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Chapter Two: Wrong Perspective

Summary:He was an outcast. She was forgotten. What happens when the two meet? RoxasxNaminé


Naminé sighed as she took a seat in class.

Was that really Roxas Hikari? The ‘I eat your babies while you're sleeping!!!!! o.O’ Roxas that she had come to know through the rumors she had heard?

She had never thought the guy knew how to laugh, much less smile seeing how the little urban legend really got to her. She would usually see people cowering in the halls every time he passed by. Or at least try their best to ignore him.

“MISS MISAKI!” the teacher yelled.

Naminé’s head shot up at she snapped out of her personal LaLa land.


The teacher sighed, “Now that Miss Misaki has decided to join us, let’s continue with our lesson.”

A few students began to giggle as she blushed from the embarrassment. Someone though began nudging her arm. She turned to her side only to see Kairi.

“Finally I get your attention!” Kairi whispered sarcastically.

“Sorry,” Naminé sighed, “I was just thinking…”

Her friend laughed, “Don’t you always?” Naminé just smiled at this.

“So, where were you at lunch? Sure was a long time spent in the washroom,” Kairi wasn’t even paying attention to the teacher anymore.

“I just wandered around. I forgot, sorry,” Naminé lied.

“I see,” Kairi nodded, “So like, you know Sora right?” it seemed the auburn haired girl had changed the subject.

“Yeah,” Naminé was glad that other girl had gotten bored of their previous conversation.

“Well, were going on a date tomorrow. He’s so cool!” Kairi smiled.

The bell rang soon enough and the students went to their next set of classes.


The blonde girl jumped on her bed as soon as she reached home in Shizuoka manor. She was tired after today’s events and a good nap was sure to relieve her stress. Her room was huge considering on how much money the family owned. The room was filled with empty space and white elegant furniture that she never even wanted, but tried her best not to protest against her adoptive parents' wishes.

“I love you bed…” she mumbled as she drifted into her own dreamland that consisted of food and art supplies.

“Naminé!” a masculine voice called out. Naminé grumbled knowing all to well who it was.

Soon enough another blonde boy with hazel colored eyes had entered her room and laid down on her bed beside her, “Naminé…”

Grr…Who does he think he is just coming to my room like this?” she sighed, “What now, Hayner?”

Much to Naminé’s liking, he was her step-brother and heir to the Shizuoka Industries. He was fun she had to admit…but also annoying.

“Hmm…” he turned to his side so he couldn’t face her.

“Just tell me instead of moping around about it!” she exclaimed sitting up.

He stared at her with an expression she couldn’t decipher, until…

“So who is it?” she grinned mischievously.

“I didn’t say anything,” Hayner frowned. It seemed his sister had seen right through him.

“Who. Do. You. Like?” she asked pronouncing every word loud and clear.

He turned his face onto her mattress, “…”

“What?” his words were obviously inaudible.

“…tte…” he mumbled again.

“Seriously, you have to talk louder,” her grin grew wider. This was too much fun.

“I said, Olette!” he yelled. A pink hue raced across his cheeks.

“Olette? What’s she like?” Naminé asked innocently.

Hayner expected her to begin teasing him, but it seemed she was different, “A girl.”

“Obviously, but how so?”

“She has this dark brown hair, and her eyes are really green…” he explained dreamily, “Wait! Why am I telling you this?” he said sitting beside his sister.

“Because you trespassed into my room in a dreamy daze and now you must tell me everything before I tell Gin and Ayame!” she black mailed. Naminé had always called her step father and mother by their first names and they had never really minded.

“Fine…” he sighed as he began pacing around the room, “But there’s something else…”

“Really, what?” now she was really curious.

“She’s engaged.”

“Ehhhhhhhhh!?” that was a shocker, “How old is she? Hayner, what did I tell you about older women!”

“She’s not old! She’s the same age as us,” he sighed, “You know how I go to rich private school, right?”

“Yeah,” Naminé had known this already. Even though her step parents tried to convince her to go to the same school as Hayner like what she did for her elementary years; Naminé had finally decided she wanted to go back to her normal life as much as she could by going to a public high school.

“Well, all the kids there are from big companies like us, and you know how some parents want to merge companies when the children are older right? Well, she’s kind of in an arranged marriage…”

“Arranged marriage?” Naminé laughed, “Who cares then.”

“Why are you so insensitive?!” Hayner exclaimed sitting up.

“Let me explain,” Naminé told, “If it’s an arranged marriage then you have a chance. You can break it off so easily. Just try to convince her that she loves you.”

“It’s not that simple, Naminé. That guy counts as her boyfriend too!”

“Then, I don’t know. Try to find a new love.”

“Most people would say don’t give up and keep on trying, you know?”

“Well, I’m not most people,” Naminé laughed as she laid back down.

Hayner smiled, “Thanks anyways.”

“You’re welcome!” she smiled back as he left the room.

As she stayed alone like that, she soon began to think of her father. The day he had left her was still still fresh in her memory though it was so long ago.

Where are you?” she sighed. Soon enough she drifted to sleep.


“Isn’t Axel the sweetest?” Larxene giggled seeing as how her boyfriend had given her an embrace and a peck on the cheek before she left towards the cafeteria.

“Aww…me and Tidus aren’t even in the first kiss stage yet!” Selphie whined.

“Sora’s cute, but have you seen Riku lately?” Kairi grinned as the girls continued to gossip.

Naminé just sighed inwardly as she skipped out of the conversation. She never did like to gossip about boys that much.

“Naminé,” Selphie called out making the blonde girl look at her, “You have to get a boyfriend. You’re like the only one left!”

“Yeah, I know,” Kairi added.

“Wouldn’t Naminé and Riku look so cute together?” Larxene joined in.

“You guys would totally look good together!” Selphie agreed, “Go talk to him Namie!”

Stop calling me that…” she twitched, “No thanks. He’s too into his sports and what not.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Kairi told, “He’s popular! Your reputation will sky-rocket!”

Naminé sighed, “I think I’m going to buy some chips in the vending machine.”

“Okay,” the girls said in unison as they continued to gossip about the latest news and fashion trends.

Naminé sighed in relief, “Yes, I’m out!” she cheered.

Knowing where to go she made her way towards the rooftop once more. She walked out only to see that no one was there.

“He’s not here,” Naminé frowned.

“Who’s supposed to be here?” someone whispered from behind.

“GAHHH!” she yelled jumping forward.

“Came to see me?” he laughed.

“No,” she blushed. Why did he always have to humiliate her?

She then noticed something different about Roxas’ features. Her eyes widened from concern.

“R-Roxas, what happened to your arm?” she gasped noticing the new bandage her had received on his just right about left elbow.

“Oh, this?” he said looking at his arm, “Just a scratch no big deal. You don’t have to get so worked up.” he laughed.

“You really shouldn’t fight with other people, you know?”

“I’m an outcast, what do you care?” he said simply looking away from her gaze. Did his injury really matter that much?

“You’re still a human being, you know? Not just some rag doll that can get stitched every time you get a cut.” She tried her best not to sound to concerned. She had really only known the guy since yesterday, but still…

“Don’t worry, I’m used to it,” he said leaning towards the railings.

“But I’m not,” she told following his movements.

A gust of wind past them by peacefully, filling up the silence.

Naminé opened her mouth to ask a question, but the bell soon rang interrupting her once again.

“You should go,” he told seeing as how she never moved out of her spot.

“Are you going to class?”


“Then I’m not either.”

“Fine, I’ll go if you go,” he told.

“OK then,” she smiled. She usually never talked, but she felt so natural around him unlike the others.

“I’ll go after you,” he assured.

“Promise? Because you know, I can just come back here tomorrow and kick your butt,” she laughed stepping away from the railing.

“Kick my butt? Psshh!”

“I so can!” she said raising a fist.

“I’ll go, I’ll go! I’d rather be late for class to add to my reputation anyways,” he joked.

She smiled at his joke and walked away off to her next class knowing he would soon follow.

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