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Chapter Four: Rumors

Summary:He was outcasted. She was forgotten. What happens when the two meet? RoxasxNaminé


“Naminé, you have to go school. You’re not even sick honey,” Naminé’s step mother’s eyes were filled with concern.

“Well I don’t feel to well Ayame…” Naminé groaned. Truth be told, she just didn’t want to attend school especially from the incident that happened the day before.

“Naminé, even if I’m not your biological mother, I can still be concerned for you. Just tell me what’s wrong please?” Ayame frowned.

“You know what, I'll just go to school,” Naminé sighed as she pulled off the blanket and began walking towards the bathroom.

Naminé…” Ayame thought as she watched her daughter go.


For once, Naminé had decided to skip out on her friends at lunch and went straight towards the rooftop. She brought a lunch box today just so that she could eat and talk with Roxas this time.

“But what if he’s not at school today?” Naminé wondered she hesitated for a moment as she held the handle of the door, “I should go back…”

“Aww, and here I thought you could share your lunch with me,” a teenage boy said behind her teasingly. She whirled quickly around in surprise, causing her lunch box to hit the boy.

“Jeez Naminé, that thing can be used as a weapon!” Roxas exclaimed hold his stomach from the pain. Most people would recover easily from a light hit like that one, but after yesterday’s events…

“Sorry Roxas!” Naminé apologized quickly, “But it is your fault for surprising me.”

“But the look on your face is too much every time I see you blushing,” Roxas laughed.

Naminé’s cheeks reddened, “Just be quiet! I want to eat now, so let’s stop talking and go!”

“Whatever you say,” it was obvious he won.

The two soon opened the door letting themselves be exposed to the outside world. A slight breeze as usual passed them by like the times before. Naminé stared out to see the sky. It was so big and clear of any clouds.

They sat near the door side, so the wind would be blocked.

“So what’s for lunch?” Roxas asked eagerly eyeing the bag.

Naminé smiled. Even after yesterday, he could still pretend as if nothing happened.

“I only have some sandwiches and soda,” she spoke as she told him the menu. Naminé had made sure she packed twice as much, knowing Roxas would want some.

“Sounds good!” she passed him his share of the food and her quickly went on his way into devouring it.

“Gosh Roxas, don’t you eat at home?” she laughed. “What a minute…

Another flash back of yesterday occurred.

“…you trailer trash!”

Kairi had said those words yesterday causing the girl to panic, “Oh no, what if I said the wrong thing!? He might accuse me of being rude!” Naminé was now confused, “Umm…actually Roxas…”

“They serve too much at home actually!” he smiled, “Did you make this yourself? It tastes really good!”

It’s just bread and sliced meat…” Naminé thought, “Then again…

“So why aren’t you eating with you friends today? You usually eat with them first and then come up here,” he asked as he took a gulp of the coke.

“I actually wanted to eat with you today,” Naminé admitted, “I’m sorry for yesterday…

“That’s nice of you,” he smiled, “No one’s ever said it like that before for who knows how long…”

His words seemed to hit Naminé the wrong way, “N-no, don’t take it that way! I-I only meant it as a friend Roxas. You’re my friend Roxas.” she blushing like mad. “I don’t feel that way about you Roxas. You’re only a friend! Don’t take my words the wrong way!

“Haha, I know! What did think I was saying?” he laughed.

The two had their backs leaning against the wall as they sat beside each other--with the lunch box in between. A peaceful silence filled the air, but Naminé decided to break it.

“Why,” she started, trying to find the words, “Why are you so alone, like this?” every word she spoke hit her as if it was happening to herself. But there was more to it rather than her just asking Roxas the simple question. It was as if the words were pointed at her rather…

“It started when I was little actually,” he confessed.

She turned to face him, listening very carefully.

“I was outcasted for my sense of style actually,” he laughed bitterly.

“What kind of excuse it that?!” Naminé rose from her spot, “Why would people make fun of you for that? That’s just so stupid!”

He smiled, “Just let me explain. What’s done is done Naminé. You can’t do much about it. So do you want to hear the rest or not, because it won’t really hurt me if I don’t tell you.”

“OK, OK, I’ll listen.” she said sitting back down.

“Well, you know how trends are. I was always a step behind. I never wanted to waste my parents’ time by telling them I wanted this and that. I didn’t want to be spoiled, so I was never in the ‘in crowd’ you know.

“Anyways, soon enough the popular people made fun and laughed at me, calling and assuming me as poor and stupid.” he sighed, “It built up over time, so now, they don’t even know why they really hate me so much.”

“You mean Kairi and them?” Naminé couldn’t believe that her friends had been hurting him for so long.

“Yeah…to tell you the truth, Sora was my only friend…my best friend.”

“SORA!!!” Naminé couldn’t believe what she was hearing. THE Sora? The Sora that was beating him up so cruelly the day before?

“Yes, already!” he rolled his eyes and continued, “But like most friendships. It wasn’t strong enough, and that’s when it fell apart. Sora knew he was going to get hurt if he hanged out with me any longer so he began distancing. Slowly but surely, he became one of them. One of the people that would make fun of me and accuse me of everything.”

“Wow, and I thought I was alone!” Naminé thought, “You’re just as bad as me. Sorry for bringing this up though,” she apologized.

“What do you mean, alone? You have friends,” he smiled back at her.

“Not before and even now I still feel a little alone. I used to get outcasted to as child. And here it’s no different as being alone since I get left out of almost every conversation or outing. The only different aspect of it is that I don’t get picked on anymore in high school.”

“How was your childhood?” He asked, “Because now it’s time to spill out your darkest secrets,” he laughed as if it was some game show.

Naminé frowned, “Actually…” It was hard to say. She didn’t want him of all people to know about what had happened to her.

“Enough said. You don’t have to talk about it,” he assured standing up.

“Huh?” she looked up at him.

“I feel, as if your own was worse than mine. And comparing myself to you makes me sound like an emo kid, does that sound like a good explanation?” he said putting a hand out in front of her.

She took it and he helped her stand up, “Thanks,” she was really glad he said that, “Maybe mine is slightly worse…

“Well, the bell’s going to ring soon,” Roxas told, “And your friends are probably looking for you.”

“How did you know I never told my friends?” she laughed, “Well I guess I should go. Remember to go to class!” she reminded.

“Yes, mother,” he rolled his eyes as he saluted her.

“Saluting is for captains Roxas,” she put her hands on her hips in a sassy yet sarcastic way.

“Then, yes captain,” he said in a monotonous and lazy kind of way.

Naminé just laughed and waved him goodbye as she left the rooftop.


It was the last period of the day for Naminé, and she was attending her English class. Kairi had sat beside her like always. She knew Roxas was in the back of the room. He was late by five minutes, but the teacher had excused him earlier.

"Seriously, that guy never gets in trouble with any teacher…" Naminé though as she listened to the boring lesson.

“OK everyone, you will now get into partners and you must create a story together. Only two per group I must remind you.” the teacher told. As he finished his sentence, the class went all over the place looking for their friends.

A spiky haired brunette boy walked over to Kairi’s table and leaned over, “Care to be my partner, Kairi?” he said giving a grin.

“Of course, Sora!”

Naminé felt like jumping at the guy for even touching Roxas, but she managed to contain herself. The teachers said that they could choose partners, so she turned towards Roxas’ desk.

He was already talking to another boy in their class, making her frown, “Aww…Roxas was supposed to be my partner.

“Would you like to be my partner for the story?” a teenage boy said more seductively than he intended with his deep voice.

Naminé looked up at the taller, platinum haired boy. She had no partner either way, “Sure, Riku.”

As she expected, she heard a wave of whispers from the female population.

Can you believe it, that girl gets to Riku’s partner?”

Riku is soo hott!”

But she’s Kairi’s friend, isn’t she?”

She’s not even pretty…”

“Enough everyone, take a seat now that you’ve chosen a partner for this mini-project,” the teacher demanded.

Everyone rushed to sit beside their partners, and Riku and Naminé did the same.

“So you’re Kairi’s friend right? I know it starts with an N, but I know it sounds really pretty,” Naminé shivered on the inside. It was so obvious he was flirting.

“Pretty enough for you to forget…” she mumbled darkly.


“N-nothing! It’s nothing!” she assured, “Did I really say that out loud?” she tried to change the subject, “My name is Naminé.”

Riku just smiled back at her, “Naminé, huh?”

“Yes, Naminé,” she exaggerated the ‘é.’ She liked how Roxas said her name. He pronounced it better unlike everyone else.

“So what should we do our story on?”

“Well, the teacher did say it has to be on being prejudice or something like that,” Naminé sighed.

“OK, so a story on being prejudice.” he agreed.

The bell soon rang, signaling the students that it was the end of the day.

“See you later Naminé.” Riku smiled as he waved her goodbye.

She waved back at him without a word as she made her way to her locker.

“Oh my gosh, did Riku just talk to you?” Kairi said in amazement.

“Yeah, what about it?” Naminé had just finished putting her books into her bag as she closed her locker.

“It’s Riku, Naminé! Aren’t you thrilled?” Kairi had her mouth wide open.

“It’s a boy, so what?” Naminé still couldn’t understand the situation.

Kairi sighed and patted Naminé on the head, “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

“I’m older than you by three months, what are you talking about?!” Naminé exclaimed. Kairi just grinned as she walked off to find her boyfriend Sora.

Naminé just frowned, until she saw a certain spiky haired blonde down the hallway full of rushing teens.

“Hey Roxas!” Naminé called out.

“N-Naminé!” he was shocked that she would even consider talking to him outside of the rooftop.

“I just wanted to say bye, but I guess it’s more like a conversation now,” she laughed.

A smiled formed upon his lips, “We can just talk tomorrow, I have to get home now. My mom is definitely going to get pissed if I’m late again.”

“OK, see you tomorrow then!” he had taken a different route outside, unlike the other students.

As Naminé was walking outside, all the students down that particular hallway stared in shock.

Did a popular just talk to the Roxas Hikari?

It was sure to cause rumors now...

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