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Chapter Six: Fight!

Summary: Fostered in by the infamous Shizuoka family, Naminé seems to be leading a perfectly happy life. But what if that changes when she meets the school outcast? RoxasxNaminé

A/N: Don't you guys hate it when you begin to write a new story, then suddenly out of no where you get inspired to write another one? Well, that's what has been happening to me lately (I'll probably put up that new story by summer time because I'm still looking for title XD). Sorry for the delay people, I'll try to update once a week at least instead of my twice a week at best now, okay? Sorry, but I hope you at least enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, but I do own the story line.


“Oh my gawd…” Naminé was shocked at what she saw.

Roxas stood beside her with the same exact shocked expression.

There at the front steps of the school was trio, Kairi, Selphie, and Larxene happily distributing what looked like fliers. The picture on the fliers is what shocked them. It was a picture of her and Roxas…about to kiss!

“Is it true?” a student asked.

Where in the world did they get that picture? It’s not even real!” Naminé thought. Her mind just couldn’t even process the information that quickly.

“Most likely. The photo looks so real!” another one laughed.

The crowd of students receiving them was laughing or giving expressions of shock. For them to think it was even possible…

“What the hell?!” Naminé yelled. Never had she used such profanity, but now was not the time to question the girl. The entire crowd of students turned towards her, “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Oh, but Naminé. Don’t you want everyone to know what you and Roxas share?” Selphie asked in pure mockery.

“It’s just so, sweet!” Larxene laughed.

“We’re just telling the truth, Namie,” Kairi smirked.

“More like distributing lies!” Naminé was boiling in anger.

“It’s just a joke. But you just can’t help but think that it’s true!” everyone was now laughing at the two blondes.

“You know what?” Naminé gave the most sinister look, “I’m about to rip that pretty smile off your face!”

The three girls flinched at her words.

“Naminé, calm down!” Roxas did his best to hold down the irrational girl as she tried to fight her way out of his hold. Who knew she actually had some strength?

She was filled with such rage; she couldn’t even think straight at the moment. Naminé soon escaped out of Roxas hold on her, but turned towards him, “And what, let these weirdos tell a bunch of lies?!”

“Just ignore them. They’ll get what they deserve someday. But don’t get into fights Naminé. Didn’t you tell me that before?” he told.

Naminé’s face was slightly red with anger, “Fine!” she told him, but turned towards the other three girls, “I don’t care if you made that in Photoshop or whatever program. But I’ll make sure you all get hurt!”

“Is that a threat?” Larxene mocked.

“I’m gonna…” Roxas quickly stopped her by pulling her wrist.

“Let’s go, Naminé,” he told, dragging her inside the school building.

“But…!” his iron grip was just too strong.

“Isn’t that cute? Roxas is trying to protect his girlfriend!” Kairi laughed from the outside.

In the hall, Roxas still had a good grip on Naminé’s wrist until she finally had enough. She pulled herself away, causing Roxas to turn towards her.

“What was that for? I could have-” he interrupted her mid-sentence.

“You were going to what? Tell me exactly what you were going to do.” he had crossed his arms. He had to reason her out somehow. After that time that they had spent together, he had never seen the outraged side of her. She was just so unpredictable at times…

She glared at him. It was spur of the moment and she couldn’t help it. Probably punching their face and wrecking that pretty hair of theirs was the first thought that came into mind.

“Naminé, don’t go and pick fights like that. They’ve got more people on their side than we do. You don’t stand a chance,” he informed.

Her gaze dropped to the floor, he was right. She sighed, “Then what are we supposed to do? I can’t just stand there and watch them make fun of us…” she looked back at him, “Did you see what they did? This is probably just their first method. They probably want to drive us out of this school!”

“Then that’s what we do. We stay. Show them that were stronger than that. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was a child,” he smirked.

She frowned at this. He was so much stronger than her. Not just in strength, but also his will. When she was a child and even now, she would just run away from her problems, “Ok then. I guess you’re right.”

“I know I am.” he smiled causing her to smile as well.

The bell soon rang and all the students made their way to class.


Naminé knew that what had happened outside was just the beginning. It was just morning and she felt as if she already couldn’t take it. During class, it was just pure insanity.

Whenever the teacher had their back turned students would either throw paper balls or messages at her.

Another piece of paper got thrown at her forehead and landed on her desk. “Grrr…

What now?” Naminé thought as she rubbed her forehead as a reflex. She unfolded the paper and read the scribbles…

I hate you! - Aninimouse

“Am I supposed to take this seriously?” she mumbled to herself, “This person doesn’t even know how to spell anonymous…” Another one reached her desk.

You suck! Kairi is so much cooler than you!

This time, there was no name. Coward.

She sighed. The people in her class could be so immature.

The lunch bell soon rang, and Naminé couldn’t help but run towards the rooftop door. She needed to get out, away from everyone before she went insane. For the first time since class had started, her expression had lit up at the sight of a certain blonde boy. She ran over and greeted him.


He turned around, “Oh, hey Naminé.” she couldn’t help but melt inside as she saw his smile. It was the only thing that seemed real at the time.

“So what’s for lunch?” he was a little too enthusiastic.

“Sorry, I forgot my lunch this morning,” she frowned.

“Don’t worry about it,” Roxas assured, “I’ve gone without lunch lots of times!” Naminé didn’t really know what to think of this.

“Well, we could buy some from the cafeteria. I have a bit of money with me so we could buy some,” Naminé told.

“Are you sure? I mean-” But she interuppted him before he could even finish the sentence.

“Don’t worry Roxas! Let’s go, I’m really hungry right now,” she put a smile on as she took his arm and dragged him towards the cafeteria.


“Naminé, you have to re-think this! Let’s go back,” as he turned around, Naminé took his wrist.

“But I wanna eat!” she said it as if she was a child in need.

Roxas knew what would happen if the went in. He hoped that they wouldn’t stick out too much as they entered.

“I want pizza, how about you?” she asked innocently as they entered.

From a far, three girls sat as a group in their own table.

“For her to even show her face here…who does she think she is,” Larxene glared at the two who had just entered their ‘territory.’

“Ugh, she must think she’s all that now that she has Roxas to back her up,” Selphie huffed.

“I think I know the perfect way to make sure they never come back here,” Kairi grinned mischievously.

She began to whisper her plan as the unaware blondes lined up for their food.

“I think this is enough,” Naminé felt accomplished after paying for their food.

“Yeah, thanks Naminé,” he smiled. No one was ever that courteous to him.

“I-it’s nothing!” she blushed slightly at this, “Gosh, what’s wrong with me lately?

The walked over to an empty table found by the back of the cafeteria. Naminé felt happy that no one seemed to be bothering her and Roxas like what they had done in the morning.

“Let’s dig in!” she smiled picking up her fork.

Roxas nodded. It was nice to know that the students hadn’t noticed them as they walked in. Little did they know that this moment would soon be lost.


From what Naminé could identify, mash potato had just hit the back of her head.


Roxas had to admit; Whom ever that person was, had really good aim since they had hit him right afterwards.

“Ugh!” Naminé was ready to scream at whoever did that. She shot up from her seat and stared at the crowd, “Okay, who did that-” another one had hit her.

Soon enough almost everyone was aiming at the two. A burst of laughter roared throughout the entire room. They were laughing at the humiliated blondes.

Look at the potato couple!”

Haha, now they have matching outfits too!”

Naminé wiped off the residue off her face and her glare went straight towards a certain auburn haired girl’s table. If they were going to make a mockery out of them, she was going to make sure she would have at least a little taste of revenge. Without the crowd knowing she had made her way to the table.

“Naminé!” Roxas ran after her.

“Oh shut it Roxas!” she was so angry right now that she didn’t care who she was yelling at, “You!” she pointed towards her enemy.

“Oh, Naminé, we just couldn’t help ourselves!” Selphie continued with a burst of laughter.

“It’s too funny!” Larxene was pounding hard on the table.

“I thought we were friends! I never did anything to you!” Naminé yelled at the trio.

“Oh come on, Naminé! The moment you stood up for that sleaze bag, you were a goner!” Kairi laughed.

Everyone kept laughing; laughing at them.

“Oh, we’ll see who’s a goner…” Naminé took a piece of whatever they threw on her and threw it dead on Kairi’s face.

The girl began shrieking, causing everyone to gasp.

“We’ll see who’s laughing now!” Naminé practically jumped at the girl and literally tried to tear her apart. Hair pulling, scratching, slapping -- stereotypical movie girl fights.

Everyone began screaming and backing away the way Kairi was. Roxas and Kairi’s boyfriend, Sora soon came to the rescue and pulled the two apart from each other.

“Naminé, what’s with you?!” Roxas yelled.

"Kairi, calm down!" Sora was trying to hold down the girl without hurting her.

Naminé was trying to thrash out of Roxas’ strong grip, but it was no use. The other girl looked just as much a mess as Naminé was now. Her pretty hair was now tangled and ruined after what the supposedly quiet girl had done.

“BITCH!” Kairi managed to screech out, but Sora had as much a grip on her as Roxas to Naminé.

“YOU’RE THE TRAITOR!” Naminé yelled back.

Once the two had slightly calmed down, they finally had gotten out of the two boys’ grasp.

If looks could kill, Kairi wouldn’t even exist by now, “This is war!” Naminé proclaimed.

“Bring it on!” she yelled back. The two boys had caught them once again before they could tear each other apart again.

Roxas knew they had to get out the cafeteria before it got any worse. Suddenly in one swift movement, Naminé was over Roxas' shoulder and carried her out of the food torn place.

“Put me down!” Naminé whined and drummed her fists on his back.

Roxas just sighed as he exited the cafeteria. She had definitely made this worse than it should have been. Once they were far enough, he listened to her wishes and put her down.

Naminé’s face was red with anger, “Why did you do that?! I could have killed her!”

Roxas put both his hands on her shoulders, “Yeah, that’s the problem.”

Naminé just couldn’t take it at the moment, “I’m going home.” she huffed taking a few steps back.

He sighed. She was such a child when it really came down to it, “I need to wash up and go home too.”

The messy potato-covered blondes soon exited the school after informing the teacher and went home.

As Naminé had reached home, Hayner stared in shock (his school had let them out early seeing how it was a half day).

“What happened to you?!”

She glared at her brother, “I don’t want to talk about it…”

Today was definitely an eventful one. Who knew what they had in store for tomorrow.

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