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Chapter Six: Reunion

Leon: "Do you remember Sora?"

Me: "Wait, who are you people?"

Yuffie: "You gave her a concussion, Leon!"

Leon: "For the last time, I told you what happened! I didnít do anything!"

Me: "Leon, as in Squall Leonhart?"

Leon: "Itís Leon."

Yuffie: "Squall..." She giggles.

Leon: "Whatever."

Aerith: "At least Lexi remembers, right?"

Me: "I remember. And I know Sora, he goes to school with me."

Leon: "Hmm, interesting. But why were you at Destiny Islands?"

Me: "Uh, well... I just wanted to see the place where I used to live."

Cloud: "Sure you did."

Leon: "You remember everyone?"

Me: "Yeah. You're Aerith, Yuffie, Cloud, and Squall."

Leon: "Leon, but we should contact Sora."

Me: "Why? He would spend more time with Kairi than he would saving anyone. Kairi means the world to him."

Cloud: "I think someoneís jealous."

Me: "I am not!" I had a pinkish shade on my cheeks.

Yuffie: "Sora needs a break! And I donít think he and Kairi will get married, anyway."

Leon: "You call fighting and saving the world a break?! And who knows if they'll get married."

Aerith: "I think what she means is that he needs a break from Kairi. Ever since they started dating they've been inseparable."

Cloud: "You think he gets tired of seeing her every single day?"

Me: "I... I want to know whatís going on. What is the keyblade?"

Leon: "A powerful blade, you can defeat the darkness with it."

I put out my hand and a blade appeared. On the bottom there was a chain with a heart and the handle was shaped like a heart, too. The blade was silver, the handle was black, and the keychain was gold.

Yuffie: "Pretty!"

Aerith: "It is."

Leon: "Iím going to go get Riku and Sora."

Cloud: "And Kairi?"

Leon: "She wonít let Sora go without her so probably."

Yuffie: "Um, Cloud, could you give us a minute?"

Cloud: "All right, Iíll be outside with Cid."

Yuffie: "You like Sora, don't you?" She giggles.

Aerith: "Heís a good guy."

Me: "He wouldnít notice a girl like me, though."

Yuffie: "Well, he loves Kairi and he wouldnít leave her."

Aerith: "True. He would sacrifice himself for Kairi."

A boy enters Merlin's house. He has green eyes and dark brown hair. His hair is spikey, like super spikey, and he is wearing a black tank top, black gloves, black pants, and a pair of gray Converse sneakers.

Aerith: "Ray, where have you been?!"

Ray: "I was out at the bailey."

Aerith: "Oh."

Yuffie: "Ray, Iíd like you to meet Lexi."

Ray: "Oh. Hello."

Me: "Hi."

Aerith: "Lexi, this is my brother."

Ray: "Unfortunately, sheís my sister."

Aerith: "Whatever. If it werenít for me you would be under house arrest."

Ray: "Well, I should probably go follow Leon. Peace."

Yuffie: "Hmmm. I have a good feeling about this."

Me: "So, when do you think Leon is coming back?"

Aerith: "I really donít know."

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