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Chapter Seven: Sky

Summary: Fostered in by the infamous Shizuoka family, Naminé seems to be leading a perfectly happy life. But what if that changes when she meets the school outcast? RoxasxNaminé


“The sky…it’s really big,” Naminé said in awe as she leaned against the railings with Roxas.

“Yeah,” Roxas breathed out. Both were watching the aftermath of the sunrise and there were still streaks of pink and purple across the sky.

The two decided it was better to go to school early. That way, they could beat the crowd before they could reach them. No one knew of their secret place at the rooftop, and they were glad for that.

“You know it’s really nice just hanging out like this…” he sighed with a smile.

She couldn’t help but blush at his words, “Y-yeah,” she stuttered out. Naminé looked away before he could see.

Roxas had seen the pink hue on her face, but decided not to raise the subject.

What’s wrong with me? It’s not like he said he liked to hang out with me specifically…” Naminé frowned.

“So Naminé, I never really got to know. How’s your life like?” he asked.

“Um…well, I have a brother,” she really didn’t know how to start without bringing up the subject or how rich she was in reality.

“Really? You never told me that before,” he really seemed interested.

“He can be a real pest sometimes, but he’s also got a soft spot,” Naminé laughed slightly at this.

“How so?”

“Well, he likes this girl at his school, but she’s already engaged. You know how arranged marriages work right? So it’s really hard on him right now…”

Roxas’ cheerful expression changed, but Naminé couldn’t tell why. “Yeah, arranged marriages…they can be a pain for some relationships…”

“Roxas?” his change of tone was so sudden. Naminé gave a slightly worried look.

Soon enough the bell rung before Naminé could say anymore.

“We better get to class,” he told as he put on a smile.

She nodded and they both went off to homeroom.


Today was just like usual; the notes being thrown at her desk, teachers scolding her about the mess, her self-esteem shrinking little by little.

She sighed as she opened another one.

Don’t talk to Kairi like that! She’s cool and ur not!

Like I care,” Naminé thought. Luckily she sat beside the recycling bin today and threw the note there. Afterwards though, another was passed to her desk.

Unlike the other noted though, it wasn’t on a ripped piece of lined paper. Instead it was written on a folded blue sticky note.

Naminé slowly opened it and read,

You probably feel bad about everything right now. Just hold your head up high and keep strong. They’ll quit sooner or later. – Sky

Sky?” Naminé thought. No one in the entire school that she knew of was named Sky. A new student? No way. It was probably an alias.

She continued to observe the note more. The way it was scrawled on, looked as if a boy had written it, but the name seemed too girly for that. Naminé began to look around the class for any signs. On the opposite side of the room, she saw Sora. Sora was Japanese for sky, but he was sleeping. Idiot.

Either way, he was an enemy of Roxas now. So it couldn’t be him. She glared at the piece of paper. Who the heck could it be? Naminé sighed inwardly as she shoved the piece of paper in her binder unlike the rest of the notes. It was a nice message, so why not keep it?


Lunch was typical: Naminé brings lunch. Roxas eats it. They talk like always.

“Roxas, do you know anyone named, Sky?” she asked as they watched the view. Along with the endless sky, they could also see the majority of the city from the rooftop. Both blondes were sitting down along the edge by the railings.

“No, why do you ask?” he said leaning in a bit closer towards her. They were sitting pretty close as it was, and his hand could almost brush against her own.

She drew back suddenly from the closeness causing the unaware Roxas to flinch.

“N-no reason, no reason at all!” she blushed madly as she answered.

Roxas eyed her suspiciously. What was wrong with Naminé? He never really understood on why she got all flustered like that; but he had a good reason on why...

I have got to get a hold myself…” she thought, sighing inwardly, “Actually I’ve been getting a lot of annoying notes lately.”

“I see, and was this Sky person involved in any of this?”

“No.” she lied.

“Ok, then. Just don’t let those notes get the best of you okay?” he smiled, “Same thing always happens to me.”

Naminé blushed. He has got to stop doing that, “Ok, thanks Roxas.”

“No problem.” The two just continued to watch the view peacefully.


The last periods of the day were a routine like everything else in her days now. Roxas would be sitting beside her and she would do her best not to make a wrong move in front of him.

This guy isn’t good for my health…” Naminé sighed.

A note made its way onto her desk.

Naminé you look red. Are you sick? – Roxas

She glared at him.

“Just checking,” he laughed in a whispering manner. She just sighed. Roxas continued listening to the teacher's lesson again.

Another note had made its way onto her desk, but it was a blue one this time.

Class is boring, and my friends are being boring. So I think I’m going to send notes to you – Sky

Naminé glared at the small piece of paper. She thought this person was supposed to be nice. The sad part was that she couldn't reply back; but another replica of it reached her desk.

Just so you know, Roxas is a nice guy. I hear a lot of rumors, do you like him? – Sky

She blushed furiously as she read the note.

The school bell rung signaling the end of the day, and everyone had went their own way on going home.

“Naminé you looked stressed back there. Did something happen?” Roxas asked as he followed her to her locker.

“As I said: Annoying notes,” Naminé twitched at her words.

“Well, I gotta go. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” Naminé sighed in relief as she watched him go.


Naminé soon exited the bus. It didn’t take long for her to reach home. Naminé entered the Shizuoka manor gates and made her way into the actual mansion.

"Hey Naminé," Hayner greeted happily as she took of her shoes.

"Hello, Hayner. Why are you so happy?" she observed walking out of the entry way.

"I've got a date next week!" he was pretty much bouncing with every step from the joy.

"Oh really?" she grinned, "With this Olette I'm guessing?"

"Yup!" his smiled turned into a slight frown though, "Well not really..."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Well, technically her boyfriend is coming along. She told me that she wanted me to meet him..." he sighed from disappointment.

"Well, at least you can see if he actually deserves her or not," Naminé tried to look at the bright side.

"I guess," he quickly smiled again, "And maybe I can prove to her I'm better if that's the case."

"Ok, now you're just getting full of yourself," she told.

He just continued happily into his room.

"He's so delusional..." Naminé sighed.

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