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Chapter Three: Rumors and Rooms

Sora and Lexi arrived just in time to see Kairi cheer. Kairi had already started cheering and with grace she did flips and many other tricks. Everybody in the girl’s gym clapped for her. She came running to Sora and gave him a hug. Sora turned to Lexi, Lexi just blushed and smiled.

“How was I?" asked Kairi with a big smile on her face.

“Amazing." said Sora.

“Oh. Hi, Lexi!” said Kairi. “Who do you share a dorm with?”

“I think it’s Namine.” said Lexi.

“Oh.” said Kairi. “Um, Sora, who are you sharing a dorm with?”

“Pence.” answered Sora with a brief smile.

Namine came up to them and looked at Lexi. “Are you my new roommate?” she asked, looking curious.

“I think so. Are you Namine?” she asked.

“Yes. Do you mind lots of drawing being taped on the walls?”

“No, I actually love to draw.”

“Really? What do you like to draw?”


“We should go to our dorm and draw then.”

“Sounds great! Bye Sora, bye Kairi.” Namine and Lexi walked out of the gym and into the hall.

“So...” asked Kairi, “Where were you and Lexi?”

“What?” answered Sora. “We had lunch."

“Look, don’t act stupid with me, Sora. I heard you kissed her.”

“Who told you that?!”

“Oh, so it’s true!” She was giving Sora a lot of attitude.

“Who told you, Kairi?”

“Selphie! She saw you!” yelled Kairi.

“I never liked that girl.” Sora said, being goofy.

“Sora, I’m serious. Is it true?”

“No, it’s not. You’re the only one I love, the one I need.”

“Sora... I-I-I’m sorry, but Selphie seemed so serious about it... and I don’t want to loose you ever again.”

Sora thought. “Sorry. I don’t want to loose you either so don't believe any rumors about me and another girl. It won’t ever happen.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

Kairi smiled as they came closer and they kissed, but the kiss was less powerful. Sora thought while kissing Kairi, Why is the feeling fading away?


“This is a beautiful room.” said Lexi putting her bags down. Looking around she found an easel and went up to it and started drawing.

“It is, isn’t it?” said Namine. “There's a beautiful view of the ocean, too.”


“Lexi, what are you doing?”

“Drawing my mom.”

“Why? You can always send her a letter.”

“It’s not like that, Namine... My mom and dad are dead.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s not that bad. I started to get over it a year ago.” Lexi was still drawing and adding some color.

“Wow. Your mother was beautiful.”

The picture of Lexi’s mom had purple eyes, just like Lexi’s, a pink lipped smile, and beautiful light brown hair in many layers. Her hair was almost spiky, but down. Lexi looks like her mother but she got her drawing skills from her dad. Lexi also has brown hair just like her dad's.

“You look a lot like your mom.” said Namine amazed. “Except the hair.”

“I know.” Lexi stood up and went to the little balcony that looked out over the ocean. Namine followed her. Lexi said, “My mom used to tell me that if she’s not there, when I’m all grown up, for comfort I should look at the ocean and never forget the memories we had together.”

“Aw. That’s so sweet.” Namine said with a big smile.

“I still miss her, though.”

“It’s okay, life goes on.”

“Yeah, you're right.”

“Well, let’s hang this up.”


“How about on the door?”

“Sure. Let’s put it in a frame, too. I think I have one in one of my bags.” Lexi started to look for a frame. She looked in a black bag and found a frame that was the perfect size.

“There. What do you think?”

“It's perfect.” said Lexi.

It was the third day for students who had been enrolled in Twilight Academy, but for Lexi this was a day to remember.

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