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Chapter Nine: Case of the Boyfriend

Summary: Fostered in by the infamous Shizuoka family, Naminé seems to be leading a perfectly happy life. But what if that changes when she meets the school outcast? RoxasxNaminé

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, but I do own the storyline.


“Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! OH MY GAWD!” Naminé was hyperventilating.

Naminé continued to pace around her room. It was night time now, but it seemed she saw the date as something horrible rather than good.

“A date? A DATE with Roxas?!” she did her best to breath, “What am I going to do?”

“Did I hear you have a date?” it seemed people didn’t know how to knock anymore. Standing by the door was Ayame, Hayner’s mother and Naminé’s adoptive mother.

Naminé blushed. Was she really that loud? “No.”

“Eeee! My little Naminé has a date!” The blonde haired woman squealed as ran up to hug her daughter, “You’re going to have so much fun! So who is it? What are you wearing? Because you’re going to need make-up, some jewellery-”

“Ayame!” Naminé finally got out of her hold, “Eww, I’m not wearing make-up for the world!” then it hit her, “Oh my gawd, I need an outfit!” it seemed that the stress kept piling up one after another.

“Do want to buy a new one?” her adoptive mother asked enthusiastically. She couldn’t believe her daughter was finally growing up.

“NO! No buying clothes! I just need to pick out something random out of my closet,” Naminé told. She didn’t want her mother to pay too much money on her.

“You’re no fun at all Naminé,” Ayame pouted with her arms crossed.

She’s more immature that me…” Naminé thought.

The door soon opened slightly, and Hayner’s head popped out of the door, “What’s happening here? I’m trying to sleep.”

“Naminé has a date, Hayner!” Ayame informed.

“No, I do not!” Naminé continued to deny, “We’re just friends!”

“I see. Well, keep the noise down.” Hayner yawned again and closed the door.

Naminé just sighed, but suddenly she heard Ayame rummaging through her closet.

“What are you doing?”

“Picking out an outfit for you of course!” Ayame giggled, “Here, how about this?”

It was a pale yellow button up shirt that had white polka-dot patterns with a sky blue undershirt and a pair of denim capris. As simple as it was, it was…

“Nice,” Naminé said in awe, “Thanks Ayame.”

“You’re welcome. Now you have to wear those white sandals of yours. It doesn’t really matter if you wear any accessories. Maybe that white belt of yours though,” though they were a financial business, Ayame used to take fashion classes during her high school years.

“Ok, I will.” Naminé smiled. She was glad that her adoptive mother was so kind to her. It reminded her of her real mother that passed away so suddenly years ago.

“Do want me to drop you off tomorrow, maybe we can even buy you a car before you go,” she was a little too enthusiastic.

“It’s ok. Really, I don’t need that kind of stuff,” Naminé assured, “Good night!” she pushed her mother out of the room.

“But-!” Naminé closed the door on her, but not in a rude way of course.

She sighed, now all that’s left was for her confidence to build up overnight…As if that was possible.


Naminé was having second thoughts. Her cheeks felt hot and the tension in her stomach wasn’t helping. She was wearing a messenger bag with her that kept a few necessities like money and ID.

She came by bus like always, and had to walk the rest of the way to Radiant Garden Square. It was a big plaza and people of all ages hung out there. Radiant Garden didn’t have a mall, and this plaza was the replacement for it.

Roxas had told her to meet at the monument in the center of it all. It was a fountain with a statue of flowers attached. After a long while of walking she finally spotted him. She was far away, so she decided to shout out his name.

“Ro-” what she saw caused her stop, “-xas?” she whispered the last syllable.

Naminé couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

There he was smiling. Not at her but a girl in front of him. They were holding hands and staring at each other’s eyes.

The girl looked beautiful. Soft long brown hair and forest green eyes to match with her fair colored skin. She kissed Roxas on the cheek, causing him to blush. He hesitated a bit, but kissed her back on the forehead, and she smiled. Both of them laughed from the moment of silence, but never let go. They looked like a couple that just got together, no—they were a couple.

“Maybe I should go back…” As Naminé was about to turn back, Roxas had noticed her.

“Naminé!” he yelled out, running over to her. Naminé didn’t budge.

The girl that was with him stood by the monument with a soft smile as Roxas ran over to Naminé.

“Naminé, c’mon, we’re waiting over there. I guess I came a little early,” he grinned.

“I didn’t know this was a group date,” Naminé did her best to not sound offended.

“Oh, sorry,” Roxas apologized, “I thought I told you that I was inviting a friend. Anyways, let’s go. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Naminé followed Roxas back to the monument.

“Who is this Roxas?” the girl spoke in such a high class and polite manner.

“Olette, this is Naminé. Naminé this is Olette, my girlfriend,” Roxas introduced, putting an arm around Olette’s shoulder.

Girlfriend? Roxas has a girlfriend? A rush of emotions ran through Naminé. She didn’t know what to make of this.

The girl gasped, “You’re Naminé! I’ve hear so much about you!” she smiled, putting her hand out.

Naminé took this as a signal to shake her hand, “Good things I hope.” she put on a fake smile.

“Of course,” she smiled back.

Olette was nice. Naminé knew that, but she couldn’t help but feel that twinge of jealousy run through her.

“Hey guys!” a masculine voice yelled out, “I couldn’t find the drinks.”

They all turned to the source, it was…

“YOU!?” Hayner and Naminé yelled in unison.

“You know each other?” Olette asked in surprise.

“Yeah, he’s just someone I know,” Naminé glared, “What the heck is he doing here?

Hayner just glared back at her.

“Wow, what a coincidence,” Roxas laughed.

“How do you know Hayner?” Naminé turned her gaze to Roxas.

“Olette introduced us a few moments before you came actually,” Roxas told.

“Now that you two are done making out, can we go now?” Hayner crossed his arms from impatience.

“Aww, is Hayner jealous?” Olette grinned, pinching his cheek.

Hayner blushed and took a step back, “What’s there to be jealous of? I just want to go now!”

Olette giggled and turned towards Roxas and Naminé and whispered, “He’s jealous!”

“No, I’m not!” he yelled, “And I’m standing right here you know! You don’t have to tune me out!”

Olette just laughed and continued to tease the blushing Hayner.

Naminé and Roxas just sighed.

“Hayner’s right Olette, I think we should go now,” Roxas informed.

“Where too?” Olette asked.

“Where do you guys wanna go?” Roxas asked Hayner and Naminé.

“How about we grab a bite to eat?” Hayner suggested.

“Let’s go!” Olette agreed enthusiastically. She linked arms with Roxas and the two walked ahead.

As soon as Naminé was sure that Roxas and Olette were out of ear-shot she began interrogating Hayner.

“What the hell are you doing here!?” Naminé exclaimed.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Hayner glared, “Remember how I said I was going on a group date with Olette and her boyfriend? I never knew you would come…”

“She’s the Olette?” Naminé gasped in awe. Hayner was right. She did look amazing.

Hayner just nodded.

“Wow…so that means-” Naminé couldn’t even finish her sentence. She knew what was happening now. Confusion and pain took over every other feeling now, “So Roxas was the one?

“Yes,” Hayner said in annoyance. He was glaring daggers at Roxas’ back, “So why are you here?”

“Roxas asked me on a date,” Naminé admitted, “But he never told me it was a group date.”

Hayner grinned, “You like him?”

Naminé blushed furiously, “No way! We’re just classmates!”

“So why did you agree to his offer?” Hayner was chuckling now.

As Naminé was about to say something back, Olette interrupted their conversation.

“Hey guys, wanna eat at a commoner’s restaurant?” Olette asked happily.

Commoner’s restaurant? Just how rich was this girl?” Naminé asked rhetorically. For her to attend Hayner's school, she was obviously a heiress of her own company.

“Sure,” Hayner agreed walking inside the fast food restaurant with Olette.

Roxas and Naminé followed the two in.

“You guys take a seat, I’ll order. So what do you guys want?” Roxas told.

“Hamburger and fries,” Hayner told with a stoic expression. Naminé could feel the anger that Hayner had towards Roxas, but Roxas didn’t seem to notice.

“Same here,” Naminé told.

“Me too!” Olette said after.

“Okay, got it,” Roxas went off to the cashier and ordered while the other three chose a nice spot at the back of the restaurant beside the windows. Olette sat across of Hayner who sat beside Naminé.

“So,” Olette decided to start of the conversation, “How do you two know each other exactly?”

“He’s my brother sadly,” Naminé admitted, she didn’t want to add that he wasn’t biologically related to her.

“Really? You guys don’t really look alike, just the hair though,” Olette told. Naminé stiffened slightly at her words.

“So how do you know Hayner?” Naminé asked.

“Why is the subject about me?” Hayner whined. The two girls didn’t listen.

“We met at the ninth grade. Hayner’s been my best friend since,” Olette smiled.

“The teacher forced me to show her around the school since she was a new transfer student, so yes we had to hang out for the first few weeks she came,” Hayner explained more thoroughly.

“You make it sound as if meeting me was a bad thing,” Olette laughed. Naminé just smiled while Hayner did his best to find something else to say. Now she fully understood why she never met Olette before, but she didn’t know Olette and Hayner were best friends.

“Here you guys go,” Roxas had finally come and passed over their individual trays of food, “Jeez, you guys could have come to help me you know.”

They all just laughed while Roxas grumbled. The group soon began to dig into their food.

“So Naminé, are you going to be a heiress in any part of the Shizuoka Company?” Olette asked. Where did that come from?

Roxas almost choked on his food, did he just hear right? The infamous Shizuoka company?

“Roxas are you okay?” Naminé asked in shock.

Roxas just cleared his throat and nodded, “So you’re related to Hayner?”

“Yes she is. Before you came in, Naminé told me a bit about it,” Olette told.

“Yes, she’s sadly my sister,” Hayner added. In turned he received a kick from Naminé, “Ow!”

“So are you?” Olette asked again.

“No,” Naminé explained, “I’m planning to pursue something else after high school.” It felt like an interview with the questions Olette was asking.

Olette smiled, “How would you feel if you could marry the heir of the Hikari industry then?”

Roxas and Hayner both choked on their food.

“Oh my gosh! Are you guys alright!?” Naminé and Olette said in unison.

“Yes,” both boys mumbled.

“Hikari heir?” Naminé questioned. She didn’t know what she meant.

“Oh, didn’t he tell you? Roxas is-” Roxas interrupted Olette before she could say anymore.

“She’s crazy Naminé! Don’t listen to her,” Roxas was now laughing nervously. If she ever found out his secret he’d be dead, “Olette, isn’t it kind of rude to keep asking questions?”

“Sorry!” Olette apologized.

“It’s okay,” Naminé told, “What was she going to say?

The group soon finished eating and exited the restaurant.

“Now that were done eating, what’s next?” Hayner asked.

“Can we go to the Aquatic Life Museum next?” it was if the question was being asked by a child, “Or do guys want to go do something else?” Olette was very enthusiastic about her idea.

“Why not?” Roxas smiled.

“Yay!” Olette shot up from her seat and grabbed Hayner’s arm, “I wanna see the sharks!”

“Sharks?” Hayner gulped. Before he could protest, Olette took his arm and began running towards the direction of the museum. It was close by, so they didn’t have to walk much.

“She’s quite…forward isn’t she?” if this was an anime, she would have had those over-sized sweat-drops by now.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Roxas sighed as the two followed Olette’s trail. They all soon reached the museum with Olette paying for all four of the tickets.

“Thanks Olette, now could you let me go?” Hayner did his best to hide the blush that crept up his cheeks. The distance between them wasn’t exactly helping.

“No, because then you’d run away,” Olette clung onto him tighter, causing the blush to become more visible.

“I won’t run away.”

“Really?” she wanted to make sure.

“Yes, really.”

“Okay then,” she loosened her grip as her hand slid onto his own hand, “Off to the shark tanks!”

“What?! Olette, wait!” she dragged him off into an unknown direction, leaving Roxas and Naminé alone.

Did the drink she had earlier give her a sugar rush?

“I thought she was your girlfriend,” Naminé quirked an eyebrow at Roxas.

The two of them took the opposite direction down a dark hallway where the only source of light was the glowing fish tanks filled with tropical fish.

“She is, but Hayner’s her best friend too and as she told me before: Hayner’s easier to boss around,” Roxas laughed.

Naminé could bet she knew the reason why, “I see.”

As the two walked closer to the actual aquariums, Naminé’s eyes sparkled in amazement from the glow of the blue waters in the fish tank.

The fact that the endless hall was dark, it made you really made you focus on the exotic creatures.

“Wow…” was all she managed to say. She walked closer to the glass wall that separated her from the other side with her fingertips pressed onto the glass.

The fish that were within her radius swam away. She was entranced by the beauty. The glow of the artificial coral reef, the colorful and exuberant schools of fish swimming with such coordination, it left the girl speechless. The ceiling above them was also connected to the aquarium.

Roxas smiled as he watched Naminé become mesmerized by the nature of it all. He walked closer until her stood right beside her.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” he asked looking at her. His words though seemed directed at something other than the obvious though, not that Naminé noticed.

More exotic fish passed them by gracefully before she could speak again.

“How did Olette know about this place?” Naminé asked artlessly.

“Hardly anyone ever visits this place. So Olette and I usually come here for our dates,” he smiled to himself as he remembered the memory, “She loves animals.” his own blue eyes soon followed the pattern of the swimming creatures.

Naminé tried to hold back a frown. Luckily, Roxas was staring that the fish, because her eyes could never hide what she was feeling. Why did she feel this way when he spoke of another girl? The way he spoke of Olette, it was if he l-

“Found them!” a girlish voice pointed out, “Roxas! Naminé!”

As Hayner caught up to the hyper-active girl, his hands were on his knees, “Jeez Olette, -pant- how did you learn –pant- to run like that?” he was still gasping for air.

“The fish are still as beautiful as ever, aren’t they?” Olette smiled as she adored the beauty too.

“Hey Olette,” Roxas greeted taking a few steps towards her. She ran up to embrace him.

A sincere smiled appeared on his lips as he stroked her hair. Naminé couldn’t tear her gaze away.

She didn’t stand a chance.

Though Hayner was caught up in his own dilemma, he couldn’t help but notice the look on Naminé’s face. It was that hurt looks he always saw on her when she reminisced about her past, but for once it was for a different reason.

Naminé’s gonna get hurt,” Hayner thought, “Hey guys, what time is it? I don’t have a watch.” he had found a way to interrupt the two somehow.

Roxas had let go of Olette from the embrace, but he still had one arm around her waist, “Umm…” he looked at his watch, “Its 7:00. Do you guys want to go home?”

“Yeah, I have a bit of homework left,” Naminé said with a fake smile.

Both Roxas and Hayner could see through the lie.

“Okay, I guess we should all go then,” Olette frowned. She was having fun; she didn’t want the day to end so soon especially with her new friend Naminé.

Roxas left Olette and casually walked over to Naminé in one swift movement, “Do you want me to give you a ride home?” he really felt as if he needed to talk to her.

Naminé shook her head, “Hayner’s my brother remember? I’m going to take a ride in his car.”

“Oh yeah,” Roxas tried to hide his disappointed look, “See you at Monday then?” he smiled to make up for it.

“Monday,” Naminé smiled, “Bye Roxas. Bye Olette.”

“See you later too Olette on Monday. Later Roxas,” Hayner and Naminé waved goodbye and left.

It wasn’t a very long walk to Hayner’s car. The two got in and Hayner finally decided to bring up the subject.

“You never told me you were friends with the Hikari kid,” he would move in slowly to the main topic.

“His name is Roxas,” Naminé mumbled.

“Yeah, Roxas. So how do you know him exactly? You wouldn't agree to a date with just any classmate.”

“Like I said, school person,” Naminé told, “I didn’t agree to a date on romantic terms okay? You know there’s such a thing as just friends date,” she informed. She would never tell Hayner of all people that Roxas meant more to her than that of course.

“Really? You two look closer than just friends.”

“Who are you? Ayame?” She shot back in a sarcastic tone. What was with him?

“No, just a concerned brother,” he admitted rather bluntly.

“Concerned about what?” she was not in the mood.

Hayner grinned, “I saw you blush.”

She felt the heat rise on her cheeks, “No I wasn’t!”


“I wasn’t!”

“Do you like him?”

That came rather sudden, “What do you mean?”

“I just want to know: Do you like him?”

The blush came back. Thankfully it was night time though, “No! How could you come up with something so stupid?!”

“Just asking, no need to get all defensive,” her reaction was enough of an answer that he needed. Hayner’s tone went from playful to serious, “Just…don’t get hurt okay?”

“Huh?” What did he mean?

Hayner’s car soon pulled over to the gates of their mansion. He rolled down his window and began speaking to the intercom, “Hayner and Naminé here. Open the gates, please.”

The gates soon opened at his command and Hayner’s car went straight towards the garage. Not a word was exchanged between the two siblings as they exited the car and walked up to the mansion. The two separated as they entered their designated rooms.

Naminé sighed as she laid down on her bed.

Do I really like him?


Author's Note: The commoner’s restaurant thing was taken from the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club (for any of you who watch/read that XD). Wow, was that a long chapter or what? Well I am introducing one of my most vital characters in the story, so why not? Hehe, hope you guys enjoyed!

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