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Chapter Three: Alone

Summary:He was an outcast. She was forgotten. What happens when the two meet? RoxasxNaminé


The four girls were sitting as usual in their regular table in the cafeteria. Chattering and gossiping never stopped within the table as they shared the information among themselves, and yet Naminé was always left out of the conversation.

Why would he be so outcasted? He’s nice, and yet people can’t think or see beyond that…

In the past week or two, Naminé had been coming to the rooftop after eating her lunch and hanged out with Roxas and conversing about the simplest of things. But every time the conversation would lead back to the same old question:

Why does everyone hate him so?

He would never answer of course. Laughing it off, while Naminé’s curiosity continued follow her.

“Naminé why won’t you laugh with us?” Kairi still had a smile on from the previous joke the girls shared before.

“I was just wondering…what do you guys know about, Roxas?”

“Roxas?” Selphie’s happy-go-lucky expression changed, “Ugh, that guy is so ugly!”

“I know. Did you hear that when he goes walking alone at night, he would pay girls just to talk to him? I mean what a total dirt bag!” Kairi whispered to the other girls.

“Ugh, I hear he sells drugs just to even get the money to pay for those girls!” Larxene added.

Naminé frowned at this, where did they get all this information from?

“So what’s he like exactly?” she asked again.

“He’s so eww! Always trying to use all these crappy pick lines on us!” Selphie said in disgust.

“Yeah, I know. See Naminé, since your still pretty new here somewhat you probably don’t know any of this,” Larxene told.

“Yeah, we knew the guy since elementary. We pretty much lived out entire lives with the guy,” Kairi informed the girl.

“Well, I talked to him once and…” Naminé was soon interrupted.

“Yuck, what did he say to you?” Larxene and the rest wanted to know more.

“Well, he’s nice,” Naminé admitted.

“You were probably talking to Sora and mistaken the two. I mean, they look so alike!” Selphie said as she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t compare my boyfriend with that sleazebag!” Kairi was appalled.

“Sorry, Kai. But seriously, never talk to that guy again Naminé, he’s just a nobody,” Selphie laughed at the last word.

Their table began laughing seeing how it was so true in their eyes, but Naminé’s heart sank.

He wasn’t like that, was he?

The bell rang signaling the students that lunch was over.

The girls soon went to the near by staircase heading to their next class. Naminé still couldn’t help but think about what her friends had said about the boy she had always seen at the rooftop. Without noticing she suddenly lost her footing on the stairs.


“Naminé!” all her friends screamed. Even a few people stopped to stare at the commotion.

Her eyes were shut tight bracing for the fall, but it never came. She opened one eye to peek at whatever had caught her.

“R-Roxas!” she blushed, noticing it was the blonde boy who had caught her just in time.

“Watch where you’re going next time, okay?” he smiled, bringing her back up to stand on her own two feet.

She didn’t know what to say; her face had a hue of pink dashed across her cheeks. Everyone else was there staring in amazement, trying to comprehend on what had happened.

A thank you would be good,” she thought. As she was about to say the words, her friends suddenly came rushing by her side pushing Roxas away.

“Get away from her, you loser!” Kairi yelled at him.

Selphie and Larxene were at Naminé’s side rambling a slur of words, “Are you okay? Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that perve caught you! Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I saved her; you can at least thank me!” Roxas yelled back at the auburn haired girl.

An echo of ‘Oooohhhh!’ filled the hall.

“Ugh, with your germs? I think she’s infected now, you trailer trash!” Kairi snapped back.

Naminé wanted to say something, anything; but the words wouldn’t come.

“You don’t even know me! Don’t just go and making things up that actually relate to you!”

The two were bursting from anger. Soon enough a teacher came in to stop the fight.

“Go back to class! If you go now, I won’t send you all to detention. Disperse, all of you!” the teacher yelled.

As all the students disappeared one by one, Roxas caught Naminé’s eye.

She wanted to thank him, but he just gave her a smile. Though it never reached his eyes as everyone separated.

Since Kairi was in the same class Naminé that period, the two walked together.

“Ugh, I can’t believe that guy!” Kairi looked as if she was ready to rip someone’s head off; namely, Roxas.

“But he saved me from getting hurt, isn’t that enough?” Naminé held her books tight as her gaze was fixed towards the ground.

Kairi wasn’t even listening, “After school, that kid is going to get it when he least expects it!” she said darkly.


Naminé sighed as the day was finally over. That meant home! She squealed inwardly from as she stepped outside.

As she was happily walking towards the nearest bus stop, she overheard a few students conversing loudly with one another.

“Hey there’s a fight going on at the other side of the school!”

“Yeah lets’ check it out!” the other boy agreed in enthusiasm as he followed his friend to the other side of the school.

Naminé’s happiness was soon washed away as she stopped in her tracks. She suddenly remembered what Kairi had told her that afternoon.

After school, that kid is going to get it when he least expects it!”

“Oh no…” Naminé soon changed coarse and ran towards the opposite direction, “Please be okay Roxas, please!

Soon enough she made another turn around the school building, and saw the commotion.

A crowd of students circled around the scene, yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” over and over again. Naminé fought threw the crowd and there he was. Blood and all.

She put her hands over her mouth as her blue eyes widened from the shock.

“Never talk like that about my girlfriend, EVER!” the brunette boy yelled as he landed another punch on Roxas.

It was Sora, Kairi’s boyfriend. She should have known. On each side of Roxas, were two of Sora’s friends, Tidus and Wakka. The other guys just stood from the side lines, ready to jump in just in case. Roxas was clearly outnumbered.

The thing that hurt Naminé the most was, not the bloodshed, or the anger that was happening, it was Roxas. Why was it just Roxas? Didn’t he have anyone else to back him up? No friends to at least look away from the agony and pain torturing their friend?

That’s when it hit Naminé, Roxas was truly alone.

A nobody, as Selphie had said at lunch as they were chattering away about the false rumors. And yet, she couldn’t stand up for him. She was scared that no one would back her up when the time came.

Soon enough, Sora had finished for what he came for and everyone left and Roxas was on his knees coughing more of the crimson liquid onto his clean, white shirt.

He knew someone was still standing there in front of him. He looked up and in front of him was a teary eyed Naminé.

“Why didn’t you try to fight back?” Naminé asked quietly. A few tears fell from her sapphire orbs.

“I’m a lone wolf,” he laughed bitterly, as he spat out some more blood. He stood up and was ready to walk away. He had more endurance then Naminé had given him credit for.

“Can I at least help you fix those wounds?” she asked quietly. It was the least she could do after watching that horrific display while doing nothing.

“It’s okay,” she couldn’t understand how he could still do that broken smile; “Someone’s going to pick me up.”

He coughed again, but as Naminé was about to run after him, he put a hand up to stop and re-assure her.

There in the empty school yard, she sank again. Just like with her father and mother, all she could do was stand and watch.

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