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Chapter Seven: Where is She?

Namine: "Olette, do you know where Lexi is?"

Olette: "I saw her leave but I thought she was just going to the bathroom. Itís been a while."

Roxas: "Is everything okay?"

Namine: "Itís Lexi, sheís not here! Iím going to look for her."

Olette: "Let me go with you."

Namine: "Letís go."

Namine and Olette got out of the pool and headed for the girl's locker room.

Olette: "Lexi?! Where are you?!"

They went outside and saw Riku getting out of his car.

Namine: "Riku, have you seen Lexi?"

Riku: "Yeah, I took her to the train station."

Olette: "Why? Did she tell you where she was going?"

Riku: "Nope."

They heard yelling off in the distance.

Leon: "Riku!"

Riku: "Itís Leon!"

Leon ran over to them. He was panting.

Riku: "How did you get here?"

Leon: "No... time... to explain... Whereís Sora?"

Olette: "At the pool. Iíll go get him."

Olette ran back to the entrance to the pool.

Riku: "Whatís going on?"

Leon: "The Heartless, the Nobodies and Organization XIII are back."

Namine: "Oh no!"

Riku: "Soraís not going to be happy about this."

Leon: "We need you and Sora, and probably Lexi."

Namine: "What? Whereís Lexi?!"

Leon: "She was at Destiny Islands. Organization XIII mustíve found her there. But don't worry, sheís safe at Radiant Garden."


Olette: "Sora!"

Sora swam over to Olette.

Sora: "Whatís up?"

Olette: "Thereís a guy outside named Leon. He's looking for you."

Sora: "Leon! Heís here?!" Sora immediately got out of the pool.

Sora: "Kairi! Iíll be right back!"

Kairi: "Sora, wait!"

Sora went quickly out the pool gate.


Sora: "Leon!"

Leon: "Sora, thereís no easy way to tell you this..."

Sora: "What?"

Riku: "The Heartless..."

Namine: "The Nobodies and the Organization are back."

Sora: "What?! I thought... but how!?"

Riku: "Shocking, isnít it?"

Namine: "This is serious, Riku."

Leon: "Sorry, Sora."

Sora: "Itís back to fighting, right?"

Riku: "I guess so..."

Leon: "Lexi will be joining you and so will Donald and Goofy."

Sora: "Lexi?! Where is she?"

Riku: "Donít worry, sheís at Radiant Garden."

Leon: "Get ready 'cause weíre leaving first thing in the morning."

Riku: "What about school?"

Sora: "And Kairi?"

Leon: "I thought you might say that."

Then Kairi arrived.

Kairi: "So, whatís going on?"

Leon: "Sora, would you like to tell her?"

Sora: "Um, Kairi... The Heartless, the Nobodies, and Organization XIII... They're back and, well, I have to go to... you know, help."

Kairi: "Youíre... leaving?"

Sora: "Well, yeah."

Kairi: "Can I go?"

Sora: "No!"

Everybody was silent.

Kairi: "..."

Sora: "Kairi, Iím sorry. Can I talk to you?"

Kairi: "Okay..."

Sora and Kairi walked over to a tree.

Sora: "Kairi, I donít want you to go."

Kairi: "But why?"

Sora: "Because I donít want to loose you."

Kairi: "You think I canít take care of myself?!"

Sora: "I just donít want to loose you."

Kairi: "After you promised me that I would go everywhere with you from now on? Canít you trust me?"

Sora: "Kairi, itís not like that... I love you, and if anything were to happen to you I would never forgive myself."

Kairi: "Sora, you will come back, right?"

Sora: "Yes."

Kairi gave him a hug then a kiss on the lips.


Ray arrives and approaches Leon.

Ray: "Hello, people."

Leon: "Ray?!"

Ray: "Thatís my name, donít wear it out."

Namine: "Olette, Iím going to go change. Itís getting late and chilly."

Olette: "We should leave, anyway."

Both of the girls headed for the girlís locker room.

Ray: "Yuffie told me to follow you."

Leon: "Why? To intimidate me?!"

Ray: "Maybe."

Riku: "Is he coming with us?"

Leon: "No."

Ray: "I know how to fight but Iím not into the whole 'hero' thing."

Sora and Kairi walked back to the group.

Ray: "Whoís this pretty lady?"

Ray kissed her hand and Kairi blushed. Sora became jealous.

Riku: "This is not good."

Sora: "Get your hands of my girlfriend."

Ray: "Well, sorry. Just trying to be friendly here. It's not my fault sheís so cute."

Kairi turned red. Sora got angry.

Kairi: "Sora, itís okay."

Leon: "Ray, stop flirting!"

Ray: "Awww, the Ray Man canít have any fun?"

Sora: "Watch it, pal!"

Ray: "Or what?"

Kairi: "Stop it! Donít fight..." Over me...

Ray: "Anything for you, sweet cheeks."

Kairiís cheeks became flaming red.

Sora: "Thatís it!"

Sora went up to Ray but Riku got a hold of him. Sora was trying to get loose then Ray started after him but Leon grabbed him. Suddenly Roxas, Namine, Olette, Hayner, Pence, Dawn, Tidus and Selphie gathered around Sora and Ray.

Ray: "You're lucky your friend was here or I would be kicking your butt!"

Leon: "Ray, calm down!"

Riku: "Ray! Take a chill pill, man!"

Ray: "I donít even know you, you silver haired freak!"

Riku: "Watch your mouth!"

Everyone: "Stop!"

Olette: "Now, letís all go back to the academy."

Everybody left except Leon, Riku, Ray, and Sora.

Leon: "Get back on your gummi ship and leave, Ray!"

Ray disappeared.

Leon: "Sorry about that. Ray is..."

Riku: "Paranoid."

Sora: "A freak!"

Leon: "Heís a good guy but he gets carried away when he sees cute girls."

Riku: "Letís go back to school."

Riku started the engine of his car and Leon and Sora got into the car.

Sora: "Wait! I forgot my clothes."

Riku: "Oh yeah. Me too."

Leon: "Iíll wait here."

Riku and Sora went to the locker room.

Riku: "Were you jealous?"

Sora: "Yeah."

Riku: "Kairi seems to like Ray."

Sora: "I know and that pissed me off!"

Sora slammed the locker.

Riku: "Donít be upset."

A tear drop fell from Soraís cheek.

Riku: "Oh man! Donít cry."

Riku gave him a pat on the back.

Sora: "Letís go."

Riku: "You love Kairi."

Sora: "Yes, but Iím the only one who has said that."

Riku: "Well, wait. Time will tell if she really loves you. If itís not her maybe it will be some other girl."

Sora: "Maybe youíre right."

Riku: "I am right."

Riku and Sora went outside and climbed in the car.

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