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Chapter Eleven: New Teacher and New Secrets

I woke up the next day to find Gippal already gone. “Huh, what’s this?” I pick up a note that was on the counter in the kitchen.

    Sorry, had to leave the first thing this morning. Had an emergency phone call and my boss needed me. Get on the bus and I’ll pick you up after school.

“That sounds so like him. Oh well, better get ready for school.”

I walked back to my room and picked out a simple outfit consisting of just blue jeans and a regular yellow shirt. I grabbed my necklace and backpack and ran outside. I tripped while going to the bus stop but a hand grabbed me and picked me up.

“Well, hello. Are you okay?” I looked up and saw Shuyin, Lenne’s boyfriend. (For people who don’t know who Shuyin is, he is from Final Fantasy X-2. He has blonde hair and he kinda looks like Vaan. Lenne is also from that game. She has long brown hair and kind of looks like Yuna.)

“Yeah. But what are you doing here? Doesn’t Lenne give you a ride to school?”

He put his hand on his head and ruffled his hair. “Yeah, but I got her mad last night and she told me to ride the bus today. She'll be over it before you know it. I hope...”

“What did you do?”

“I missed her concert last night at the Gullwing Bar after I told her I would go. She doesn't know it but I was working late last night so I could get the money to get her a ring. I just need to explain that to her. Next time you see her could you tell her that I really need to talk to her?” He gave me the lopsided grin he was famous for at school.

“Wow, nice smile. Ohhhh. Uhhh. I mean... Yeah, I’ll tell her.”

“Thanks, and thanks for the compliment.” He patted my back and let me get on the bus first. There were low mumbles going around the bus as soon as I got on.

“Why is Shuyin talking to her?”

“I thought she was dating Axel. Is she cheating on him?”

I could hear all the whispering going around the bus. I sat next to Kairi and she looked as nervous as the people talking. She clung to my arm and looked at me with shocked eyes.


“Why was Shuyin talking to you?”

“He asked me to tell Lenne that he needs to talk to her. Nothing more.” I said loudly, making sure that everyone else could hear me. All the sudden the whispering stopped. I breathed out after getting that off my shoulders. “So, any more news on the mystery teacher?”

“Uh. Yeah, his name is Mr. Lee. He is supposed to be only like twenty-six.”

“Hmm. Never heard of him. Must be from out of town.” I closed my eyes and replayed the news in my head. “Why did she have to do that? If she was a teacher she should have known that plagarism is wrong. She could have written her own play or kept to the original.”

“I don’t know, Mickey, but there's the school. Come on, stop whining.” she grabbed my hand and dragged me off the bus as soon as it stopped.

“Hey, Mickey. Remember your promise!” Shuyin shouted.

“Ok! See you later.” I yelled back.

Kairi dragged me close to her locker and stopped. “Oh, hey.” Kairi whispered and let my wrist go.

“What’s wrong, Kairi?” I looked past her and saw Lenne. Her eyes were red like she had been crying.

“Hey, guys. Have either of you seen Shuyin?”

“Yeah. He told me to tell you that he really needs to talk to you.” I told her then gave her a hug. “How was the shindig last night? I heard it was totally mind blowing. Was it?”

She wiped her eyes and looked at me. “Yeah, it was great. I was told last night that I would get to sing with Yuna next time.”

“That’s good. I hope you and Shuyin can get this all sorted out. He is waiting near the cafeteria. Bye.” I hugged her and then let her go. “Is that all you want me for, Kairi?”

She had her hands on her hips as she looked at me. “Yeah, I guess. See you later.”

I walked away from her toward my first class and Demyx. My eyes narrowed and I glared at him.

“Hey, Mickey. Where were you yesterday? You just disappeared.”

“I went home because that nasty blood and that kiss made me sick. I needed a break.”

He lifted his eyebrow and looked at me. “From school?”

I smiled at him. “No. I needed a break from you. Now, leave me alone. We've got a quiz today.” I sat next to him and got my things out of my bag.

The quiz was easy and I was soon finished. I sat down and put my head on my desk. I went into my own little world and ignored the reality of having to sit next to Demyx. Then someone started to shake my shoulders. I shrugged them off and lifted up my head. “What?!” I was annoyed and didn’t want to be messed with.

“The office called. They need you to report there before your next class. Take your stuff, the bell will ring soon.” the teacher said.

I walked to the office and saw a big bouquet of flowers waiting for me. “Huh? What are these for?” The office helper shrugged her shoulders and went back to work on the computer. There was a card.

    Hope you like these. See you soon.

Hmmm. I wonder who this is from. I thought.

I picked up the flowers and went to the Biology classroom. I walked in and went over to the teacher. “Can I keep these here till after school?”

She nodded and smiled. “Who are they from?”

“I don’t know. There's no name.” I turned around left as the bell rang.

“Hey, who are the flowers from?” Demyx asked.

“I don’t know.” I said as I sprinted to drama class.

I stopped at the door and saw the new teacher. I caught my breath and stared at him. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here, Mickey. I’m your new teacher. Now please go sit down.” he stated. I did what he said.

All of the other students came in and sat down. I looked around and noticed that Axel wasn’t there. “He is never sick.” I mumbled.

“What?” Vann asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking to myself.” I turned and looked into my bag.

“Are you all here?” the teacher asked.

“No, Axel is gone. I guess he is sick.” a girl in the back said.

“Fine. Hello, my name is Mr. Lee, but my full name is Xemnas Lee." (I made up the last name.) "Any questions?”

No one raised their hand or made a sound. “Okay, so let's jump right into today’s lesson. Today we will learn to trust. I will personally assign your partners. I don’t believe in luck or letting you pick your own partners. So, here we go. Vaan and Yuffie...” He rattled on and on till I heard my name. “Mickey and Marluxia. Oh, yes, students we have a new student. As you've just heard, his name is Marluxia. He is a sophomore. Demyx, please show him around campus. So, now that we have our groups, we can start with a catching exercise.”

Everyone separate into their groups, but they all closely watched Marluxia. Everyone wanted to know about this pink haired boy.

Personally, I was happy that I didn’t get partnered with Demyx, but worried that Xemnas was my new teacher. And where was Axel? He told me not to trust anyone I didn’t know. And I’m positive that I don't know Marluxia... He came over to me and all of my worries seemed to be swept away. I started to feel calm. “Hi. I’m Mickey.”

He smiled and tossed back the bangs that were right in front of his eyes. His eyes were gorgeous. “Hi, I’m Marluxia. Do you want to start today, or perhaps next year?”

I looked around and saw that every else had started. “Ummm, today would be good. You want to catch me? 'Cause I know I can’t catch you.”

“Sure. You look pretty light.”

He stood behind me and waited for me to fall. I closed my eyes and fell backwards. The seconds seem like hours and I thought that he would surely not catch me. When I opened my eyes I saw Marluxia smiling over me. “You okay? You seemed scared.”

“Yeah, just dizzy. Want to do that again?”

“Yeah, but I want you to catch me this time. I trust you.”

When he said trust, he poured on the “it’s okay” feeling like syrup on pancakes. I felt hypnotized by him and couldn’t seem to pull myself away. “Okay.” And I did the same thing he did before.

I watched him fall. I thought I was going to catch him but the universe proved me wrong. But he didn't fall past me on to the floor. No. He fell right on top of me. He knocked the wind right out of me and I could barely breath when I got up.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he helped me up.

“Yeah, just dizzy again.” I said holding my head in my hands.

“Mickey, are you okay?” Mr. Lee asked.

“Yes. Just nauseated. I need to sit down.” I sat down and looked around. Everyone was staring at me and then at Marluxia.

Marluxia was standing by Mr. Lee a.k.a. Xemnas. He whispered something low and then he saw me staring at him and said loudly, “I’ll see you after class.”

The rest of the class finished the exercise and sat back down. Vaan looked at me with sincerity, but I turned my head. I didn’t want them to feel sorry for me; I just wanted Axel there. But he wasn’t. I was alone with Demyx and Xemnas, the two biggest thorns in my sides.

The bell rang and I jumped out of my seat and ran out the door. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My face was pale and I looked sick. I took a paper towel and washed my face with cold water. “I’ll go wait for him and tell him I'm sorry.” I said to myself.

I waited for Marluxia by the door and soon heard loud talking (not yelling but close to it). I stood there and listened.

“You idiot. If she got hurt, he would have had both of our heads.”

“I’m sorry, my liege.”

“You’ll have to be careful. I want you to watch her and let no one hurt her.”

“You’re assigning me as her bodyguard, my liege?”

“Yes, I’m doing exactly that. Now go.”

I heard him get up and I rushed toward the bathroom. I didn’t want them to know that I heard them. I opened the door and literally ran into Marluxia. “Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t catch you. I should have caught you, but I just don’t have the muscle.”

He looked at me like he'd never heard an apology before. “I’m sorry, too. I should have listened to you and not made you try to catch me.”

“I forgive you. Let's go so we can get to our next classes. What do you have?”


“Same here! Come on, follow me.” We reached the classroom with thirty seconds to spare. After Spanish we had math and it wasn’t too hard. Strike that. We had to learn about calculating the slopes of numbers after a math problem. I looked at the problems but they made my head hurt too much.

Soon the bell rang and it was time for lunch. I praised that second that I would get to sit with my friends. I needed a break from reality and school. I grabbed a lunch tray and went to sit with them. There was an empty seat and two more people. Guess who? Yep. Marluxia and Demyx. I was not very happy to see either of them. I knew that Demyx was still against me being with Axel and I was suspicious of Marluxia since he was with Organization XIII. For Axel’s sake, I couldn’t trust him.

I sat next to Riku and Marluxia. Demyx sat in front of me. I tuned myself out of the conversation and started thinking about the questions that I had earlier. “Mickey! Earth to Mickey!”

“Huh? Oh. What's going on?” I asked when I zoned back in.

“We were all asking each other why we think Axel isn't here. What do you think?”

“I saw him yesterday and he looked fine. So, he is not sick. He probably just decided to skip today. Don’t worry.”

They looked at me with concern. “Mickey, you know you're crying, right?” Riku asked. The rest of the group nodded their heads in agreement.

I put my hand near my tattoo and felt the wet tears. “I’ll be right back.” I said and I ran off.

I didn’t really care were I went, I just wanted to get away. I ran until I reached my locker. I opened it and saw pictures of me and my friends as a group. Axel was also in the picture and he was smiling, and it made me want to see him even more. I slammed my locker closed and turned around only to hit Demyx.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you. I’m sorry. I need to go.” I started past him but he grabbed my wrist.

“Please don’t go, I came to find you. I hate to see you like this. It makes me feel responsible. Please?”

I tried not to cry, not in front of him. I tried to get away but he held me. Then he did something that surprised me. He turned me around and let me cry into his shirt. “Why does he have to be gone today? Just when I need him the most. Why, Demyx?” I asked in sobs.

“I don’t know, Mickey. I just don’t know. Come on, let's get you back to the others.” He led me back toward the cafeteria.

We turned a corner and for a split second I thought I saw a shadow. “Huh? What was that?” I got out of his grip and turned around but it was gone.

“What, Mickey?” Demyx was now looking in the same direction as I was.

“Nothing, I guess. Let's go.”

We went back to the group and they shot me concerned glances. Just like with Vaan, I turned away and ignored them. I couldn’t take it. Marluxia looked at me and took my head in his hand. “You okay?” he asked with some concern.

“Yeah, it's just an ache. I need to throw out my trash.” I stood up and the whole group stood up with me. “I’m just going to the trash can. I’ll be back.” I turned and most of them sat back down. Roxas and Sora went with me. I drop my trash and turned around. They did the same thing, but then they went back and sat down. I stood there and just looked ahead. I started to get another headache so I went back to them.

“Hey guys, I’m going to see if the nurse has anything for a headache. I'll catch up with you later.” I went to the door and Demyx got up with me.

“Hey, I’ll go with you.” he said like it was a secret.

We were about halfway there and he hadn’t said a word. And that bugged me. “What’s wrong, Demyx? Usually you're all spunky and talkative.”

“I need to tell you an important secret.”

“What is it? I won’t tell.”

“I’m not afraid of that. I’m afraid that someone will hear us.”

“Who? No one is around.”

“No, there is someone here. Remember that thing you saw? It wasn’t nothing; it was someone from Organization XIII. I think they are here to keep an eye on me. But I’m still in the group and I’m really sorry that I lied to you. Xemnas has a plan and it has to do with you. I’m so sorry about Axel. He was supposed to be here today. I don’t know where he is but I will do anything to help you.”

I was stunned. “You have no idea where Axel is?”

“No. They took him before I could get to him. Marluxia was one of the members that took him...”



“I should have known. I heard him talking about me with Xemnas after class. They said that I must not be hurt and that he is my bodyguard. Why do I need a bodyguard? And who in the world is he?”

“I don’t know, but I can find out. Can you trust me?” he asked with a pleading look.

“Yes, but I want to find Axel now.”

“Alright, but after school. Okay?”

“Fine, right after school.”

“Now, let's get that medicine. You look sick.”

I huffed at him and went to the nurse. “Hello? I need some medicine for a headache. Hello...?” I called out and saw no one. “Where is she? She's usually always here. Come on, let's look for her.” I dragged Demyx to the back of the room and that's where we found her. She was unconscious but breathing.

“We'd better get help.” I said, standing up.

“You will go nowhere. Demyx, you traitor. You told her everything. I was given orders to kill anyone that spotted to me, so I guess you two are dead. Or at least you,” she pointed to me, “will be close to dead. Can’t hurt the cargo. But Demyx, you are dead. Good-bye.”

She charged at him and pulled out a knife. Demyx had amazing reflexes. He dodged every move and only got nicked once. I gasped and Demyx turned to look at me. At that moment she went to kill him. “No!” I jumped in front of him. Don’t ask me why I did, I just did. She hit me in the shoulder and pushed me out of the way. Blood poured from my shoulder and I staggered back.

“Mickey!” Demyx said. He went charging at her with all his might. “Larxene, you hurt Mickey!” he yelled. I’d never seen him so angry.

“So, you're Larxene! No wonder he left you. You have a terrible temper. I'd leave you, too.” That made her even more angry. If Demyx hadn't tackled her she would have killed me.

“Let me up!”

“No. You will not hurt anyone else.” He pressed a pressure point on her neck and she went out cold. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, it's just a scratch.” I said with my eyelids dropping.

“Come here. I know first aid.” He picked me up and sat me on a cotton bed. He got some paper towels and wiped away the blood. “It's not that bad.”

“Uh-huh. Whatever. The room is starting to spin...” I went back and forth swaying, almost falling over.

“Mickey, stay with me. Think about Axel. Keep your mind on him.” he said in a calm voice.

I thought about Axel. All I could see was his smile as everything faded to blackness.

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