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Chapter Eight: Feelings

Kairi was writing in her journal.


Are my feelings for him true?
Do I love him?
Do I care for him?
Am I in love?
Is he the one for me?
He always leaves... Leaving me behind...
Is he fighting for me?

I met a guy today. Ray...
He made me feel special.
He has an attitude, but I felt like a princess when he told me that I was beautiful.

Sora is shy, funny, kind, cute... but he doesnít make me feel that special in our relationship. He would sacrifice himself for me, sure, but he used to be outgoing and fun. Now he doesnít even flirt with me anymore.

Ray is on my mind.
Maybe I do love Sora.
Maybe I just donít know how to tell him...


There was a knock at the door. It was Selphie, she was holding a tray with food.

Kairi: "Come in."

Selphie: "Hi, Kairi. I brought dinner."

Kairi: "Thanks, Selphie."

Selphie: "Whatís that?"

Kairi: "Whatís what?"

Selphie: "That paper."

Selphie took the paper and started to read it.

Kairi: "Selphie! No!"

Selphie: "Kairi, you donít love Sora?"

Kairi: "I donít know..."

Selphie: "This seems convincing to me."

Kairi: "Selphie, please donít tell anyone!"

Selphie: "Kairi... I wonít."

Kairi: "Thank you, thank you!"


Meanwhile in Rikuís room...

Leon: "..."

Sora: "..."

Roxas: "..."

Riku: "..."

Sora: "What time is it?"

Roxas: "Seven oíclock."

Riku: "Well, Iím taking a shower."

Sora: "Iím next after him."

Roxas: "So, you leaving?"

Sora: "Yeah. Looks like Iím going to miss school ...again."

Roxas: "Bummer."

Leon: "Oh, I almost forgot about that. Iíll tell the principal whatís happening."

Roxas: "You wonít get to learn." Sora sighed.

Leon: "Let me call Yuffie."

The phone rang and Yuffie answered.

Yuffie: "Yello?"

Leon: "Yuffie, itís Leon."

Yuffie: "Oh. Is Sora with you?"

Leon: "Yeah, we'll be leaving in the morning."

Yuffie: "Thatís great! Well, my favorite program is on so I'll talk to you later."

Leon: "Bye."

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