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Chapter One: Rooftop

Summary:He was an outcast. She was forgotten. What happens when the two meet? RoxasxNaminé

A/N: ZOMG! New story! Haha, I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as T.S.A.T.A! Let me remind you all though, THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL! I put that in caplock and bold so you better have read it people! (Sorry about that for you new readers!) XD

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, but I do own the story line.


"Are you really sure, Yasuo?" a stern blonde man asked the other.

Across from him the man was sitting by his daughter’s side, "You do still owe me a favor, and my daughter really needs this. My family is in a time of crisis right now..."

The girl stared at her father with her big blue eyes. How could he just make this decision without her consent? She stayed quiet either way.

"Okay, starting tomorrow she will enter the Shizuoka family," the man sighed.

"Thank you, Gin. You truly are my best friend," the man smiled as he walked over towards the door to exit. The girl was holding her father's hand since he had gotten off his seat.

"Goodbye Yasuo, and you too Naminé."

The girl nodded shyly as she followed her father outside.

They had no car, so the two were walking to a bus stop nearby.

"Father," Naminé couldn't bear to look at the man's face, "Can't we just find another way? Yes, mother died, but we can work this out..." Tears were cascading down her cheek, "I don't want to leave you."

He father sighed as the two stopped walking, "Naminé, this is good for both of us. You know I don't have enough money to support us since mother died, but this will work out for the best." he smiled, "You'll be going to elite schools and you can have anything you want. They have a son too. You'll even have a brother."

"No!" she protested, "Father, I don't care who they are, I just want to be with you! Money doesn't matter, I'll work. Just let me stay..." she was hysterical.

Soon enough her father was shedding a few tears of his own, "You're too young to work. You’re only in the fourth grade, Naminé. It'll work out. I'll make sure to find you after you go, I promise." he repeated embracing his only daughter, "I promise..."

The next day, Naminé entered the Shizuoka household and never saw her father again.


Seven years later...

"See, I told you Tidus would ask me out sooner or later. He just loves me," a brunette girl bragged to the others.

"Whatever Selphie, my boyfriend is so much hotter than yours," an auburn haired girl joked.

On the other end of the cafeteria table Naminé was sketching in her sketchbook. She had finished her lunch early, but didn't bother talking with the other girls.

"Everyday it's like this," Naminé thought as she glanced towards the other girls. Her friends consisted of Kairi, Selphie, Larxene, the most beautiful and adored girls in Radiant Garden High School (Radiant High for short). In general she was categorized as a popular.

Naminé stared back at her sketchbook. Even though she thought she was drawing, it seemed she had done nothing at all. She sighed and shoved the sketchbook in her bag.

"Naminé, why won't you tell us who you like? You never tell us anything," another blonde girl pouted.

"Because there's nothing to talk about, Larxene," it was true, Naminé didn't find anyone interesting in particular. Everyone surrounding her was stuck-up and only cared for physical features as far as she could tell. Kairi was tolerable to an extent though. Naminé found her nice, even though the school had proclaimed her as the 'leader' of the group.

"Aww...is our little Namie being quiet again?" Selphie teased with a grin.

The artist sighed, "I need to go to the restroom." She stood up from her seat.

"We'll come with you!" Kairi smiled with enthusiasm, "I think I need to fix my make up."

"I think I'll go alone," Naminé assured, “Why do girls always have to go with their friends to the restroom?

"Yeah Kairi, you look pretty enough as it is," Larxene complimented.

Naminé just gave one last smile of reassurance and left the group.

As soon as she reached the halls, she sighed, "Finally, some peace and quiet."

Naminé began walking around the halls of the school. She didn't really care where she was, as long as she had some time apart from her friends. The artist had to admit, they never really clicked since the time they had met. Kairi had only befriended her since she was the new girl. Not that she minded, because as long as she wasn't alone she was happy.

Somewhat at least.

She began wandering around. The halls were empty since the entire student body was such a small population. Pretty much everyone had known each other since their elementary days. Even with the empty halls, she knew people could still find her.

Naminé had reached the third floor of the school and soon found a door near the end of the hall.

That door leads to the rooftop…” Naminé thought, “No one will definitely be there…” she smiled at relief from the thought.

Of course she had time alone at home, but that was in rare cases seeing how her step-brother had always found a way to bother her or at least make enough noise to annoy the girl with out even making any contact with her.

She climbed the stair case until she reached the top. Naminé could already hear the breeze from where she stood. She slowly opened the door and took a glance outside.

The girl laughed slightly; just like she thought. The roof top was amazingly quiet, but it wasn’t as if a secret garden laid out there or anything. But from where you stood you, you could pretty much see the entire sky as a gentle breeze would always pass you by. As she was about to step out, she slowly regretted that very decision as she saw who else was out there.

On the roof top, there was a railing, just in case some suicidal students decided to take a jump. But there, leaning against the rails, was a boy. Blonde and all. The school had a uniform policy, and the boy was wearing that very outfit; a white polo, navy blue neck tie, and matching dress pants. Naminé though was wearing a plaid skirt seeing how all girls were forced to wear the ‘horrid thing’ as she called it.

Naminé knew this boy all too well. Of course she had never met him up front, but from the rumors she had heard had her terrified.

His name was Roxas Hikari, the delinquent. From what she had heard, he was in a gang and carried a weapon at all times. He was known to do horrible things and always got into fights at school. The only times she had ever seen of him though was at the yearbook. He never joined teams or even interacted with other students.

He attended some classes with her this year, seeing as how the teacher would call on his name for attendance, but she never bothered to look. Rumor had it, that you’d have nightmares for a week if you stared his direction. Not that she believed it, but it’s best not to take chances, right?

Crap!” Naminé thought, “If I just turn back slowly, he’ll never notice a thing…” she began to test that theory as she tried to slowly close the door.

“Stop,” he said flatly. Naminé stiffened, “Come here.”

OH NO!!!” Naminé screamed in her mind, “He’ll probably throw me off this building thinking that I was spying on him or something. I’m too young to die!” Rather than running away, she decided to listen and walk forward until she was a good distance away.

He stood still there, leaning on the railing. Naminé’s heart rate never slowed as her stare never left him. He had his back turned, so she had yet to see his face.

Please don’t hurt me!” she begged inwardly.

“What were you doing by the door?” he asked ever so calmly.

Naminé felt like she was about to explode, “I…I…”

“Speak clearly. I can barely hear you,” He still contained no emotion within his voice.

“I wanted to find a peaceful place. So I thought why not go to the roof top?” Naminé began laughing nervously.

He sighed and turned around to face her. Was she ever shocked?

The pictures were so wrong, he looked…decent. She was deluded to think that he was someone who had scar marks and bandages everywhere. Ugly as far as she was concerned, but no; he looked decent…cute even? Maybe. He still had bandage though on his cheek as if he had gotten into a fight.

“Did you come here to die?” he said with no emotion again.

Naminé felt her fingers trembling and stopped it by hold her hands in front of her. If he was going to kill her, she’d be ready to run to the nearest exit, “Dammit! Why didn’t I go when I had a chance?!” She didn’t even try to hide what she feeling.

Suddenly he laughed.

Laughing. Roxas. Laughing Roxas.

What has the world come too!!!!????

She began to blush, what did she do that was so wrong?

“H-Hey, if you’re just going to laugh, can you at least tell me why?” the pink hue never left her cheeks.

“Your face!” he continued, “Was totally priceless!”

Her face changed from pink to red, “W-What!?”

“Oh my gosh,” he put his hand on his forehead as he regained some composure, “Most people would have ran, but you…you’re just too funny!”

Naminé glared at him. No one had the right to make fun of her. OK, maybe everyone was free to laugh and tease, but at least not someone she met for a few seconds!

“Shut up!” she yelled.

“Hmm… so you’ve actually got a backbone, eh?” he smirked as he began to approach her. Naminé began regretting those two words.

“Just kidding,” he smiled.

She was taken back slightly…OK, maybe a lot, “Huh?”

“You gave me a good laughed,” Roxas told, “This roof top is free. Sit down, take a nap. I don’t really care. It’s not like I own the place.”

“Wait,” she paused, “What?” she still couldn’t comprehend the simple message.

“Do whatever you want. I. Do. Not. Care.”

She still would budge. It seemed too easy.

He sighed, “I’m Roxas. You probably know that already though.” Man, was he full of himself or what?

“N-Naminé Misaki,” she introduced. She tilted her head to the side, “Aren’t you supposed to eat me alive or something? You seem way too happy.” She seemed more calm after that burst of laughter he had.

“Rumors,” he laughed.

“Really, even the one about eating little children?”

“What do people even tell you?” he stared at her in disbelief, “And aren’t you supposed to be popular?”

It seemed he had heard of her to some extent, “Popular?”

“You know, make up, short skirts, giggly, always talks with Kairi and the rest. I never knew your name, but I usually see you hanging out with them.”

She frowned at this. Everyone that had ever talked to her in high school had always referred to her as, ‘Hey, you’re Kairi’s friend right?’ She hated being over shadowed.

“I’m not girly, if that is what you mean,” she informed the taller blonde.

He smiled, “Stereotypically, you should be…but I never said you were.”

As Naminé was about to comment on this, the bell had rung.

“Time to go to class,” he told looking back into the distance like before.

She knew he had the next class with her at least, “Aren’t you coming?”



“Don’t you care about your reputation?” he made a face that she couldn’t understand, “If I come out the same time as you, it’ll cause a commotion don’t you think?”

“Please,” she laughed, “If I’m known as Kairi’s friend, I could care less seeing how no one even knows me by my own name.”

A faint smile appeared on his lips, but Naminé couldn’t see it.

“I’m skipping.” he told simply.

“I see…talk to you later then, bye!” she smiled as she ran off hurrying to class.

“Later then…” he sighed as he continued to stare out into the distance.


Author's Note: Here’s a brief preview of some profiles (I thought I should give some XD):

Naminé Misaki: Seventeen, and still new to some of the traditions of Radiant High even though she had been attending since the ninth grade. She was fostered at the age of ten and lives happily with the wealthy Shizuako family, though she does think of her father from time to time.

Kairi, Selphie, & Larxene: The original popular trio until they met Naminé in the ninth grade. Beautiful and self-absorbed is what they are all about.

Roxas Hikari: A proclaimed outcasted by the entire student body long before Naminé had ever entered Radiant High. Naminé has yet to know the reason why...

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