story called One Sky, One Destiny by Shadow Chakra (The couples are SoraxKairi, RoxasxNamine and CloudxAerith). It's a collaboration fic between my sister, premium-heart, my friend, Shadow Chakra, and myself.


SEVENTY MUNNY! As in seven and a zero?” Naminé exclaimed. The man just nodded as if it always happened to him, “I guess it’s worth it…”

Naminé paid her munny and went out of the store. She sighed, but a soon a big smile spread across her face, “I hope he likes it…” she thought as she walked down the sidewalk to meet up with her friends.


Today was a cold and windy Thursday of week one of the gang's trip and they all agreed on finishing up on the present shopping before all the fun stuff began.

Olette sighed in relief, “Yes, I finally found the perfect gift for Hayner. Thanks to Roxas of course!”

“Hehe, that’s good to know. I already picked up Roxas’ present yesterday, so I’m totally free on the Kris Kringle thing!” Naminé smiled.

“Hey, since were all done our Christmas shopping why don’t we get back to the hotel?” Kairi suggested.

“Yeah, maybe the guys will have something fun to do!” Selphie exclaimed as she was ready to run all the way there.


The girls soon found the guys lounging around Hayner, Roxas, and Pence’s room so they decided to stay there as well. They all either sat on the ground or the bed trying to come up with some fun activity to do for the rest of the afternoon.

“So, what do you wanna do?” Sora asked turning his head towards Kairi.

“I dunno…what do you guys wanna do?” Kairi repeated.

“I dunno…what do you wanna do?” Hayner asked as he continued staring at Olette with a bored look on his face.

“I dunno…what do you-” Olette was interrupted.

“OKAY! This is is getting gay! Let’s just figure out what to do before I go crazy!” Riku bursted out in annoyance. The gang just stared at him in shock; they never thought the calm, smooth, and collected Riku would ever go on an outburst. Even his long time friends, Sora and Kairi, continued to stare at disbelief.

Riku sighed and sat back down, “I’m soo bored…”

“Soo…what do you wanna do?” Tidus asked looking at Riku.

“Grr…” Riku clenched his teeth and made a fist.

“I know what to do!” Pence said shooting up from his spot on the ground.

“Really!” Naminé stared at Pence with awe along with the rest of the crew.

“Uhh…no,” Pence put his head down in shame as he sat back down.

Everyone did the same and sighed.

“Well, we all gotta do something before we all die in boredom…” Wakka sighed.

“But what do we do exactly?” Roxas asked.

“I know!” Selphie stood up with a huge smile plastered on her face like always.

“Please have an actual idea, unlike Pence!” Sora begged.

“Hey!” Pence exclaimed.

“Of course I have an idea, what do you guys take me for anyway?” Selphie said crossing her arms.

“JUST TELL US ALREADY!” they all exclaimed.

“Fine, fine! Okay, how about we all go swimming in that indoor pool downstairs?” Selphie suggested with a smile as always.

“That just might work!” Hayner smirked.

“Ugh, you pervert! I bet all you wanna do is check us out!” Olette said punching the blonde boy on the arm.

“Ouch!” Hayner began rubbing his left arm.

“Who cares? I just wanna swim!” Tidus exclaimed.

Everyone agreed on the activity and went back to their rooms to grab their swimming gear.


“Ack! Where’s my swimming suit?” Naminé exclaimed throwing her clothes all over the place.

“Maybe you forgot it?” Olette said putting her towel in a small bag.

“Yeah, probably…hey Olette, do you have an extra swim suit?” Naminé asked.

“Sorry, try asking Selphie. That girl’s got everything,” Olette laughed.

“Okay then. Thanks anyways.”

“No problem.”

Naminé went two doors down her and Olette’s room and knocked on the door three times.

“Hey Naminé! What’s up?” Selphie greeted opening the door wider so Naminé could come in.

“Umm…I was wondering…do you have an extra swim suit?” Naminé asked.

“Yup, sure do! I brought two extras actually,” Selphie told her. She started digging through one of her bags and showed two options for Naminé. One of them was a white two piece with sky blue hibiscuses, but the bottom was kind of like short-shorts. The second option was a yellow two piece with red polka dot that was more revealing.

“Okay, so which one do you want?” Selphie asked the blonde girl.

“Umm…these shorts on the white one are way shorter than our gym shorts, and enough said about the yellow one!” Naminé sighed, “Don’t you have a one piece?”

“Hmm…what wrong with two? You have a great body, so what’s there to be shy about?” Selphie had a confused expression.

“To tell you the truth, I never exactly worn one before…” Naminé admitted, “You know what, I’ll just take the white one…”

“Good for you!” Selphie cheered handing over the swim suit, “Now go and change, I’m sure Roxas will be drooling all over you!”

“Okay…- hey, wait a minute. What was that comment about Roxas?”

“N-nothing, now go I still need to change too,” Selphie giggled pushing Naminé out the door.

As the door was shut closed, Naminé sighed. “I hate two pieces…


Lucky for the gang, they were the only people occupying the pool. The boys already hit the pool swimming and were waiting for girls.

“Damn, why do they always take so long?” Hayner complained.

“Whatever, I bet you just wanna see Olette, you pervert!” Tidus grinned.

“What? And I am not a pervert!” Hayner shot back.

“Pssh! Selphie’s right man, you do like Olette!” Wakka teased.

“Grr…” Hayner was about to start something until someone greeted them.

“Hey guys! Were finally here, hehe!” Kairi smiled. She was wearing a bubblegum pink swim suit with bright red stripes.

Sora just kept staring at her and had to shut his mouth from drooling. Olette and Selphie soon came after Kairi. Selphie was wearing a yellow two piece with a neon green outline and Olette was also wearing an orange two piece with beige polka dots.

When all the guys saw them, they couldn’t help but stare and drool.

“What a bunch of perverts!” Olette exclaimed crossing her arms.

Roxas wasn’t really amazed like the other guys, but couldn’t help notice a fourth girl missing.

“Hey, where’s Naminé?” Roxas asked.

“What, you wanna see her instead?” Selphie teased.

“No! I’m just wondering where she is!” he blushed.

“Haha, that’s what took us so long actually. Naminé wouldn’t even come out of the change room!” Kairi laughed pointing at the blonde girl sitting against the wall drawing with a white towel covering her.

“Anyways let’s swim!” Selphie jumped in the pool.

Everyone was splashing and having fun, but Roxas couldn’t stop looking at the lonely artist.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Naminé?” Roxas asked swimming up towards the girls.

“Yeah, why isn’t she swimming with us?” Tidus added.

“She told me not to tell you guys,” Selphie replied.

“I see…” Roxas said, “Well, I wanna see what’s wrong with her.” Roxas got out of the pool at started walking towards Naminé.

As Naminé was sketching her little scenery, she couldn’t help but look at her friends and sigh, “I hate this bathing suit…

Before she went back to finishing up her monochrome picture, she noticed someone walking towards her. It was Roxas!

Naminé couldn’t help but blush as she saw the blonde boy. He was wearing white swimming trunks with a gray stripe going vertical on each side. Most of all he was wet. The water trickled down his well built chest, and his usually spiky hair still seemed to defy gravity even with the water.

Naminé quickly went back to reality and adjusted her gaze back towards her picture and continued scribbling some random extras for the scenery so that the image of Roxas would be erased.

What is wrong with me?” Naminé screamed in her head.

“Hey Naminé,” Roxas greeted as he took a seat beside her.

Naminé began blushing more, but continued to draw even faster with her head still down so he wouldn’t see her face.

“Hey, can I see?” he asked not even waiting for a reply before grabbing the sketch book.

“Hey!” Naminé was totally caught off guard.

As he stared at the drawing, his expression was surprised. The picture was a pencil sketch of a tropical beach and the shoreline.

“Wow, this is really good!” Roxas exclaimed. Now that he thought about it he never really noticed how great of an artist she was.

The flustered blonde girl quickly snatched the book back in her possession and glared at Roxas, “Ever learned how to mind your own business?”

“You’re so mean, you really need to lighten up,” Roxas smiled, “you’re also a really great artist you know!”

Naminé stared at him surprised at his comment. She didn’t know why, but this caused the heat on her cheeks to rise making her face cherry red. The pale blonde girl turned her face away from him again so he wouldn’t see, “Can you just go? I mean don’t you wanna hang out with the others more? They’re a lot more interesting that’s for sure.”

“Nope. And what are you talking about more interesting; you amuse me by a long shot with all those arguments you make up. Either way I only came here so I could figure out what was wrong with you,” Roxas gave her a cheesy grin similar to his cousin, Sora.

“Well there’s nothing wrong, so just go!”

“Is it because you can’t swim?”

“Of course I can! I did live on Destiny Islands most of my life you know.”

“Oh that’s what the picture was about…you miss living there?”

Naminé nodded, “A little…I guess.”

“So this is why you won’t join us, because you’re homesick? That’s still no reason to wear the towel though.”

“T-that’s not why!” Naminé couldn’t tell him she was ashamed of wearing a two piece.

“Okay then, stand up,” Roxas ordered.


“I said stand up, please?”

“Okay fine,” so Naminé did what she was told.

“Hmm…something isn’t right…I know!” Roxas quickly snatched her towel away and ran near the edge of the pool, “C’mon Naminé just swim with us!”

“No! And give me that towel back!” Naminé exclaimed blushing at the thought that she felt exposed now as she covered her stomach with her arms.

Roxas had to admit she looked hot, “What the hell are you thinking Roxas? She’s just another friend of yours. Evil thoughts! Evil!

“I told you give me my towel back!” Naminé yelled causing Roxas to come back to reality.

“Try and catch me!”

“What?” Naminé just glared at him before running towards his direction.

When she got near him, Roxas surrendered the towel without a fight.

“Okay, what was that all about?” Naminé asked in confusion grabbing the white towel.

“Nothing. But can you close your eyes real quick?”

“I’m not falling for any of your tricks again!” Naminé said as she shot a suspicious look.

“I won’t okay?”

“Fine,” Naminé shut her eyes.

“Okay, just take my hand; I wanna show you something.”

“Okay then,” she followed his instructions and took it.

“You can open them now.”

As Naminé opened her eyes, all she saw was the pool with her friends in it, “I don’t get it?”

“Sure you will!” Roxas grinned as pushed her into the pool and jumped in right after.

“What was that for? And you said no tricks!” the soaking blonde exclaimed.

“How else was I supposed to make you come in? And either way, I didn’t promise did I?” Roxas smirked.

“Well now that you brought me here…take this!” Naminé began splashing water catching Roxas off guard.

He soon reacted though by splashing back and laughing along with her.

“Aww…aren’t you cute?” Selphie teased.

“Do you always have to ruin their cute moments?” Kairi sighed.

“We weren’t having a moment!” Roxas and Naminé said in unison as thier cheeks had a visible pink.

“Whatever, now that Naminé’s here let’s play water tag!” Sora cheered.

Sora was it but soon got Hayner tagged first.

“Olette lover! Olette lover!” Tidus teased causing Olette to blush madly and Hayner to swim after him in rage.

“They’re so immature!” Selphie said putting her hands on her hips.

“Umm…Selphie, you always do that,” Riku pointed out.


Tidus was naturally a faster swimmer compared to rampaging Hayner, and still continued to make fun of him. As he was swimming away quickly, Roxas wasn’t fast enough to get away causing him to get tackled by Tidus, where a domino effect reacted causing him to fall on Naminé who was in front.

Naminé felt something warm and soft pressed against her lips. She opened her eyes widening in shock, as she made contact with another’s oceanic blue orbs. The blonde quickly pushed Roxas off of her and put her hand over her mouth.

“T-that was my first…”

“I-I am soo sorry Naminé! It was Tidus’ fault he pushed me and-“

“You bastard!” Naminé yelled as she slapped him leaving a red hand print before storming out of the pool.

“Tidus, you idiot!” Roxas yelled when she left the pool area.

“What happened to Naminé, her face was all red?” Kairi asked as she swam up to the two blonde boys.

“He kissed her!” Tidus exclaimed pointing at Roxas.

Selphie heard this and quickly swam up towards them, “Roxas did what!”

“Tidus friggin’ pushed me! You saw it didn’t you Hayner?” Roxas asked looking at his best friend.

“Sorry, can’t help you there,” Hayner shrugged.

“Roxas, how could you?” Olette exclaimed.

“I didn’t! This idiot caused me to fall on her!” Roxas explained. Everyone believed Roxas seeing that the situation was possible and Roxas wasn’t the type to lie.

“Tidus, you’re so immature…” Riku sighed.

“Either way, you should still apologize to Naminé,” Kairi suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Roxas nodded.

Everyone soon got out of the pool before they all turned all wrinkly and changed back to their normal clothes.


Everyone was back at their room, but Kairi and Selphie were at Naminé and Olette’s room to cheer up the blonde.

“So, how are you feeling?” Selphie asked Naminé.

“How do you think I feel? That idiot stole my first kiss!” Naminé replied touching her lips.

“Don’t worry Naminé; I know exactly how you feel…” Olette said.

“Why, what happened to you?” Naminé asked hugging her knees.

“Hayner, that’s what!” Olette had an angry expression replace her usual happy one.

“Hayner! As in the perverted Hayner we all know and uh… are friends with? As in the one who hits on every girl in school, Hayner!” Selphie exclaimed. Olette just nodded.

“When? HOW!” Kairi asked being interested in the details.

“It was the seventh grade…we just came back from a field trip, and since Pence and Roxas lived at the opposite side of the neighborhood at the time me and Hayner always used to walk home together,” Olette paused.

“AND THEN?” All three girls stared leaning in making sure they heard right.

“Well, when I reached my house he just called my name, so I turned to look at him and then he just kissed me and ran towards his house! That retard… I’m still plotting my revenge…”Olette said a bit darkly causing the other girls to back away a bit.

“Stupid boys…they’re all stupid I tell you…” Naminé stated crossing her arms.

“How ‘bout you Kairi, who was your first?” Olette asked.

“Now that I think about it, it’s probably Sora…” Kairi replied.

“Who cares who your first is!” Selphie exclaimed, “What matters is, who’s your best!”

They all looked at Selphie and sighed. Knowing Selphie, she probably kissed a lot of guys and doesn't even remember her first.

Naminé sighed, “Anyways, let’s just go to sleep. It’s like what two in the morning.”

“Yeah, you're right. Bye Olette, bye Naminé,” Kairi and Selphie soon left their room to go to sleep.

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