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Chapter Two: The Meeting of Old Friends

A week past before we saw Demyx again. The next time I saw him he was sitting in my spot. When I walked to him he greeted me.

“Hey, Mickey.”

“Demyx!” I squealed and ran to him. I gave him a hug and looked at him. “What?”

“Nothing. It's just that you seem happier.” he smiled and laughed like I made a joke.

“I am always like this, but I do have a question for you. Since I have met your friends, I want you to meet mine. Is that ok?”

I bit my lip, thinking, and soon someone scared me from behind.

“BOO! Ha ha ha ha! Mickey, if only you had seen your face!” Axel laughed.

I scolded him and turned back to Demyx. “I would love to. When?” I asked.

Demyx looked at Axel and then back at me. “I’ll come to get you. I have to go but keep this to remember me.” he handed me the guitar he had been playing yesterday. Demyx got up and left.

I looked back at Axel and saw him with his lip curled up. “What?!” I screamed at him.

“You shouldn’t associate with people like him. He's bad news.” he said and left me alone.

Why are guys like that? I thought.

For the rest of the day I thought about what Axel had said and what Demyx’s friends might be like. Kairi and Namine came over earlier and asked if I knew what was wrong with Axel, but I didn’t answer them. They left soon after and I still would not answer them.

I soon became lonely and jumped into the sea. I swam and swam until I became tired. “I just want to get away from it all.” I told myself. I floated on my back and fell asleep in the water. I felt like I was in a dream, but not a dream. I saw all the fish and the coral, too. The water was swirling around me. When I got to the sandy bottom I curled up and started to fall sleep. Then I saw Axel. I tried to yell his name but the water choked me. Then I realized this was no dream and I fell unconscious. ”Ah!” I screamed. I put my hands over my eyes and tried to sit up. Then someone put their hand to my arm and made me lay back down.

“Lay still. It will be all right. Can you hear me?” the voice asked.

“Yes. I’m Mickey. Who are you?” I opened my eyes and saw blue hair.

“So, you're Mickey. I have heard about you. I am Saix. I'm one of Demyx’s friends.” he said.

He picked me up and I got a good look at him. He had longer hair than Demyx and was more muscular. I thought back to my near death and the image of Axel shot into my head. “Let me down! I have to get back to my friends.” I rolled over and landed in another pair of hands. This time it was Axel. He looked at me with concern and then back at Saix.

“I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you.” Axel said.

“Axel, you were always the hot tempered one. If you want to thank me then come back.” Saix laughed.

“No, not after what happened to Xion and Larxene. I’m never coming back and you won’t get Mickey either.” Axel yelled at him.

Saix stopped laughing and curled up his lip. “We didn’t do that to Larxene, but we are responsible for Xion. You made her do that when you left. And besides, Mickey will be of more use to him and won’t do petty things like Larxene did. Most likely, Xemnas will keep her all to himself.”

Axel stopped breathing for a second and looked at me with wide eyed terror. “No! He will never get Mickey! I'll die before that happens!” Axel screamed.

I looked up at Axel who was now clutching me. “Axel, how do you know him?” I asked.

“Yes, Axel. Tell her how you know me. Tell her all about your past life.” Saix taunted him. I looked up at Axel and saw the hurt in his eyes.

“Put me down. I’ll be okay.” I demanded. He looked at me as if I were crazy and he put me down. I stabled myself on Axel’s shoulder and walked over to Saix.

“Look! Even she doesn’t like you!” Saix laughed.

I looked at Saix and punched him in the side of his face. I pulled my hand back and nursed it against my stomach. Axel was in shock but he soon recovered. Saix grabbed my hair and picked me up. I thought he was going to kill me, but all he did was kiss my throat. Axel grabbed me and pulled me away.

“No. She will not be his.” Axel put me down and lunged at him. Saix was too fast and dodged him easily.

“Don’t worry. You can have her now but, after this, he will want that spirit. Demyx will see you before you leave.” Saix said then disappeared. I watched him leave as Axel came towards me.

“Mickey, are you okay? I will kill all of them, I promise you that. Mickey, I have to tell you something. I love you, I always have.”

I looked at him stunned, “I feel the same way and I wish I could say that. But I want you to tell me about your past life.”

He sat down beside me. “Fine, you win. But this is my past and nothing more. You’re my future.” he drew in a breath and began.

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