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Chapter Four: Me and Him

Author’s Note: Now we are going into Lexi’s mind.


It was nine o’clock. My heart was bursting with emotions. Me and him, HA! That’s never going to happen... right? He was the boy that I used to hang out with when I was a kid. We were those kids who got into trouble, the kids who had fun and adventures, pretending to be pirates looking for buried treasure in the sand. Good times.

He probably forgot everything. I need to find myself.


The next day was Saturday.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” Namine woke me up, pulling the sheets away from my head. She was brushing her blond hair.

“Five more minutes." I told her.

“I promised we would have breakfast with the girls.” Namine said.

“Go without me. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” I yawned, getting out of bed.

“Okay, see you at eight?” Namine asked, opening the door.

“Okay.” Namine left the room.

I got up and went to the cafeteria. The hallways were empty but I saw a group of boys. “Is that Lexi?” asked Riku.

“The new girl? She’s a babe!” said Roxas. Namine and Roxas aren’t going out yet.

I ran over to them. I saw Sora and said "Hi." When he replied his voice filled me with warmth. Then all of the other boys greeted me.

“Do you want to have breakfast with us?” Roxas asked, blushing.

“Dude, she’s having breakfast with the girls.” said Pence.

“Yeah, he's right. I told Namine I would have breakfast with her and the other girls.”

“Well, let’s go!” Sora said. “Let’s have a race.”

“I’m not going to race.” said Pence.

“Bring it on!” Roxas told Sora.

I was excited. “Could I race, too?” I asked.

“Sure, but we won’t go easy on you.” Riku told me, getting ready.

We all lined up and Pence counted down “3... 2... 1... GO!” We all took off running and Pence took the shortest way to the cafeteria.

With my Converse sneakers I was unstoppable. I was ahead but right next to me was Sora. He smiled and it seemed to be in slow motion. His smile made me weak but I didn’t give up. I ran past Sora and I smiled.

“I won!” I ran to the door. There was the table with the girls. I was still panting as Sora came in.

“I guess you won.” said Sora. We saw Pence sit down at a table.

“Lexi! Over here!” Olette yelled.

“Oh! I've got to go.” I told the boys.

“You want to come to the pool with us later? The girls will be going, too.” Sora told me.

“Sure.” I said and walked over to the girls.

“Hi, guys.” I said sitting down next to Namine and Olette.

“So, Lexi, do you have a crush on anybody?” asked Kairi.

“Um...” I said worried. Lexi, think... “Riku?” I can’t believe I said that!

“Are you serious?!” all of the girls asked.

“He seems like a nice guy.”

“He is. Want to go out with him?”

“Selphie, no!” said Namine.

“Why not?” asked Selphie.

“Um, well, you see... Will you excuse us for a sec?” Namine and I went to another table.

“You don’t like him, do you?”

“How do you know?”

“Just a feeling.” Namine paused. “Who do you really like? You can trust me, I won’t tell.”

I swallowed and said “Sora... But he’s with Kairi and, well, I feel a bit jealous.”

“Lexi, it’s okay. I know how it feels. Now let’s go back to the table.”

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