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Chapter Nine: Radiant Garden

It was morning and Sora was ready to go.

Leon: "Everybody set?"

Sora and Riku: "Yep."

Olette: "Bye, guys."

Namine: "Take care."

Selphie was about to cry.

Sora: "Whereís Kairi?"

Riku: "I donít know."

Kairi rushed out of the school and gave Sora and Riku a big hug.

Kairi: "Iíll miss you."

Sora: "Kairi... Iíll miss you, too."

Kairi: Should I tell him? "I-I love you!"

Selphie: "Aww... Wait a minute, I thought..."

Kairi: "Selphie, shhh!"

Sora: "I love you, too."

Leon: "Come on, guys. There's no time to lose!"

Leon, Sora and Riku started off on their journey.

Sora: "Can I drive the gummi ship?"

Leon: "Sure."

And soon they were off to Radiant Garden.


Meanwhile, at Merlinís house...

Yuffie: "Letís see what you've got, Lexi."

Lexi summoned her keyblade.

Yuffie: "First we're going on patrol the bailey then, if there are any Heartless, we attack. Got it?"

Lexi: "Got it."

When they left for the bailey Sora, Riku and Leon arrived at Merlinís house.

Aerith: "Sora! Riku! Iím so glad to see you!"

Sora: "Weíre glad to see you, too."

Leon: "Where are Lexi and Yuffie?"

Aerith: "At the bailey, patrolling and training."

Sora: "Can I go see them?"

Leon: "I guess."

Riku: "Well, Iím staying here."

Sora arrived at the bailey while Lexi and Yuffie were practicing. Lexi was actually beating Yuffie.

Sora: "Yuffie!"

Yuffie: "Sora!"

Lexi: "Sora?"

Lexi turns around and sees Sora running towards them.

Sora: "Hi, Lexi."

Lexi: "Hey, Sora."

Yuffie: "So, Lexi, I guess youíre a natural at fighting. I think itís in your blood."

Lexi: "Thanks!"

Yuffie: "Maybe you should have a friendly battle with Sora."

Sora: "What?"

Yuffie: "Unless youíre too chicken to fight a girl?"

Sora: "Iím not a chicken!"

Yuffie: "Lexi, would you fight a guy?"

Lexi: "Yes. And I would beat him, too."

Sora: "Oh, really?"

Lexi: "Yep."

Sora: "Bring it on then."

Lexi: "Gladly."

Lexi and Sora went to opposite sides of the field and started to battle. A couple of minutes passed and then...

Yuffie: "Heartless!"

Sora: "Huh?"

Sora, Yuffie and Lexi started to fight the Heartless. Soon Yuffie was hurt.

Sora: "Yuffie!"

Lexi: "Sora, watch out!"

Sora looked in front of him and blocked the Heartless. That's when Leon and Riku arrived to help. Soon the Heartless disappeared and Yuffie was back to her normal self.

Leon: "Is everyone okay?"

Sora: "Yup."

Lexi: "So, we will be fighting those things?"

Riku: "Yeah, pretty much, but you've got to get used to it."

Yuffie: "Well I wanna finish the battle between you two!"

Sora: "Oh, right."

Lexi: "Iím going to win, just you watch!"

Sora: "Unless I use my Kung Fu moves on you."

Lexi: "Ok, letís go." She giggles.

Leon: "Wait, maybe some other time. We've got to go meet Donald and Goofy."

Sora: "Donald and Goofy are here!?"

Sora went running back to Merlinís house. Leon and Riku followed.

Yuffie: "It seems like Sora is into you."

Lexi: "I donít think so."

Yuffie: "I donít know, lots of things can happen..."


At Merlinís house...

Sora: "Donald! Goofy!"

Donald and Goofy: "Sora!"

Both Donald and Goofy tackled Sora.

Sora: "Whoa!"

Donald: "Ah!!!"

They were all on the ground when Lexi came in.

Lexi: "Whoís this cute little duck?"

Donald: "What?! Cute?!"

Lexi hugged Donald, nearly taking his breath away.

Donald: "Let me go!"

Sora: "Lexi, this is Donald and Goofy. Donald, Goofy, this is Lexi."

Goofy: "Nice to meet ya."

Lexi: "Nice to meet you, too."

Lexi went over to Aerith and Yuffie. Leon and Riku were near the computer with Cloud and Cid.

Donald: "So, whereís Kairi?"

Sora: "School. Why?"

Goofy: "I thought you'd bring her."

Sora: "I felt that she needed to stay and not be in danger."

Donald: "What about Lexi?"

Sora: "Well, I didnít want her to come either but she was here."

Donald: "Sure she was."

Sora: "She was!"

Goofy: "Itís seems like you like her."

Sora: "No! I love Kairi, and thatís that!"

Donald: "You like Lexi, and thatís that!"

Sora started to blush. Goofy giggled.

Donald: "See? Youíre turning red!"

Sora: "Am not!"

Donald: "Are, too!"

Sora: "Am not!"

Donald: "Are, too!"

Cid: "Would you guys be quiet!"

The girls start to giggle.

Merlin: "No yelling in my house."

Cid: "I wasnít yelling, I was speaking loudly!"

Merlin: "Do we have to go over this again!?"

Cid and Merlin start arguing.

Leon: "Okay, thatís enough..."

They are still arguing.


There is silence.

Leon: "Letís get back to work, Cid."

Merlin: "Sora, do you remember this book?"

The cover of the book had a picture of Sora with Pooh.

Sora: "Pooh Bear!"

Merlin: "Now then, you may take one of your friends this time."

Sora looked around the house.

Yuffie: "Pick Lexi. She hasnít visited many worlds, so you might as well take her."

Donald: "Yeah, Sora. Take her." He winks.

Riku: "Take her! Take her!"

Yuffie whispers to Lexi: "Do you want to go? This could be your chance."

Lexi: "No, Yuffie. Heís not interested in me!"

Yuffie: "Oh, come on!" She grabs her by the arm. "Here you go, Sora."

She gave Lexi to Sora. Lexi nearly tripped but Sora caught her. Everybody was chuckling as Lexi stood up.

Merlin: "So, is it going to be this young lady?"

Sora didnít say anything, he was looking into Lexiís eyes.

Merlin: "Very well then, in the book you go."

The book was filled with light and they were both sucked into the pages.


Lexi: "Wow. Weíre actually in a book?"

Sora: "Yeah, and my friends here are great."

Sora and Lexi started walking to Poohís house.

Lexi: "Who lives in this little house?"

Sora: "That little bear sitting on the log with a jar of honey. His name is Pooh."

Lexi: "Aw, isnít he the cutest thing?"

Sora: "Well, it's not like I'm a girl."

Lexi: "True."

So they walked up to the little yellow bear with the red shirt.

Sora: "Pooh!"

Pooh: "Sora!"

Lexi: "Hi there."

Pooh: "You must be Kairi."

Sora: "Oh no, this is Lexi."

Pooh: "Oh. Well, come and sit down."

Lexi: "Sora, can I hug Pooh?"

Sora: "Sure, but donít squish him."

Lexi: "Oh, like Donald? That was funny."

Lexi went over to the log and hugged Pooh.

Pooh: "Oh bother."

Lexi: "I'm sorry."

Pooh: "Itís okay. I'm just not used to being hugged."

Lexi sat down to the right of Pooh and Sora sat at his left.

Sora: "Where are the others?"

Pooh: "Probably in their homes." He takes a lick of his honey. "Would you like some honey?"

Lexi and Sora: "Sure."

They both reached to grab some but their hands touched. They smiled at each other.

Lexi: "Mmmm, this is great!"

Sora: "No wonder you like it so much, Pooh."

Pooh: "Honey is very sweet."

The wind blows.

Lexi: "Itís getting a bit cold."

Pooh: "That's because today is Wind's Day! Letís go inside."

Sora: "I think weíre a bit too big to fit through that door."

Lexi: "Should we go explore more of the book? That is, if you want to."

Sora: "Okay. Bye, Pooh."

Pooh: "Bye, Sora. Iíll see you."

Lexi and Sora started walking again.

Lexi: "I love that little bear."

The wind blew harder and Lexi moved closer to Sora.

Lexi: "No wonder they call it Wind's Day."

Sora: "My name means the sky."

Lexi: "Oh! Thatís pretty cool. I think mine means defender of mankind, itís kind of weird." She laughs.

Sora: "I think thatís cool, too."

Lexi: He is so hot. Too bad heís with Kairi. But if he's happy then Iím happy... Iím such an idiot.

They went back to Merlinís house.


Merlin: "Oh, you're back."

Yuffie: "Lexi, can I talk with you for a sec in private?"

Lexi: "Sure!"

Yuffie: "Sooo, how did it go?"

Lexi: "Not very romantic, but fun. He doesnít even really look at me."

Yuffie: "Look, heís going outside. Go with him..."

Lexi: "I donít know. He might think Iím stalking him."

Aerith: "You wonít be stalking him. Ask him something like..."

Yuffie: "Who are two of the hottest girls at your school?"

Aerith: "Now thatís stalking."

Meanwhile, outside...

Riku: "Howíd it go?"

Sora: "What?"

Donald: "You know, with Lexi?"

Leon: "What about Lexi?"

Riku: "Heís flirting with her."

Leon: "And what about Kairi?"

Riku: "He thinks he loves her but he's hitting on Lexi."

Goofy: "Heís turnin' red."

Sora: "I am not and you know I won't flirt when I am already going out with Kairi."

Riku: "Come on, Sora. You wonít see her for a long time so just go for it."

Sora: "No! I wonít do that to Kairi."

Riku: "What if she does it to you? Then what will you do?"

Leon: "If he says no then he wonít do anything to hurt Kairi."

Sora: "Fine. One time, okay? Just one time."

Riku: "Ha! I knew you couldnít resist."

Then Lexi comes outside and starts walking over to them.

Riku: "Oh, there she is... Hey Lexi, Sora wants to tell you something!"

Sora: "No, I donít."

Lexi: "Whatís that you were going to tell me?"

Sora: "Um... Uh... I..."

Riku: "Spit it out!"

Sora: "Have you seen the town?"

Lexi: "Not yet..."

Riku: "Great! Heíll show you around."

Lexi: "But weíre leaving... That's what I came here to tell you."

Sora: "Now?"

Leon: "Do you know where to go?"

Sora: "Yeah."

So the group of friends took off in the gummi ship.

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