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Chapter Three: Axel’s Past Life

“I was a normal kid like you, Mickey. I got into fights, backing up Roxas when he fought Seifer, and I had a girl that was my best friend. Her name was Xion. I told her everything. All of my secrets and my crushes. She never laughed at me and she helped me through the worst of my problems. You remind me of her, Mickey.” he stopped and looked at me. For the first time I saw the tears roll down his face and it made me ache inside.

“What happened to her?" I bit my lip, wanting an answer.

“She left Traverse Town to live in Twilight Town. After she left, I keep everything to myself, not telling anyone. I fell into a depression, hoping she would come back. She never did. I thought that I would come out of it after a while but, once again, I was wrong."

"Then I met Larxene and she pulled me out of it. We talked a lot and went on dates, just the two of us. But soon she stopped coming to see me and cancelled dates we made. I asked her why and she said that she would show me. That night I met the group known as Organization XIII. I did not know what they did but I soon learned. That night I met Saix, Lexaues, Vexen, Xaldin, Demyx and some others I did not actually see."

"Their leader was Xemnas. He was cruel to them, but they did not say anything to him unless they were told to. He told me that he saw potential in me. I didn’t want to join them but, when I looked at Larxene, I said yes. I didn’t talk to any of my old friends and soon they started to worry. Roxas went over to talk to me one night and I started yelling at him for no reason. Roxas started to yell back at me and told me that they were worried about me. He also told me that Xion was going to come visit. When he told me that I stopped yelling."

"Roxas looked at me and said ‘Oh, so you do remember her.’, and he left me alone. Mickey, when he left me that night after our talk, I never felt so alone. So, that night I went to make things right. I approached Xemnas that night and told him I was leaving the group. At first, he was furious and demanded to know why. I told him I was tired of it all. He looked at Larxene and then at me. He soon calmed down and let me leave."

"I went back to my house and looked at myself. I had changed, Mickey. These tattoos on my cheeks...” he pointed at the upside down teardrops, "I got them while I was in the group. They told me that I lost someone special but that she was coming back. My Xion was coming back. She called me that night and we set up a date. The next day I got ready and the phone rang. I picked it up and guess who it was? Xemnas! He told me to turn the TV to the local news. When I did I saw a devastating scene. It was Xion, she died in a car crash. Xemnas started laughing and told me that Larxene did it to get back at me. But I knew he had something to do with it.” He stopped and looked at me. Despite the warm day, I was shivering.

“They’re that evil?”

“Yes, and they would hurt you just to hurt me. But I won’t let them.” he promised. He put his arms around me and pulled me on his lap like a little girl. I wanted to stay like that forever, with my head resting on his chest, hearing his heart beat.

“You know, Mickey, from the first time I saw you I loved you like a sister but it grew more intense.”

“Axel, without a doubt, I love you too.” I took his face in my hands and kissed both of his upside down tears. “Now you are not lonely and I will always be with you.”


Author's Note: Supposedly, Xion was number XIV in Organization XIII. She will appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

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