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Chapter Two: Memories

Sora: "Lexi?"


Sora: "Iím so sorry, Lexi."

Lexi: "Itís ok."

They both sit down near a rock.

Lexi: "Before I leave, letís carve something behind this rock."

(Just for the record, this is the rock where Kairi and Sora drew themselves.) They began to move the rock. It was heavy but they moved it. They both grabbed a rock and carved their names.

Sora + Lexi = <3

Lexi: "There! Donít forget to look at this when Iím gone, that way you can remember me. Promise?"

Sora: "I promise... but why are you moving? Will you come back and visit?"

Lexi: "..."

Lexi was quiet. Sora realized that she was crying.

Sora: "Lexi, please tell me."

Lexi: "Iím moving forever and Iím not coming back! Iíll never see you again or Riku! I wonít be able to enjoy laughing with you guys ever again. I wonít be able to see your eyes..."

Lexi freezes, blushing. Sora blushes as well, holding her hand.

Sora: "But why?"

Lexi: "My parents had an accident a week ago and now their dead. I didnít want to tell you... Iím moving to my auntís house somewhere far from here. Thatís why I wouldnít come to the island, I was afraid I'd be crying all the time. I miss my parents and I will miss you and Riku."

Sora: "Iíll miss you even more."

Sora kissed her on the cheek.


Sora snapped out of it. He soon realized that Heartless had appeared out of nowhere. The keyblade appeared in his hand.

Sora: "Why is the keyblade here?"

Lexi: "Sora! Help!"

Sora: "LEXI!"


Back at the cafeteria Sora had his eyes closed.

Sora: "Lexi... Lexi."

Lexi: "Sora? Are you ok?"

Sora: "What happened?"

Lexi: "I donít know. Everything went black and I had a flashback, you were there."

Sora: "Thatís what happened to me, too. You were the girl that left Destiny Islands! Your parents! The rock! Itís really you!"

He went up to her and hugged her like he was still four years old. Lexi hugged him back. Sora blushed.

Lexi: "I knew I was missing something... You."

Sora: "I canít believe I forgot about you."

Lexi: "Iím sorry I forgot about you, too."

Sora: "That word, sorry, is full of our childhood memories."

Lexi: "You forgot to look behind that rock. Remember what I used to say? If you canít make a promise then donít bother promising."

Sora: "Oh yeah. I used to tell you that, too. Holy crap! Kairi! I have to go."

Lexi: "Let me go with you."

They both went running toward the gym.

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