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Chapter Five: Outcasts

Summary: Fostered in by the infamous Shizuoka family, Naminé seems to be leading a perfectly happy life. But what if that changes when she meets the school outcast? RoxasxNaminé

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, but I do own the story line.


Another school day had not started just yet, and the student waited for the dreaded bell to ring.

Naminé had walked to school like always taking the bus wherever needed. She saw her group in the distance and ran towards them.

“Hey guys,” she greeted with a smile. There was something off as she got closer.

All three girls looked nervously at each other as if hiding an untold secret. Something is definitely up.

Kairi sighed; the other two girls had given her the look to talk first.

“Naminé, is it true?” Kairi asked gripping her book bag nervously in front of her with both hands.

“True? About what?” she questioned. What are they talking about?

“About Roxas. Everyone is saying you two are going out!” Selphie gave Naminé a look of disapproval. The blonde girl’s eyes widened from the information.

“What? No!” Naminé blushed from the awkward rumor. Where did that question come from?

“Good,” Larxene sighed in relief, “And we thought something bad was going to happen! I mean you’ve been skipping out on us at lunch, so we just though you know…”

“Nothing like that is happening between me and Roxas, Naminé assured, “We’re just friends.

The bell had soon rung, signaling all the teenagers to enter the school building.


During some days, Naminé would hang out with Roxas more frequently, but she knew her friends would question her, so she decided not to visit him at times. Today was one of those days.

“Ugh, that Roxas probably started up the rumors himself!” Selphie told the girls.

“Makes sense, I mean he probably likes Naminé,” Larxene had assumed.

Naminé sighed inwardly. She wanted to tell them that they were wrong, and that Roxas a good guy.

“I hear that he was in prison before, talk about a delinquent!” Kairi informed.

“Really?” Larxene said in shock, “I hear that he only went to prison because his gang bailed out on him, so he was the only one caught!”

“Makes perfect sense,” Selphie laughed, “Even his gang hates him.”

“He should just go and move schools! Nobody even wants him here!” Kairi exclaimed.

“Maybe the teachers. They act like he’s the boss or something, don’t you think?” Larxene asked the girls. The all nodded, except for Naminé.

“Are you sure this is all true, I mean. They sound so fake,” Naminé sighed.

“But you know how rumors are. They’re always based on the truth. Of course some of it is off at times, but it’s Roxas, Naminé,” Selphie told.

“I just think it’s wrong to assume things about people,” she frowned.

“Naminé, never involve yourself with that guy. It’s just bad news for our reputation and your health!” Kairi informed.

As Naminé was about to say something, she was soon interrupted by a yelling student.

“There’s a fight in the front of the school!” he yelled, “And it’s between Roxas and Riku!”

All the students gasped and ran out the door to check out the scene.

“What did I say?” Kairi gave an, ‘I told you so’ look to Naminé.

Oh no, Roxas!” Naminé couldn’t contain herself any longer and ran off with the rest of the students.

“Naminé!” Kairi yelled.

“She’s probably worried about Riku, let’s go!” Selphie said to the other two. They all agreed to that conclusion and went after Naminé.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” the students chanted.

Naminé gasped putting a hand over her mouth. She couldn't bear to watch.

There it was again, Roxas was outnumbered.

Roxas was there helpless as Riku grabbed his collar, “Don’t you ever go near her again, she’s mine!”

“You don’t have your name on her!” Roxas managed to land a kick on Riku pushing him away. The attempt soon failed though, as Riku’s friends decided to gang up on Roxas as Riku regained his composure.

“Shut up!” the platinum haired boy yelled wiping the dirt off his arm.

Roxas could have beaten Riku hands down, even if he didn’t look as built, but no one was there to help him. No one.

“And she’s not an object!” Roxas defended. Naminé felt tears forming, “Her name is Naminé! Not just some girl who-” Roxas received another punch to his abdomen before he could say another word.

As Riku was about to finish him off, Naminé jumped into the circle, “Stop!”

Some of the noise and chants had died down, but Riku was still ready to punch him, “I said, STOP!”

She didn’t know where her confidence had come from, but everyone was frozen, including Naminé’s friends.

“Get away from him!” Naminé roared pushing Riku aside as the boys had let go of Roxas.

She knelt beside Roxas putting her hand on his back for support.

“Roxas are you, okay?” Naminé felt like crying right now after seeing the blood trickle from his lips, “Of course you’re not okay…you’re hurt.” she whispered, answering her own question.

“Naminé,” Larxene finally decided to step out of the crowd, with the other two following behind, “What are you doing?”

Everything was quiet, frozen from the shock of what was happening.

“Can’t you see? She likes Roxas, she defended him,” someone had yelled from the crowd.

“They’re right,” another one said from the sidelines.

Silence filled the air once again.

Soon enough everyone left one by one. Even Naminé’s so called ‘friends’ had abandoned her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, causing Roxas’ gaze to focus one her, “I’m sorry…”

“Naminé it’s-” he was trying to smile, but it wouldn’t come after she had interrupting him.

“I’M SORRY ROXAS! I’m so, so sorry…” she was crying so much on his already bloody shirt.

“It’s OK, Naminé. It’s OK…” he smiled patting her head like a child as he tried his best to comfort her. Even if he was the being hurt physically, she was being hurt emotionally.


“Oww! Can you not be so rough?” Roxas yelped.

The two blondes were in the nurse’s office and Naminé had begged them to allow her to bandage up Roxas. It was going well so far, until Naminé had actually begun tightening the white cloth.

“Oh be quiet and stop acting like a child,” Naminé laughed.

She soon finished up and Roxas jumped out of the bed.

“Well, I’m off,” he told.

“To where?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Home, where else?” he grinned.

“You can’t just…” he didn’t even hear her.

There he was walking so casually towards the nurse.

“I’m going home early,” he told with so much authority in his voice.

“Yes, Mr. Hikari,” she nodded.

What just happened?” Naminé thought. He always did that. Even when he was late for class or did anything wrong, the teachers would dismiss him so easily… why?

She decided to chase after him.

“Roxas, what was that all about?” Naminé asked the teenage boy.

“Huh? Do you want to go home too, I suggest you do,” he informed her. He began to call for the nurse again, “Naminé isn’t feeling to well either, and she’s going home too.”

“Okay, I’ll tell the office,” the lady smiled.

“What?” Naminé was so confused.

“It’s just best to do whatever I say, okay?” he smiled sweetly.

She was so lost.

“Just go home and take a rest, then come back to school tomorrow no matter how bad it gets,” Roxas told as they exited the school.

“A-are you going to school tomorrow?” Naminé questioned.

“Of course, where else would I be?” he laughed.

She smiled, “See you tomorrow then, I’m taking the bus.”

“Okay, bye!” he waved her goodbye and the two separated.


Naminé sighed as she reached home. She went straight to her room and laid down staring at the ceiling.

“Hey Naminé,” Hayner greeted.

“Hey,” she said with no enthusiasm.

“What’s wrong?” he was her brother, even if he wasn’t biologically, he knew her too well.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“If it’s a boy, I’ll gladly beat him up for you,” he smiled.

“No, it’s not like that!” Naminé yelled, “Just get out of here Hayner.”

“Fine, fine!” he sighed closing the door.

Naminé continued her staring contest with the ceiling, “At least Roxas will be at school tomorrow.” she frowned and grumbled into her pillow, “What have I done?


Naminé had finally reached the school grounds, and everything seemed normal as usual, except for one thing; where are all the students?

The yard was practically empty seeing how pretty much everyone was crowded at the front of the school. She didn’t understand.

“Hey Naminé,” a cheerful voice greeted.

“Hey Roxas,” she smiled.

“What’s going on there you think?” Roxas said giving a look of confusion to the other students.

“Not sure, let’s check it out,” the two walked over to find out what the whole deal was about.

“Oh my gawd…” Naminé was shocked at what she saw.


Author's Note: Cliff hangers rule! Also new profiles. XD

Naminé Misaki: Seventeen years old, and it seems she has gotten into a fight with the popular people now. She still waits for her father’s return...

Roxas Hikari: A school-proclaimed delinquent. From what Naminé can see, he’s a good guy inside and out, especially after her little conversation on the rooftop. It seems none of the rumors are true, but Naminé still questions a few of them…

Popular People: Adored by many, yet mean and cruel. The group consists of Kairi, Selphie, Larxene and any other jock that seems popular with the girls.

Hayner Shizuoka: Seventeen, and heir to the Shizuoka Industries. He is Naminé’s step-brother, and always loves to bother her at her room. He’s currently in love with a girl named Olette attending his school.

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