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Chapter Five: Everything Flips Upside Down

Demyx was black and blue mixed with red blood. Bruises covered his face and body. There was a cut on his neck and a gash on his head with blood seeping down his face. I turned and buried my face in Axel’s warm chest to hide from the horror. “Yes, Mickey. That’s it. Hide from what you did to me. This is all because of you!” Demyx yelled.

“I didn’t do it!” I yelled back at him. I started to cry into Axel’s chest.

Axel put his hand in my hair and tried to calm me down. “Shhh, it's okay, Mickey. He did that to himself when he joined those evil people.” he whispered to me. He quickly turned his face to Demyx. I looked up and saw those beautiful green eyes that were full of love earlier, they were now full of rage. “Mickey didn’t do that to you.”

“Yes, she did, you traitor. Saix came back and told Xemnas what happened. Then Xemnas turned on me and set Saix and everyone else upon me. That’s why I'm covered from head to toe in bruises and blood. You should have waited for me! You didn’t have to punch Saix. Why, Mickey? I thought I finally found someone that would help me and maybe even the group.” Demyx said with tears of hurt in his eyes.

I tore from Axel’s grip and turned. “You were using me?! I had to punch Saix because of what he was saying to Axel. You don’t get it, Demyx. I love him! I would never join you even if you threatened to kill me.” I said.

Demyx stood there, stunned. “I don’t get it. I... I...” He fainted.

Axel rushed to his side and checked his pulse. “He’s just in shock, and probably in pain from the bruises. I think he’ll be okay but let's get him into bed.” Axel said picking him up and slinging him (lightly) over his shoulder. I followed him into the beach house and cleared a bed for Demyx.

Riku ran inside from hearing all the noise. “What’s wrong?” he yelled and then looked at Demyx.

“Just a little fight. Someone got injured, nothing big.” Axel said in a calm voice.

I stared at him. “Little!? Nothing!? I may want him to leave us alone, but Demyx is hurt. He is not nothing!” I screamed at them with tears in my eyes.

“I didn’t mean it like that! Mickey...” Axel spurted, “He’ll be okay. Just a little sleep will do him good. Someone will need to watch him, though.” I raised my hand. “Fine, but I can’t stay in here with a part of my past. I’ll go insane.” Axel stormed out of the room toward the beach.

Riku looked at me and shook his head. “What? I just want to help a friend.” I said softly.

“But Axel will think that you care more for Demyx.” Riku said and he left.

I bit my lip to stop myself from crying again. Do I care for Demyx more than I care for Axel? I thought. No, I love Axel, but Demyx is my friend. Even though he was using me. I can’t turn my back on him. I told myself.

I grabbed a chair and ran to my room to get my iPod and the guitar Demyx gave me. When I sat down, I picked up the guitar and started to play. “I suck.” I said, putting the guitar down. I grabbed my iPod and started to listen to it. The first song that played was "So What" by Pink. When that ended "So Frustrated" started playing. Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling. I thought. I listened to "Shadow of the Day", "Photograph", and "There’s Got to be Somebody" by Nickleback. After all that, "Life is Beautiful" by 6 A.M. came on. It was a slow song so I ripped the earphones out. “No sad songs.” I said.

I looked at Demyx and then at the guitar. “Fine, one more.” I said to no one in particular. I got so involved with playing it that I didn’t even notice that I was playing the tune of "Sanctuary". I stopped at the sound of someone clapping. I looked at Demyx but he was still in the bed.

“You're really good, Mickey.” a soft voice whispered.

The voice sent chills up my spine and my heart stopped. I looked around the room and no one was there. I looked in the hallway and that's when he stepped out. “Who are you?!” I yelled. There was fear and confusion in my voice.

“I’m his leader,” he pointed at Demyx. “I am Xemnas.”

I ran back into the room and locked the door. “You can hide, Mickey, but I will get you.” Xemnas said with anger.

I’ve got to hide, but... I thought, What about Demyx? Xemnas will just hurt him more. I grabbed Demyx and hid him under the bed. I’ll hide in the closet and bury myself with clothes. As I finished Xemnas kicked in the door.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” he called out like this was a sick game.

I grabbed a bat and held it close to me. If he found me I would be able to protect myself. I fell asleep in the clothes, waiting in fear.


Author’s Note: Ahhh! Will Xemnas get Mickey or will he leave? Will Axel rescue her if Xemnas gets her? You will just have to find out in the next chapter!

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