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Chapter Five: I’m Going to Destiny Islands

It was finally noon and I was getting ready to go to the pool. I was wearing a purple bikini and Namine was wearing a light blue one.

“You ready, Namine?” I asked, grabbing my bag.


We both headed out the door. Selphie was wearing a yellow bikini, Olette was wearing an orange bikini with white flower patterns, and Kairi looked amazing in her pink bikini. Amazing to keep Sora... Lexi, stay cool.

The pool wasn’t far away. We got there in no time. All the guys were standing around Riku’s car with no shirts on. I could see Sora’s six pack. Nice.

Kairi yelled, “Sora!” and ran over to hug him.

Olette kissed Hayner, Selphie went to the pool with Tidus and Pence was with Dawn entering the pool, as well. Then I noticed Riku with a girl that had black hair with a pony tail. He was making out with her and I was relieved. Namine, Roxas, and I started to get into the pool.

“Want to jump in?” Namine asked.

“Way ahead of you.”

I jumped in the pool. Namine joined and so did the boys. I began to swim with Namine, Roxas was following and Namine noticed him. “Roxas, what do you want?”

“I want to go out with you.”


“Yes. So, do you want to?”


Roxas was holding Namine’s hand. It was not as romantic to ask her like that, but I guess it was okay.

They left me alone. Everybody was having fun together as a couple. I got out of the pool and nobody seemed to notice. Then I got my towel and went to the bathroom to change into my clothes. When I got out Riku was on his car talking to his girlfriend. I went up to him and asked, “Um, sorry to interupt but do you mind giving me a ride to the train station, please?”

“I’ll take you, but why?”

“No reason.”

“Okay.” We all got into the car. I was on the back seat watching as the town passed by.

“We’re here.”

“Thanks, Riku.” I said waving good-bye.


I went up the stairs and opened the door. Then I went over to the counter.

Me: "Excuse me?"

Lady: "May I help you?"

Me: "I would like a ticket to Destiny Islands, please."

Lady: "Okay, kid. That will be 40 munny."

Me: "Here you go."

Lady: "Here’s your ticket."

Me: "Um, excuse me. How long does it take to get to Destiny Islands?"

Lady: "About 15 to 20 minutes."

Twilight Town is connected to Destiny Islands. Lexi moved to Traverse Town when she was younger.

Me: "Thank you."

Lady: "You're welcome, sweetheart."

The train was leaving in ten minutes. I sat waiting and waiting. One minute, two minutes, six minutes... nine minutes.

Speaker: "All aboard!"

I rushed to the train and climbed in. I sat down and got my sketchbook out. I looked at the clock, it was about 2 o’clock, then I began to draw. It wasn't long before the train stopped. I got out, I was finally back home. The town was full of light.

Me: "Uh, excuse me. Do you know were the children’s island is?"

Woman: "All the way down this hill, then you just sail over to the small island." There was a long pause. "Are you from around here?"

Me: "No ma’am. I lived here when I was four."

Woman: "Oh, okay then. Run along."


I began to run down the hill. Everybody was looking at me and I heared then gasping. When I got to the beach I found three boats with names carved into them. They said Riku, Sora and Kairi. I took Sora’s boat and set sail for the island. In the boat there were a lot of empty soda cans.

I got to the island and it seemed to be very isolated. I ran to the secret place, then I crawled into the cave and went deeper and deeper. When I got to the rock I found a drawing of Sora and Kairi sharing a paupu fruit. I felt sad and started to cry my heart out. I moved the big rock, still crying, and there it was...

Sora + Lexi = <3

I started to smile but my smile faded away, I was still feeling useless. I carved over our names, then I started to regret what I did.

“Poor child.”

“Who’s there?” I asked, looking around. There was a man in a black cloak.

He took his hood off. “Lexi, right?” The man had long red hair that was spiky.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Axel.”

“What do you want? And how do you know my name?” I was wiping away my tears.

“Man, you ask too many questions and there's no time for answers.” He took my arm and pulled me into a dark passage.

“Let me go!”

“Shut up!”

“Hey, don’t you know you shouldn't be treating a lady like this, you red headed freak?!”

“It’s Axel, got it memorized?” he said as he kept dragging me.

Then I kicked him. I ran as fast as I could until I got to the boat. Then I paddled back out across the water. When I returned to the other shore I thought I was safe, but nobody seemed to move. It was like everybody was frozen.

Suddenly a bunch of large white creatures appeared. There was no escape. They attacked and I fell to the ground. To my surprise a man with a strange gun that looked like a sword saved me. I started to feel uneasy and then everything went black.


Leon: "Kid, wake up."

Yuffie: "Great. She won’t wake up! Nice going, Leon!"

Leon: "I didn’t do anything. The Nobodies attacked her."

Yuffie: "Likely story... Why does she have a keyblade?"

Leon: "Lucky."

Yuffie: "I thought there were only four of them left. Sora, Kairi, Riku, and the King are the only ones that wield them."

Leon: "Can’t you see what’s happening? The Heartless, the Nobodies, and Organization XII... They're back. We'll have to depend on Lexi."

Yuffie: "Think she remembers us?"

Leon: "Unlikely. After the incident last year? I don’t think so."

Yuffie: "What happened?"

Leon: "When Sora went to sleep so did Lexi, replacing every memory of Sora and her parents. She lost all of her memories but, somehow, she has managed to start remembering everything piece by piece. Soon she’s going to remember lots of things. Like us."

Aerith: "Is Lexi going to be okay?"

Cloud: "It's a good thing Leon was there."

Yuffie: "Leon, our hero!" Yuffie was being sarcastic.

Me: "Wh-wh-where am I?"

Everybody: "Lexi?"

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