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Chapter Nine: Back to School with Old Enemies

My alarm went off and I reached for it. “No school...” I mumbled.

My door burst open and light flooded in. “Get up lazy. If I've got to go to work, you've got to go to school.” Gippal said.

I threw a pillow at him and then got up. “Fine, but you're driving me there. I’m not taking the bus.” Gippal left and I got dressed.

I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of old jeans and my dead bunny shirt that says Cute But Psycho. I grabbed my bag and my necklace from Axel. “Won’t everyone be surprised?” I asked myself.

I shoved my iPod into my backpack and ran to Gippal’s motorcycle. “Here,” he said giving to me a helmet.

“Oh yeah, let's go.” I said.

A bus would have gotten me there in 30 minutes but Gippal got me to school in 10 minutes. “Aw, my hair.” I complained, trying to make my hair flat.

“You look like a teddy bear.”

“Just come get me after school, okay!”

Gippal had a hand over his mouth trying not to laugh. “Ok, Teddy Bear.” I turned and listened as Gippal’s bike roared away.

“Okay Mickey, just go in and take it with your head held high.” I coached myself. I walked into the school and no one was around. Good, I thought. I was halfway to my class when I heard a cough.

“Mickey, turn around and come here.” a voice said.

I turned around and saw Principal Hikarisha. I walked over to her with my head down, trudging all the way. When I got to her a voice in my head said 'Busted!' and I tuned it out. “Lift your head up, you're not in trouble.” she told me. I did as she said and looked up.

“This is Demyx.”

“I know who he is.” I said glaring at him.

“Good, then you won't mind showing him around. Have a nice day.” She left us alone.

I waited until no one was around then I took a swing at him. He caught my fist and started to laugh. “Hi, Demyx. How are you? I’m fine, Mickey. I missed you. Did you miss me, Demyx? Yeah, Mickey. So, you still dating Axel? If you are, will you dump him for me?” he said, talking for both of us.

I took my other hand and slapped him. He let go of my hand and looked at me. “Yes, I’m still with Axel. And, no, I will not leave him for you. You don’t get it, Demyx. I love him and you’re a self-centered bum.”

I walked away from him smirking. The next thing he did surprised me. “Mickey, wait! I didn’t mean it like that! Please!" I heard that phrase (worded differently) from Axel when he said that Demyx was and still is nothing. I stopped and waited for him.

“Thank you. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just mad that you chose Axel over me. I like you, but I am willing to be your friend.” I gave him the 'No, I don’t think so' look and started to walk off again. “Please! I’m not even with the Organization anymore!”

I examined him for any trace of lies but there were none. “Fine, but I’m watching you. And Axel won’t like this. Let me see your list of classes.” He took it out of his back pocket and handed it to me. I looked it over with a grimace on my face. I wanted to weep at that moment.

“Mickey, what’s wrong?”

I looked up at him and then back at the list. “Unfortunatley we have the same classes. Come on, if we don’t go now we will be late to first period.” I handed the list back to him and started toward my first class.

The day just kept getting worse. We had to dissect frogs in Biology a.k.a. my first class. The teacher didn’t know that I didn’t like the sight of blood, even if it was from a dead frog. And what was worse was that I had the only empty seat left in the classroom. So, Demyx had to sit next to me. When he walked toward me I could tell that he was excited to be my partner. Unlike me.

We put the aprons and goggles on and started to dissect our frogs. It was going great until Demyx cut a vein. The pressure he used to cut the frog made blood squirt from the body. I didn’t know that a little frog could have so much blood. I gagged and ran to the bathroom.

When I was there I tore the goggles off and ran into a stall. I puked only once. When I was finished I looked at how much had gotten on me. Most of the blood was on the lab equipment. I took paper towels and tried to get the blood off me. I went back to the classroom, gathered my lab equipment and walked out the door. I’ll get him for this, I thought. I looked up and speak of the devil...

Demyx grabbed the lab equipment and started to apologize. “I’m so sorry, Mickey. I’ll take this back.”

“Ok, but I have to get a pass to run to the gym. Alone.” I walked away from him slowly and approached the teacher. She looked at me and gave me that sympathetic 'you failed' looked she used from time to time. “Can I have a note to be excused, please?”

“Yes, dear. And don’t worry, if you don’t make it back I’ll ask Demyx to take your bags since you have the same class next. He is so nice.”

He must have told her.

I walked toward the gym. It was quiet since the Senior athletes were gone to a game at Twilight Town for the week. The national play-offs, I think. I went to the P.E. teacher and showed her my pass. She looked at it and went back to her computer. I went to the locker room and got out my extra change of clothes. Good idea bringing a second pair of clothes. At least there's no blood, I thought. The bell rang and I stuffed my clothes into the locker in a rush.

When I got to my next class I was out of breath. My second class was Theater Arts. I looked around and saw Axel. Duh, I have this class with him. I told myself. Axel and Demyx are going to get into a fight for sure.

I walked into the room but was stopped by the teacher. She coughed once and put her hand out for the note. I checked all of my pockets for the slip and finally, when it looked like I had lost it, I found it. I could hear snickering from Seifer and his gang as I walked to my seat. I smiled when I saw that in this class I didn’t have to sit next to Demyx. Instead I had to sit next to a Junior that failed last year. His name was Vaan. Everybody knew Yuna and Vaan liked each other but they wouldn't admit it.

I was partnered with Axel and Demyx and we had to perform the play Romeo and Juilet by William Shakespeare. The class got different scenes and the teacher changed a lot of the lines. She handed us a copy of the modified script; she thought it would be better if Romeo killed Juilet’s fiancé instead of her cousin but she kept the part where Romeo ran and Juilet got another fiancé. Also, the teacher added that Juilet saw the entire fight and ran to kiss Romeo in the end. I was excited about that part, but was soon discouraged when I found out that Demyx, not Axel, not my real life Romeo, was playing the part of Romeo.

When I finished reading the script I found Axel and Demyx glaring at each other. I separated them. “Hey guys, can we do this only one time so that I don't have to be tortured throughout the class?” I took a deep breath and nodded to Axel to start.

Axel: “Romeo, you fiend, get away from my wife.”

Demyx: “She is not your wife yet. And she does not love you, for she loves me.”

Axel: “How dare you say that. Romeo, for that you shall die!”

Then Juliet’s fiancé ran toward to Romeo and Romeo killed him with one swipe of his dagger. Then I was to run to Romeo; I walked to him knowing I would have to kiss him.

Mickey: “My dear Romeo. Are you hurt, my love?”

Demyx: “No, my dear. But let us kiss and forget this blastful fight.”

Demyx pulled me close and we kissed. I didn’t know if I wanted to gag or stay where I was, but then Demyx got forceful and I pushed him away. I walked to the trash can and spit into it. I turned around and Demyx was behind me with a tissue. I glared at him but he kept smiling.

“You know you liked it.” he whispered.

“I don’t think so. I don’t know if I'll ever get that nasty taste out of my mouth. Where is Axel?”

“He left right before our big scene. Had to get a drink, I think.” he said and sat back down.

I looked for the teacher and finally found her. Then I asked to be excused. She eyed me and then let me go. I looked in the hallway and saw that Axel was leaning up against the wall. “Hey, you okay?” I asked.

I waited for a reply. One came shortly.

“Yeah. You want to ditch school? I don’t feel so good.”

“Yeah. I don’t feel too good either. But let's leave after this period.”


I gave him a hug and looked to see if anyone was around. No one was. I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. “There... Until later.” I said.

I walked back into the room and sat down. I could feel the eyes as they burned into my back. The bell rang and Axel still wasn’t back. I grabbed my stuff and his books, too. I went to my locker and stuffed our things into my locker then I went to the gym again and grabbed my clothes. I saw that no one was there and breathed slowly, thanking my luck.

I walked out to the front of the school and saw Axel. He was there leaning up against his car. I ran to him and hopped in. I pulled out my cell phone and saw that Kairi had sent me a text. “What does she want?” Axel asked.

“She says ‘Hey chicka, where r u? We had this period together and now I’m stuck with Cloud. But I don’t care. He's cute.’” I read aloud.

“Hmm. Tell her you ditched school and went home.” he said.

I sent the text and waited for a reply. The car was quiet and then my phone started to beep. 'K, text me when school is out. Bye.' was all she said.

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